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My complete story part - 7

How I got the idea that everything happening around me was coordinated

-          On 26th Feb 2011, I moved out of Bangalore for Hatia from train. Father was living with Raghubir Prasad and building house in Ashok Nagar Ranchi. I stayed with him.
-          In April 2011, I had some success with catching domains and was trying to build buyers channel for catched domain names.I created a “secret” facebook group DIC (domain investor club) . I contacted a few people via email to join this group. I also contacted Jeffrey Behrendt, inforum owner. He replied “Hi Anjan,

I'm not a member of Facebook, but I'm very interested in dropping .in
domains. How do you work this service?

Jeff Behrendt”
-          Before his reply someone named Jeff sent me a message on Facebook.” Hi Anjan - it's Jeff from INforum - please add me to your group.”
-          It meant my computer was compromised. I asked Jeff “Jeff,
>  Can you confirm your mail id is not compromised, in that case I need to
> worry.The user has deleted his profile but message is in my still my
> facebook inbox
> "Hi Anjan - it's Jeff from INforum - please add me to your group.
> Thanks!
> Jeff"”
-          Then Jeff said he had sent the message and his profile is public .
“Hi Anjan,

I did send that message.

Very strange - my profile is publicly viewable:

-           That was the not the id message had came from. It was for sure my account/computer was bugged but at that time. I didn’t made it an issue after Jeff said about the message.
-          I was also trying to make Madhuri (Raghubir Prasad’s younger daughter, who was staying in Ranchi at that time) write for me on one of the blog. Initially she said yes then refused to write. Then I contacted Mahalaxmi, an MBA renter of Raghubir Prasad and shown her the work. She agreed to write for me. I configured her laptop so that it could have connected with wireless broadband network. I also installed team viewer in listening mode on her laptop. Madhuri came one day to me and said I should disconnect Mahalaxmi as she is not working but viewing youtube etc. In front of Madhuri I connected Mahalaxmi’s laptop by team viwer and found she was working on assignment. Madhuri couldn’t explain it as she was lying. That was not the first time I found Madhuri trying to meddle in my work and disrupt it. Previously, she tried to brainwash father that what I was doing was against my mental health. When I connected this issue with what had happened with Jeff, it was clear my computers was still buged and these guys didn’t want me to work on blogs and website. IT MEANT CONSPIRATORS WERE STILL FOLLOWING ME. And if Raghubir Prasad daughter was involved why everyone whom I mentioned in previous section  were not involved?
-          I decided its enough I need a new laptop for security and privacy. I went to HP store and bought a netbook (no dvd or cd drive). As soon as I reached shop Kum Kum didi called , I gave phone  to Papa. When shopkeeper was negotiating the price the laptop a call came. Then he started saying he would want to send laptop in workshop so that MS Office can be installed on that. I refused (later found MS office was already installed by HP on that laptop).They coordinate and move so fast. A mafia can’t do that. He then set No administrator password for the laptop. I brought it home (raghubir prasad’s home), and decided when I would visit Ashok Nagar under construction site I would configure it. I asked Papa to give me a briefcase in which I can keep the laptop in night. One briefcase didn’t had keys. He went with Raghubir Prasad and made 2 keys for the briefcase.I left laptop in briefcase at night.
-          DSL modem had configuration that only allowed devices to connect whose MAC id was registered  In morning when I checked that registration page on DSL found one more device was added in night. Surprisingly it was New HP laptop’s mac address. Now how would you explain? Unless Madhuri has done how that could happen. It also meant she has touched the laptop at night even though it was in briefcase. Also, power chord of laptop was missing.
-          It was enough, I told my father I won’t stay with Raghubir Prasad’s family and I would go to hotel. Father said power chord might have been misplaced in Ashok Nagar. We cheched it is Ashok Nagar it was not there. So father agreed to live in Hotel and we moved to Sabera hotel in Kadru(Ranchi itself) .Work also started that so that we could move into Ashok Nagar House while construction was still going on.
-          Now do you have any question about events I have mentioned from April 2008 to April 2011 was not coordinated? These events changed my perception that events in India were vague. Now I had full confidence that event in USA and India was co-ordinated. And involvement of state agencies as court police everything was bugged and used.

