1. Taking me out of NJNYDESIS group. CIA wanted control over supply of girls whom I should marry. They were nervous with my getting popular in a social forum. Timeline was May-June 2005.
  2. Locked directory at Evident Software. Workplace Evident Software was used to keep me busy. Incident date was 12th July 2005.
  3. Indian Manager or Chinese Manager .How a NJNYDESIS forum friend knew that I have 2 managers. I have never told anyone in NJNYDESIS group that I had 2 managers. Incident Date was 6th and 7th July 2005.
  4. Apartment Bugging. Apartment people was used in co-ordinated manner to keep me busy.Incident date was 7th July 2005.
  5. Wen Shang and Passport Wen knew that my passport was missing, how did she know? Because it was co-ordinated. Sometime between 7th July to 15th July 2005.
  6. Prasanna and Sucheta Prasanna knew about Rajani Kurukkal, and they thought I would be interested in dating Rajani. Date around 7th July 2005.
  7. Provd directory, Ivan and John Evident software colleagues were used to keep me busy so that I may take my attention from njnydesis group. Date was 8th July 2005.
  8. Felt being followed Between 7th and 15th July 2005.
  9. Panic and Left Home  It was clear that there was co-ordination between work place friends and NJNYDESIS friend,  Also incidents proved that my computers and laptops were bugged. I couldn't think why this was happening to me, I panicked and left home and did run away to Balimore. Even in Baltimore there were incidents that implies that the stuff was co-ordinated.
  10. Images of hacked directory - Proof that my computer and laptop were bugged.
  11. Baltimore I was followed in Baltimore as well.
  12. Return to NJ and hospitalization  At that point Shaleen and Sudhaker were compromised but I think Mr Upendra ji and Dr  Sugiti were not compromised. However, later they were compromised as well.
  13. Inside Muhlenberg Hospital My ex-roommate was hospitalized with name change. Her name is Rajani Kurukkal but in hospital her name was Bhattacharya.
  14. Discharge and Siddharth's place I was discharged after I signed papers, accepting my condition as Bipolar Disorder. Siddharth's door was unlocked in night, possibly they wanted to steal the evidences which II was carrying.
  15. Back to Apartment and securing domains and emails I was not sure what was intent of all known friends and relatives being co-ordinated. All my communication was bugged and someone was giving me tough time buy not letting me changing the DNS. They wanted to keep my busy.
  16. Boiler Repair suspecting work in name of Boiler Repair on August 5, 2005.
  17. In NewYork City  co-ordinated call by Amith and Upendra ji. Train was delayed so much that I missed movie time.
  18. In Days In  Onn August 9, 2005, My write-up was modified, it means my laptop was bugged. Airbag of car was broken, I requested change of car.
  19. From Upendra's ji place to Sudhaker's place Upendra ji was under pressure and reluctant to help. Sudhaker proposed I whould move with him. Also, he did know functionality of cam I had put at home.
  20. My secret question was known to my colleague  It implies that my computer was bugged and I was being monitored.
  21. Ebay user id which I didn't create It proves someone had control of my computing device. Also probably they wanted me to fabricate me in selling stolen goods.
  22. Fishy Apartment Inspection Notice As per notice inspection is valid for 5 years. How I received Apartment inspection notice first in 2004 then again in 2006. Most likely 2006 notice was cooked. 
  23. Fishy Apartment Inspection Notice - Images
  24. Second incident on 21st June In 2006 possible act of fabrication, possible act of fabricate in domain theft. CIA was trying to keep me away from domaining. As I had made big investment in buying traffic domain at that time.
  25.  First incident on 21st June 2006 : Prasanna, domain and W2K CD - Possibly Prasanna was used to get password for domain control panel or fabricate me or both.
