My Name is Anjan Bhushan and I live at 292/C, Road Number 1, Ashok Nagar, Ranchi, Jharkhand India-834002. I live with my father Mr. Arjun Prasad.
When you think of intelligence agency of your country, you get an image that they work in interests of your country. They generally have no audit of their operations. They have Mafia (Criminal) genes as well. They enjoy all patronage of all government agencies and have power and money to let any individual or organization work for them. When you think about institutions like Police, Court, Hospital, Utility companies,Bank, Post office etc you think they provide you service but these intelligence agencies can manipulate any institutions in their territory.They have legal license for their illegal deeds. They can be used to harass you, threaten you or kill you.
Technologically, they have the best technologies at their hand. They are capable of bugging, tracking and monitoring a target continuously. If you are common man in your country, they can put you in virtual seize. You would think you have freedom to go anywhere, talk to any one, discuss what you want but that would be your fallacy. They can reach all your contacts and all of them can work against you, on their threat. They do all sort of crime via these people and organization and they even pay them.
These intelligence agencies possibly are root cause of corruption on their territory. They reward people with all sort of money, so possibly they control stack in all sort of enterprise. They do all sort of illegal thing by proxies.
I am in virtual seize of CIA of USA and IB or RAW of India. They have used my name somewhere in their illegal empire for some sort of scam. Now they want that asset. Asset is as such if they tell me about it and I refuse they can’t do anything to me. So, they want two things from me , first get married with girl of their choice and then move to USA. When the things started I had very small group of people who knew me. So they thought if they can reach all of them and manipulate my marriage, they  will be done. But if a crime is committed, their is always some trace left. So, there are many such incidences and trace which reinforces my conspiracy theory.Please go ahead and read it.
For the people, who they thought won’t work as they say, only choice they have to kill them. Only three people, who knew me they were not contacted are/were my mom – Shailoo Sinha, My father Arjun Prasad and my Sister Vibha Sinha. My mother was already killed in 2003. Recently, father had a total knew replacement surgery at Mumbai, and I have reasons to believe that its also being manipulated as well.