My complete story part - 6

April  2008 to April 2011

-          I did marry on 20th April 2008 with Deepshikha.
-          I did let her vacate the apartment at the end of June 2008 on 27th or 28th June.
-          Next day in evening I went to Anand’s home and requested to accompany me to Rahul’s home (where deepshikha went) in Faridababd, as I was not familiar with the route. Anand and I didn’t talk much on the way. As soon as I reached Rahul’s home. Received call from mami (Manoj mamu’s wife). She told, “convince Deepshikha to come with you.” I didn’t know how she could have known that I reached his home unless it was coordinated. Its too much for coincidence . BTW, Rahul and Anand shared drinks there. Deepshikha gave me a glass of water.  Anand suggested that Deepshikha and I should go to lobby and talk as we were not talking. I drank a sip of water and found an undissolved  medicine tablet was there in water. I identified it as risperidone  4 mg. Although, I had told Deepshikha about my “illness” after marriage,I didn’t tell her what medicine I was taking. I used to go to other room and used to take other medicine (I think that was lithium) and discard risperidone .25 mg. I asked Deepshikha how come water had 4mg  risperidone. She replied she didn’t know. My believe become firm that they were part of conspiracy. I left them and Rahul helped me to reach my Apartment again.
-          A lot of things were going in newly joined company Landis+gyr for saving time lets skip it.
-          On 30th June 2008, sent resignation  email to Anupama Sharma, Landis+GYR HR. I did work for around 2 weeks there.I sent following mail in morning of 30th June,2008 by a yahoo account.
Hi Anupama,
 Due to personal and unavoidable reason, I won't be able to continue service with the company Landis+gyr. It was nice working for a company which is still in operation startup phase in India. Since I have not yet got appointment letter there is no need to any notice.
Thanks and Regards,
After 9.00 am Ganesh Kashyap (Who did hire me) called and wanted to know if I had mental illness. Thought come into my mind , how the hell even they know. That was too much for being co-incidence. First natural question that should had come to Ganesh mind if I got any better job offer? Wasn’t it?

