Monday, May 2, 2011

The big Picture

The snippets of story so far – read

The big Picture – After Pablo Tapia,Roger Boyce did take over Apogee Networks. Roger Boyce and Dan Zeck are prime mastermind. They are part of “Mafia Syndicate”. I had a company registered as Vigour Solutions Inc. 7 tulip dr, Apt # 1g Fords, NJ. There was a Taiwan based company with name Vigour technologies, Although, I was using my private domain for the company I never transferred to Vigour Solutions Inc. Taiwan based Vigour Technology was an OEM manufacturer of electronic devices. I did setup a catchall email address on A lot of mails targeted for used to arrive in catchall address. Although, I never misused any of the catchall mails, there used to be a lot of design specs that used to arrive in catchall email address. Roger Boyce and Dan Zeck did know the fact. So they wanted to acquire Vigour solutions Inc and domain. However, for various obvious reason they never offered me a price. What they did, they announced in company that Apogee networks doesn't fit LOB and company wants to change the name. For best suggestion they did put an award. I would have offered my domain name as suggestion but I thought Vigour is not American English word so didn't bother to suggest the name to them. Probably, at some point in time they invested in Vigour Solutions Inc by crooked means without my knowledge. Later, they announced they did choose Evident Software as new name for the company. They merged an unknown delaware based firm to Apogee Networks and renamed company as Evident Software. They did rope in with my family(cousin, uncles) using Piyush Doshi who knew Siddharth (also my cousin in USA). Who lined up with them to Bharat Bhushan (my first cousin) and family. When mom died it was 2 aunties and my sister with her. She did vomit something then died. Date of her death was same as date of marriage of Siddharth in USA. I came to India and worked for a while from India office. They did offered me a Hotel suite nearby the office, fortunately I stayed with one of my maternal uncle. I survived and returned to USA. Till that point I was very non-social kind of guy. I used to work for company and in remaining time used to work for my amateur web projects. They thought I can be an easy target and they can “delete my identity” and replace with someone new. I was fed up with solitary life and decided to socialize. I got couple of female friends and actively participated in group NJNYDESIS online and offline.It raised an alarm to them and at some point in time they bugged my car, apartment, computers,mobile and started tracking me my every means. Whoever I contacted they contacted. By some means everyone obliged. First time when I felt they are close enough, I ran away to Baltimore. After talking with Upendra Ji I decided to return to NJ. As soon as I returned, I was convinced by Dr Sugiti and Shaleen for a medical checkup. Before I could have understood, I did sign voluntary admission form for psychiatric admission at Muhlenburg Hospital. There they “negotiated” a deal that I accept “Bipolar disorder” and I would be released. Subsequent stories are published at . So, now I was easy target whenever I complained of someone being following me or bugging my PC I got admitted to psychiatric facility. I didn't know even in India they will follow me so closely. All relatives were either compromised or coerced. Problem, was that I couldn't explain what I have and why are they following. But it was a truth that I had something which I need to find out. Now As I understood, its “unclaimed property” of Vigour solutions Inc that is haunting me. My story should get attention, that I hope. Now please help me to get hold of “unclaimed property” of Vigour Solutions Inc and get it transferred to charity. Because what they want either my signature or a new “anjan bhushan” or my legal heir. which would be my divorced wife if divorce process is being manipulated.
Thank You.

It is 2008 end saga continues.

What it is for?
Why it took long to understand the motive?
Ways of tracking and using social and family network.
Except Papa everyone in involved.