Monday, January 28, 2013

I don’t have mental illness, here is why!

“One of the days Pandya my social worker asked me to sign paper that I had Bipolar Disorder. He also said it will help me getting out of hospital. I signed the paper.A few days after that he again came with a bunch of paper and this time asked me to sign on Schizophrenia. I replied I would sign on each individual page. Then Pandya said he would be in trouble in that case.”

Questions to be asked

1. If I had Schizophrenia why I was let go of the hospital, while accepting only first offer that was  Bipolar Disorder.? Answer is my hospitalization was not genuine, when I said I would keep mum, I was let go of the hospital.

2. Why was my offer that I would sign on all pages of Schizophrenia offer letter would have put Pandya in problem?

  • I had no prior psychiatry related issues before first hospitalization in July 2005. I did sign accepting offer of Bipolar Disorder in lieu of discharge. My age was more than 30 years. As per “It (Bipolar Disorder) usually starts between ages 15 – 25”
  • Even in my second hospitalization (forced hospitalization in USA by cops in 2006) I was “treated” for Bipolar Disorder and I was let go from the hospital when I said I would keep mum. Also cause of my second hospitalization as told by fellow patient Bill was “You was quarantined as you was spreading Bird Flu." (
  • Even in my third hospitalization (first in India, by father, brother and maternal uncle in 2006 after I at Vimhans New Delhi) I was “treated” for Bipolar Disorder.
  • After incidents of 2007, I was admitted to Vimhans and they changed the diagnosis to Schizoaffective Disorder.
  • After incidents of 2008 and my hospitalization in Vimhans and subsequently in Hope Foundation, my diagnosis was changed to Paranoid Schizophrenia.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

CIA and IB is Bugging,Tracking and Monitoring me, Why?

My name is Anjan Bhushan and presently I am living in Ashok Nagar, Ranchi, India. Incidents has happened with me since 2005 which if co-related means
  • All my devices like mobile, laptops are bugged.Hence, my all online accounts are accessible to them.Laptop is bugged at software level for sure using root kit. Over and above laptop monitor(screen) seems bugged by hardware device. And content on screen is recorded.Even father’s communication is bugged.
  (Laptop screen capture and recording - And he changed channel. Nishant asked “See the TV” and he added further. Whose Desktop was that.He added further “Its not mine.”)
  • My home and car are bugged. Also, there is at least a hidden device audio device in my car and home where conspirators listen to me constantly. Possibly these have hidden camera as well.

  • All the people who know me are compromised. They are reached via common friends, colleagues, relatives, Facebook connection, linked connection etc.

  • I am also taking medicine for Paranoid Schizophrenia. I don’t have auditory or visual hallucinations. I am taking medicine to keep away from forced hospitalization not because I am ill. All the relatives except father and sister are compromised.For father, its very difficult to accept it. Particularly he trust his brother and the other son (my brother) blindly. That’s why while in India I had to go through many hospitalizations.
  • You can read two stories about what happened inside hospitals during my hospitalization. Story about First Hospitalization | Story about second hospitalization forced by cops-part1 | Story about second hospitalization-part2
  • Conspiracy Theory – Based on incident it can be concluded that I do have something in either my name (Anjan Bhushan) or in name of Vigour Solutions INC.Vigour Solutions Inc was a company I formed in USA and dissolved it in 2005. I was only person associated with the company in any capacity. CIA and IB are trying with 2 options. 1. Getting me married with girl of their choice, By doing this they can use the girl after my death or murder. 2 Trying to bring back to me in USA, I assume by doing so the asset would get transferred to the government after my death or murder. Now kindly read the other posts this blog with patience initial posts are incidents I have penned. Later one are “My complete story” series posts. These “My complete story” posts are based on conclusion extrapolated from incidents happened to me.
  • How you can help me – Spread the story and bring it to the attention of social and mainstream media. If you have any question post it at .I will try to answer it to your satisfaction.