-          I did run away to Roorkee with a plan to change my identity till conspiracy angle is solved in beginning of July 2008.
-          Father and cousin (bharat bhushan) visited Roorkee hotel  and brought be back to cousin Kum Kum Sinha flat in NOIDA.
-          From there Anand (my ex-brother in law), Rahul (Deepshikha’s brother), Bharat Bhushan (my cousin) and my father admitted me to VIMHANS hospital New Delhi. This was in early July 2008.  I resisted any oral medication and agreered to cooperate for injections. I was admitted there for 2 week or so. Then Bharat Bhushan, Rahul kumar (deepshikha’s brother), sri R. P . Sinha, Manoj Kumar, Deepshikha’s mom, Deepshikha etc bluffed me that I was discharged. They asked me to sit in ambulance as everyone has to reach gurgaon’s home. And I was admitted in Hope Foundation. It was a psychiatry and deaddiction facility of Dr. Deepak Raheja. The Hope Foundation , W/1/111, Anupam Gardents, Lane No:6, Near Saket, New Delhi. Initially, I didn’t took any medication. They did put me on injections as well. After a few days’ wife and father came they said if I would take medication for 10 days, I would be discharged. I was treating it as conspiracy by mafia (CIA and IB didn’t came in my mind at that time). Few things happened in hospital I have forgotten the chronology. To get out of hospital I started belittling Deepak raheja and praising Dr Anandi Lal (my OPD doctor). I thought by doing that father etc will take me to OPD. Instead what happened I had to start hunger strike for 10 days.  They had put me on drip from 6-7the day.And hadn’t informed my father about it. My situation was deteriorating. With no solution on horizon. I did break my fast. I talked to father and gave word that I will take medicine but please take me out of hospital. My father, Bharat bhushan, rahul kumar, A.k.singh (deepshikha’s father) etc arrived with Dr Anandi Lal.Father said I had to take medicine for n number of days and when doctor would say I am fine then only I would be discharged. In return, they agreed to give me phone facility for 1 call every day. I started calling my father each day and tried to tell my story. One day Deepshikha did call. I told her with kind of behaviour she had done and was doing, divorce is only option. After around 45 days in Hope Foundation, I was discharged. They did diagnosis my condition as paranoid schizophrenia. At the time of discharge Papa, Bharat Bhushan and Amrendra Sinha (middle cousin’s husband) were present.
-          After  discharge I was given option to stay with Kumkum Sinha (middle cousin in Noida) or with Bharat Bhushan and family at Patna. I did choose to stay with Kumkum sinha.It was September 2008.Kum Kum sinha and her husband Amerdra Sinha used to save Deepshikha with arguments.
-          I knew these people were compromised with kind of absurd argument they used to put for Deepshikha.  I didn’t think Ranjan Bhushan (my brother) was compromised long time back.
-          One day Deepshikha called and told they would be visiting Delhi (noida) from Bhurkunda and would live with me and my cousin.Her mom would accompany her as well. I was against that, I told if they had to live with me it should be my Gurgaon flat.
-          When Deepshikha arrived with her mom my father did come to Noida from Bettiah where he was posted. We had a meeting with Deepshikha, her mom, my father and me at my Gurgaon flat.
By that time, my assumption was Deepshikha  and family were involved in the conspiracy however, I hadn’t reached to the conclusion that Deepshikha was Vital for the conspiracy. I wanted to give them second chance. I offered to live with Deepshikha in Gurgaon flat with one of her relative. I also said, for 3 months she should only call her mom and dad and I would do the same. When father had talked to her mom earlier she did say Deepshikha’s Mausi (deepshikha’s mom sister) would stay with us. However, in meeting Deepshikha mom said no one is available and we would have to move to Patna to stay with her.I rejected the proposal father followed me. Then her mom said, “if we would have known it earlier that Anjan has schizophrenia, we would have not married.” I got angry (I didn’t belive I had schizophrenia), and said if we would have known earlier that Deepshikha’s marriage was broken after 8 months from engagement we would have not married either. Without any solution meeting got dissolved.
-          They started putting untoward pressure on me and my family. They called father-in-law of my sister and told I and father is not keeping Deepshikha. He in turn talked to my sister. She called Kum Kum Sinha didi. Father decided to talk to sister’s father in law when he would return Bettiah. Father returned to Bettiah after that.
-          Deepshikha’s birthday fall on 23rd September. I made my point by not calling her. Bharat Bhushan and Kukm Kum di asked me to call her. I just let it go.
-          On 24th September Deepshikha sent an “angry” sms. She warned she would break lock of Gurgaon flat or I should reach there so that she can take away her items. I replied with angry sms. Talked to father who asked to visit the apartment with Kum Kum di and Papa talked to her mother as well. And told them to only visit apartment with Deepshikha and her mom. I reached the flat with Kum Kum di. Subsequently, Deepshikha and her mom arrived. A neighborhood aunty did come as well. Deepshikha collected all her belonging s including cloths, books etc. The Aunty was doing emotional blackmail by telling lines like “ Deepshikha can’t live without Anjan nor do Anjan can live with deepshikha” etc. They did come with a driver. I did help them in putting luggage to the vehicle. They were telling they would go to Jaipur. A guy whom I talked to after he came out of Hope Foundation told me, mom and daughter duo did visit Hope foundation same day.
-          I told father I wanted to move to my Gurgaon  flat and do stock trading until issue is resolved or divorce would have happened. Father was against it, as he wanted medication to be taken under supervision. He then found a way, Bhola (Brajesh), Raghubir chacha's bhagna  was chosen to stay with me and cook food as well. He was earlier living with me when I moved to Gurgaon flat till my marriage. Raghubir chacha was my radar. Didn’t suspect Bhola.I callend Satin Nagpal of India Bulls and opened an trading account. Did a few transactions. After that, in a fine evening got a call from a lawyer representing Deepshikha and family. He wanted to meet me. I asked him to call father. He insisted that I would be in trouble if she files FIR (First Information Report). I again insisted whole issue is not looked after by Papa and I had also given all evidences to him (papa). So he should better talk to my father. When he again threatened with legal repercussions,   I said casually then will face her in court. Actually, he was threatening with false dowry case (law suit) which I couldn’t understand at the time. I knew if she goes for complain that I was a psychiatrist patient and we hadn’t  told her earlier, we had enough evident to prove she had bad character. 
-          There next step was threatening by various means. Deepshikha’s brother Rahul started calling me and my father and started abusing us.  He used to call again and again and said swearword. One day he told, he did know I was doing stock trading. He would visit home in couple of days. Unfortunately father has gone Nepal with Raghubir Prasad and family. I couldn’t talk to him. I decided to not face Rahul and father do all talking. With Brajesh (bhola) I went to Roorkee and Hardwar by car.When father returned, I narrated it to him.One evening Rahul came with a visible Pistol in his belt and called Anjan Bhushan. I opened inside gate and left the grill in tact. I said I wouldn’t talk with you. Next day Deepshikha sent a sms “you did see what happened, return my money.” Father advised me to move to Bettiah after talking with Rahul’s father. My stock trading activity got impacted and with Bhola I drove from Gurgaon to Bettiah in 2 days. In Bettiah I didn’t had internet, I minimized internet activity and started just checking email after a few days from Internet cafĂ©.
-          A date was fixed to talk face to face. I believe it was on 25th November 2008. Place was fixed at Uncle’s (Prof R. P. Sinha) place in Patna. Father had notified them that only 2-3 people should come for talk. From our side Papa and Uncle were in talk and From Deepshikha’s side 12-13 people came. They kept abusing father and said swearword .No opportunity was given for issues I had mentioned with Deepshikha earlier. Papa had talked to Duresh Prasad and Raghubir Prasad about item, father had, which needs clarification from Deepshikha. They tried to intimidate father and immediately asked for 40 lakh else they would file a false dowry harassment case. Father was intimidated with draconian section 498a. He replied he would pay 40 lakh but this should be done via proper channel (like court). They threatened to kill father and me. Bharat Bhushan was present in home but didn’t come in meeting room. Father filed an informatory petition in Agam Kuan Police station about what happened.
-          Deepshikha filed a false police case about dowry harassment in Bhurkunda Police station on 26th November 2008. Papa called mamu  Manoj Kumar who was about to visit Hazaribagh to find out if these guys had filed any case. He visited Hazaribagh and replied in affirmative. Three people were named in FIR, ME, PAPA AND UNCLE. It was a hilarious FIR. Enclosed file is petition-498a.pdf . I did know Rahul had signed my admission paper in hope foundation as well. If that document would have been procured whole case would have been in dustbin. I contacted hope foundation for photocopy of the document, they refused. (why? It was all co-ordinated). Deepshikha had also mentioned that we three uncle, papa and I visited Bhurkunda to torture her. Fact of the matter is Papa and I never visited Bhurkunda.
-          mamu Manoj Kumar, suggested a way out of it. He suggested charges against father and uncle is not that grave and they can get regular bail   after surrendering in court. Father and uncle surrendered and got bail. As per them charges against me was grave.
-          First time in life was facing criminal charges and there was no right person for counselling. Learned it hard way.Joined  website and got some first hand information from fellow victims.
-          By social connection father went to meet SP  Ramgarh. Narrated his part of story and requested him to intervene as case was false. SP Ramgarh in turn proposed to mediate.
-          Dhuresh Prasad singh was alumni of Netarhat school so was DGP of Jharkhand. With common connection father met DGP with D. P. Singh. DGP noted down the case. But nothing was written on case diary in this regard. Point to note here is case was filed on 26th of Nov 2008 and all testimony of Deepshikha and her family members was recorded by 28th Nov 2008. What a surprise for false case.
-          My anticipatory bail was filed in district court of Hazaribagh. Suman Singh was my advocate. Even after repeated request from father to include my “mental illness” history for anticipatory bail, he advised against it.
-          A lot of time was wasted in lower court anticipatory bail petition. And finally bail plea was rejected. Point to note here that we changed our lawyer to Manoj Kumar after bail please was rejected, Suman Singh started advising Deepshikha and party. This is against bar guidelines.
-           Father retired from Bettiah on 31st Jan 2009. We moved to Patna. Father was worried that living with him may get me arrested. He talked to Bharat Bhushan. Who in turn talked to Anand Raj his friend in Patna. He used to live alone in one section in his home. I started living with him. It was pathetic phase of my life; I used to live alone with laptop and very costly slow internet connection. Anand bhaiya used to come in night; I started buying Moser-bayer DVD for entertainment. There wasn’t a TV.
-          When badi ma got paralyzed and returned into uncle’s home from hospital. It was decided that I would return to live with father as matter were already raised to SP of Ramgarh and DGP, so threat of arrest didn’t  exist. I think it was June 2009.
-          In mean time, anticipatory bail was filed in High court of Ranchi, and lawyer was waiting for “right bench”.
-          As per my conspiracy theory Deepshikha would not have wanted divorce (I did want anyway). This gave my theory to subside. I was sure there was conspiracy in USA, picture in India became vague. I also started pondering what if incidents in USA had led to develop schizophrenia.  To reinforce the theory they did bit of coordinated “drama”.
-          For one of scenario Papa wanted to meet a lawyer in HEC Ranchi. We wanted him to search for some material. Raghubir chacha did meet the lawyer earlier. When I went with Papa and Raghubir chacha to meet him. During conversation lawyer asked if I had mental illness. I said “yes, but how do you know?”He  explained from looking the face, he could have told. This was done to convince me that I have mental illness.
-          A few weeks later when I visited mamu Manoj Kumar in his Patna residence. One of the guest again asked same question, if I had mental illness. By seeing the face these guy claimed to know if I had mental illness.
-          To reinforce by believe about mental illness sister was used. He phoned father and gave mobile number of an astrologist. She informed when her nanad and nandoshi were in Ranchi, (sister in law and her husband) they used to visit the astrologist. His fee was 500 rupees for half an hour consultation. When father and I went to meet him. He asked for date of birth, birth place and time of birth. He drew my kundli and said that was second bad kundli of the day. He said I don’t have joy of job or woman in my life. When father asked that I was having very good job. He replied that was past. He also explained this will continue for 2021.And also said my mind is not peaceful and possible mental illness. This was done to leave everything to fate. He gave three rings suggestion. Which I did wear for few months. he also instructed to bring the calculation next time (on paper)when we would have visited him next time.This was also done so that we could have gave off resistance.
-          Diagnosis of mental illness in “normal” person is so tough, do you believe these guys read it just by face or Kundli?
-          There was some meeting in Hazaribagh court premises between father and Deepshikha’s family. They were hell bent to get the cash before they could take back the case. So it didn’t materialize.
-          A day was communicated when anticipatory bail plea was expected to be taken by high court. Father informed via SP Ramgarh to communicate to Deepshikha's family so that they could come for compromise before that. Our advocate wrote detail terms and condition of compromise petition. Father gave the compromise petition to A.K. Sinha (Deepshikha’s father) so that he can consult his lawyer. We thought SP Ramgarh would have put pressure on them. It was not the case and he changed the terms and condition and asked money to be paid before hand. Father resigned it to the fate and we waited for High Court decision.
-           In mean time, they tried to intimidate us further, they were trying to make an environment that they can make further false cases and we will need to seek bail again.Think about it, If DGP would have shown interest in false dowry harassment case, how could Deepshikha’s family morale would have been so high.  Deepshikha filed a maintenance suit on 17/7/2009 based on forged data.
-          27/7/09 –Deepshikha filed a poorly written  complaint case in court in Hazaribagh. To make it more interesting this time they included Bharat Bhushan (my cousin), Seema Bhushan (cousin's wife), my aunty, uncle and Ragubir Prasad as well as party. This was done to bluff us as it was co-ordinated.
-          Many people were advising to file false criminal case against Deepshikha’s family to counter her case when she filed case on 26/11/2008. Bharat Bhushan and Manoj Kumar (mamu) were people advising it as well. Papa decided it was enough and we should  counter criminal case with criminal case. Bharat Bhushan, Ashutosh Kumar, Papa and I visited a lawyer to frame a criminal case. Ashutosh Bhiaya requested to not put his name in case. Next day, when Papa and I visited Uncle’s home. Seema Bhabhi ( Bharat bhushan’s wife) told me, Bharat Bhaiya or Bhabhi would be a not a party to the potential case. She explained Bhaiya (cousin) had to furnish conduct certificate to get his work. Case etc may spoil that. When I said it was Bhaiya’s suggestion actually. She replied it was at the time when she filed case, not then. It was coordinated and no one wanted to look helping us. Picture was drawn as we had  done some crime!!! This was the reason we didn’t file any fabricated criminal case against Deepshikha and family.

-          Finally I got anticipatory bail in criminal case on 11/8/2009 from high court with direction of conciliation.
-          They filed a transfer petition in Supreme Court for a restitution of conjugal rights petition I filed in Patna family court after they filed false dowry harassment case. She hadn’t appeared on any of the date of the case. This was done on 21/8/2009 just after my anticipatory bail plea was accepted . I got idea about this case from Google search while searching my name. They thought it would be a shocker for us, it didn’t work that way.
-          In mean time father talked to many people about  conciliation, Vinod mamu, Girish mamu, a retired judge all of them said Deepshikha and party was a tough cookie. They didn’t want to lead it. It was coordinated and it was done to make sure father and I don’t get help. Father was running from Patna to Ranchi and Hazaribagh.
-          Father started going to Hazaribagh to find out if case was forwarded to Pramarsh Kendra in  Hazaribagh ,the conciliation center situated in court campus.As it was directed by High Court. With father’s initiative case was finally forwarded to Pramarsh Kendra. A date was fixed. Deepshikha and family were intimated by Paramarsh Kendra.
-           Finally a compromise was reached in Paramersh Kendra. Content were all parties will withdraw cases and divorce would be filed with mutual consent.11 LAKH alimony would have to be paid via court.  With compromise literature file was sent to the lower court. Date of compromise was 19/1/2010.Three drafts valued at 11 lakh was also sent to the court.
-          Police had submitted the charge sheet with false case diary to the court by that time. On next date a joint compromise petition was filed based on Pramarsh Kendra guidelines. Deepshikha’s testimony was recorded. She accepted that compromise was reached and she didn’t want to pursue it any further. After testimony they with the help of lawyer wanted drafts to be handed over to Deepshikha. We opposed it as it was alimony draft payable after all cases were withdrawn. Judge asked a weird question if he was not supposed to give drafts why was drafts sent to him. Through advocate we said on High court instruction case was forwarded to Paramarsh Kendra and compromised was reached. When all cases would be withdrawn money should be forwarded to family court for alimony. They made hell lot of noise against it. Judge asked if divorce petion was filed and wanted its number. Since divorce petition was not filed by that time,It was decided divorce petition would be filed and would be notified to the judge.
-          In second half, a divorce petition was filed in Hazaribagh family court. And case number was submitted to criminal case judge.As next date of hearing in family court was after 6 months, lower court directed us to revalidate the draft and bring it next time. On Deepshikha’s lawyer request court decided to not pronounce verdict of the case until divorce case had not made judgement.
-          After 6 month divorce case couldn’t be taken as family court judge was retired in mean time .
-          Deepshikha made a representation in criminal case court to release the draft (possibly in Jan 2011). A date was given by lower  court and our lawyer didn’t communicate the date to us. And Surprisingly he didn’t oppose it. Deepshikha was issued draft before verdict was announced and before divorce decree was announced as well. In court document its written my lawyer Manoj kumar hadn’t opposed it as he was doing when we were present. So all lawyers were working for Deepshikha! Suman singh directly and my lawyer Manoj Kumar indirectly.
-          On a later date in criminal case court, father, uncle and me were acquitted from charges and declared innocent.
-          New judge in family court was posted in April 2011. On 19th April 2011 a date was fixed in family court.  Judge asked me and Deepshikha privately. He told me in private that whatever we would have talked in private would not go in records. Surprisingly he asked me, are you from IIT Roorkee? That was not written on any of the document. I nodded in affirmative. Then he asked what I wanted, I said divorce. He asked me if I had any home or like asset in my name, I replied in negative. My testimony and Deepshikha’s testimony was recorded in court. It was told to us that divorce decree would happen based on testimony. Surprisingly, date of decree was 25th april 2011 and not 19th april 2011.
-          While I moved from Anand bhaiya home to my flat with father in 2009 (June I think), I wanted broadband. Father and I tried a lot to get BSNL connection transferred from 1/H/23(uncle's residence) to flat’s address it was in vain. (It was co-ordinated). I wanted to take net connection of BSNL after transfer.This happened in Patna.
-          Finally, I subscribed to SIFY wireless broadband. My plan was to start serious blogging. One night I downloaded Sun Solaris 3 CD same night. And that was the only day connection seemed good. After that whatever I or operator did connection didn’t seemed working. We also learned connection was given not of SIFY but some other upstream provider. After couple of month of waste I insisted for SIFY connection, I thought that may change it. But it never worked. Operator always told problem was only with my connection. Finally, I aborted the idea of broadband and that was reason by blogging didn’t start in Patna. (Most likely it was coordinated).
-          After compromised petition was filed in 2010. I moved to Bangalore in 2010 April. It was done as suggested by Raghubir Prasad. His all 4 children were living in a flat in BTM 2nd stage layout. My place of accommodation was near them. I used to visit them for food all three times. After putting in Bangalore in April, Piyush kr Goutam and Papa insisted me to go to SRI SRI program for 4 days. Which I attended. Then again returned to Patna for some work that needed to be done. (I think it was some court work).Returned back to Bangalore on 11/5/2010. I started searching for job. I got interviewed in  Synechron technologies, ITC infotech and  HCL in a long span of time. Lucent invited me but didn’t interview by saying skill set requirement was very demanding. I also sent my resume to NetApps and VMware past colleagues. I have mentioned it earlier. I was targeting big companies and interview call was rare. I thought this was happening because of job gap of more than 2 years on resume. I quit job search in July 2010. And decided to concentrate on domaining, websites and blogging the thing which I wanted to start in Patna but because of no broadband couldn’t start.
-          I started making list and watch dropping .in names and catching it. Started writing more often and started tie-up with an online income tax return company as white label. As I had traffic domain where people were looking to file taxes online.  First contacted (investment yogi), initially they said they will work with me to create white label solution later refused. Point to note here is taxyogi had all infrastructures ready to support white label solution. Later I contacted, after initial intent to work with me, later they refused as well. If CIA and IB were so inclined to not make me web entrepreneur they might have influenced it, in my opinion.
-          Piyush Kumar Goutam got me interviewed in Brick Work India on 23/9/2010. Remember at that time I have stopped looking for job. They asked me how much I would like to get the compensation. Piyush has asked to quote a lower price. When I had worked for landis+gyr for 15 days my salary was 14 lakh per annum. (At didn’t get any salary as didn’t work for whole month at landis+gyr). So I quoted 10 lakh. Later Piyush informed they want to pay 6-7 lakh. I said NO to the opportunity as there was no scope of learning and it were very small company in terms of software development.
-          In December 2010, Sanjay Kumar Srivasatva moved Pune in Vodafone from Houston Texas,USA. He did after leaving his new born baby with his wife. He told they offered him 50 lakh rupees per annum in BSS/OSS. Sanajy sir was always asking for my resume so that he can make an offer to me in Pune Vodafone. I told his experience was quite different from mine. I requested for his resume so that can make some sense what I would highlight in resume. Finally, after looking into his resume I decided not to apply for an alien looking job. Although, every time I talked to him he asked me for resume. At the end he even offered to send him what ever I have in resume and he would make it as per requirement. So, I sent my brother-in-law Rajiv resume to him as he was into OSS/BSS as well. Then Sanajy Srivastava informed that he had resigned from Vodafone and returned back to Texas. Actually, his transfer was coordinated. Brother (Ranjan Bhushan) was also pushing me to send my resume to him.  Conspirators wanted me to get married as soon as divorce would have happened. For that I needed a JOB. When they couldn’t convince me to work for low salary in Brickwork India, they baited me with Vodafone! Sanjay srivastava was sent from USA to INDIA, probably because he was the only person I had told everything truth about what happened with wife and me. They wanted to get me job so that as soon as I would have got divorce, I would have married again!
-          During whole period Deepshikha sent abusive sms to PAPA, my number was changed so she couldn’t send messages to me after a while.
-          Deepshikha also spread rumors that I had schizophrenia and would die within 2 years because of it.
-          There prime motive (Deepshikha and family) was looting money from our family to weaken it. They only wanted divorce when no option was left and Brajesh did loot the money (read financial harm done to me).
-          Deepshikha had a boy friend when she was studying at NIMS Jaipur. She broke with him then sent a message on facebook “hi handsome, how are you?”. I only replied to the message after knowing that she had a boy friend. In my reply she mentioned “I didn’t understand her.”. It implies they didn’t want divorce but when no option was left and it became clear I won’t accept her they had to agree on the same.
-          Question may arise why they didn’t kill us when I was married with Deepshikha. It has two aspect first before I thrown her off my apartment. Till that point conspirators didn’t know all the people who knew me. They were working on the same.(most likely)
-          Second aspect when I thrown Deepshikha off my apartment it became known in social circle. It would have been disastrous had they killed us and Deepshikha would have written possible asset in favour of organization they would have wanted. People might have questioned how she could have done that when I had not treated her as wife. Too many people would have to be contacted to keep the mouth shut. Which was not manageable.
-          Still around divorce I believe they did tried something like that, lawyer informed decree has gone for correction. Our date in court was 19th April and divorce decree date was 25th april 2011. At that time I did start my old conspiracy theory and started updating with announcements.

My complete story part - 5

Moms Death : Was it natural

-          Apogee network adieu letter jan 17 2003
-          Dan zeck welcoming back anjan  - june 10,2003
I was layed off,  of Apogee Networks on Jan 17,2003 with a few other employees. Balaji Pitchaikani (VP of Engineering at Apogee Networks) offered me a position at Apogee India after layoff was announced. I politely refused it. I replied first I would like to search for other opportunity in USA.
-          After layoff I tried finding job in USA. Market was bad but not sure if they (CIA and IB)were catalyst or market was really that bad I didn’t get a job. At one place in NJ I was selected as Solaris Administrator over phone but later they didn’t pursue it. After a few weeks. Shaleen offered to write software for his problem in Medical Transcription business and proposed to pay me. I agreed as I was looking for some engagement besides job hunt. I offered him my services when I would finish the software I would ask for money. I started going to Shaleen’s office daily and work on software besides applying for jobs. A few months passed and I was still unemployed. Before accepting Apogee Networks assignment at Bangalore, India, I decided to first try for big services company in India like Wipro and TCS. In beginning on June I received offer from Apogee Networks to work for them again in USA office. I accepted the offer and Dan Zeck did send a welcome mail in engineering on 10th June 2003.
-          While I was unemployed, in a family party at Dr Sugiti Sinha and Sri Upendra Prasad sinha place (in NJ). My bua (father’s cousin sister) Mrs Saroj met and asked me if I can write software for them. She also added that she had recently returned from India and met my mom. She informed my mother was in bad health and wouldn’t last for long.
-          I don’t remember the exact date but was around 15th August 2003. I called back home in India. (sister was staying with mom while father used to visit them often).Sister picked up the phone and immediately phone was taken by cousin Bharat Bhushan. He informed mom was very sick and he is waiting father to come so that they could go to hospital. That was weird thing. Father has gone to Aurangabad to take charge on new assignment. I asked if she was ill why not you take her to hospital. He replied something which I don’t remember anymore.
-          I called my younger brother Ranjan Bhushan, and asked if he got the news that mom was seriously ill. He confirmed in affirmative. I did ring few more time to Patna and inquired if father has reached. He didn’t. I also tried calling father on mobile phone, call  didn’t go through. While it was morning in India I called brother Ranjan Bhushan and asked to go Patna via flight, he replied he was going via flight.
-          Finally, father did arrive at Patna and he called me to tell mom was dead. He informed no male member was there at the time of her death. At the time of her death my two aunts and my sister was there. Bharat Bhushan was first male member to reach home. My mom died immediately after eating. First she vomited and then died. Dr Shivendra came and declared her dead because of heart attack.
-          Now, my immediate problem was to get an air ticket. Point to note here is if Bharat Bhushan would have informed me earlier, I could have started arranging air-ticket early. I went to oak-tree road in NJ and asked few agents for tickets. It didn’t work out. I had talk with, Reji Baby (one of my manager) ,he asked the same question if I had got air-ticket. I replied in negative. He asked if I would be coming to office. I replied in positive, as I had to collect some paper for VISA purpose from office.
-          When I reached office, Reji informed that he knew a travel agent which had helped him in past. I gave my consent and he did talk to the travel agent. Subsequently, I did visit the travel agent. My requirement was trip to India as soon as possible and return trip on first possible date after 10 days or so. Travel agent gave me ticket where return journey was more than 15 days after reaching India.
-          In evening when I went to board the flight I learnt that Prasanna whose marriage was fixed earlier was going by same flight. It was a surprise for me but couldn’t see anything further.
-          When I reached Patna, mom was cremated already. One of my maternal uncle Sunil Kumar came to visit one day and he told why/how come mom body was slightly blue? I thought Sunil kumar was trying to show more closeness with mom since at some stage mom started hating him.
-          While I was in India itself, Sunil Kumar was killed in a road accident.
-          After 10 days or so, I tried calling Apogee India number from father’s phone it didn’t go through. So, decided to go to nearby STD phone booth (pay phone booth). As soon as I reached there my cousin came there almost running. I did notice it as it was awkward thing to do. He stayed there till I talked to office administrator at Apogee India. After that he left.
-          In phone call, I had shown desire to work From Apogee India till I go back to NJ (Ticket had given hell lot of gap).She arranged my ticket from Patna to Bangalore and Bangalore to Mumbai, where I was supposed to catch return flight.
-          When I reached Mumbai for return flight, learned that Prasanna was returning by same flight after his marriage with her wife.
-          What co-incidence was that? Prasanna’s plan was made at least a few week before coincided my travel plan which was planned in no time.
-          Also, kumar siddharth did visit India before mom’s death on pretext of marriage invitation for his marriage. And his marriage was scheduled on 14th/15th August 2003.
-          Do you see here a lot of co-incidence and possible co-ordination? What’s the possibility that Sunil kumar didn’t die but was killed as well?
-          While I was in Apogee India I learned company name was changed to Evident Software and proposed name was suggested by John Clark
-          Also, because Sunil Kumar was possibly murdered,in Initial plan they have not included so many people. But Kumar Siddharth, Bharat Bhushan and Family and Prasanna were involved since beginning.When I started spreading it in 2005, all my relatives and past contacts were reached. Why this change in plan happened I have no idea yet.
-          Also, since brother Ranjan Bhushan even after knowing mom was dead didn’t tell me when I called him to know what was going on, possibly he was compromised at that time as well. Also, he started getting a lot of job call around mom’s death although he was preparing for more than 2 years may be a co-incidence may be part of the conspiracy

Added Later  (December 7, 2013)
- Tickets Scan, Note My start date from Newark (EWR) is on 15th August 2003 and Return Date from BOM (Mumbai) is 12th September, 2003. Prasanna came India for his marriage and his plan was planned at least few week before. And his date of travel from EWR-BOM and returning flight from BOM-EWR, coincided. Doesn't it seems whole thing was co-ordinated before hand. They wanted to know if, I had any suspicion in my mind so they co-ordinated Prasanna journey with my journey.
- Ticket scan - I went from Patna to Bangalore on 1st September after last-rite of mom. And joined India office of Apogee Networks( Evident Software) in Bangalore till 12th of September. When I gave requirement for my tickets as soon as to India from USA and after 10 days or so from India to USA. Do you think its just a coincidence ticket was booked for 12 Sep. There is no reason to believe that all flights from September 1 to September 12 were already booked.