  26. Hospitalization by Compromised Cops in New Jersey As I was trying to serve a legal notice to the guy who has changed whois info of, cops admitted me to Psychiatric with wrong Date of Birth. After couple of days I was transferred to Carrier Clinic
  27.  Events and Interactions at Carrier Clinic  Suspicious  incidents in Carrier Clinic. A lot of people were discharged on same day as me. Discharge was on 5th July 2006.
  28. Doctor's appointment on July 7th, 2006  Doctor asked Nishant's name, number and employer.I informed him about procedural violation in last hospitalization at Carrier Clinic.
  29. Nishant in New Jersey Nishant's wanted to keep me busy and was insisting that I should meet Dr. Makhija. On 9th July 2006 in evening I accompanied Nishant and started driving for IL (Nishant's place)
  30. With Nishant, in journey and at his place There were many incidences which were suspicious,  at one point Nishant shown me recording of my (PC) desktop on a cable TV channel.
  31. Flight to India A fellow passenger was encouraging me to inhale cigarette and sit along side a girl," who looked like 15 years old but she was 30."
  32. George Mardinly - Prepaid Legal Services - Of no help  - When I was in Nishant's home at Illinois, George Mardinly called and excused that he doesn't look after immigration cases. I had not approached him for immigration but electronic attack.
  33. Upendra ji's Involvment Upendra's Ji was used by CIA to get authorization to sell everything what I left in USA. All he needed to sell my car.He needed title of the car which he reported missing.
  34. Flight to Ranchi : Cellphone was hacked  This is first incident I am narrating in India. My cellphone was bugged and remotely controlled to harass me and make me uneasy.This happened on 14th April 2007.
  35. Mamu (maternal uncle)'s involvement Mamu and his family were used by CIA.When I was in Chaibasa in 2006 at Mamu's residence my files from laptop was being deleted. It is only possible if it was bugged at his residence.
  36. Bharat Bhushan (cousin) and family involvement  When I was in NJ after first hospitalization Bharat Bhushan posted a comment on one of my  Hindi Website, (I used to manage this website at that time). Bharat Bhushan didn't have skill to type in Hindi on any PC at that time. How he manged to reach that must be investigated.
  37. Mom's death  - was it natural This is stub post and in one of later post I have written in detail about incidents around mom's death (or murder).
  38. What it's for  -  "There is enough material to indicate something is wrong. One can’t be followed by computer bugging and cell phone bugging for nothing." All of my communication is bugged, For sure there is something which I have and CIA wants it.
  39. The big picture - In May 2011, I again found my communications were bugged hence I tried to solve this by a conspiracy theory. All of assumptions may not be correct,but it can be safely said that CIA was trying to manipulate my divorce process.
  40. My complete story, Part -1  Introduction - I am being bugged and monitored with Hi-tech surveillance
  41. My complete story, Part - 2  Sister was frustrated by Uncle and family, Whenever I used to call India some or other member of uncle family used to say that she was sleeping (which was a lie I detected in 2008), I was dating a girl in NJ- possibly Dan and Reji broke the relationship, I had guilty feeling for letting Rajani Kurukkal a short notice to vacate the apartment and she was used inside Muhlenberg Hospital in 2005 
  42. My complete story, Part - 3   It’s all about getting me married with girl of their choice - part 2 Rajani Kurukkal was used inside Muhlenberg hospital, Alok sharma his wife Rancha sharma, Reena Varghese and Raj walia were coordinated to kick me out of NJNYDESIS group. Father's friend Raghubir Prasad made proposal for his elder daughter Manjusha then later Manjusha got married with my brother. Raghubir Prasad also made proposal of Deepshikha (my ex-wife). Deepshikha was engaged earlier with a Delhi professor and 8 months after engagement marriage proposal was broken.Our family didn't know this fact before marriage with Deepshikha. Deepshikha had created a matimonial profile after marriage and one of her email account had CITIBANK credit card statement.She wanted to remove services of maid. She did lie about a Mills and Boons series book. Guard at his brother-in-law told me that Deepshikha had visited brother-in-law house when her sister went to Bhurkunda. Based on thse incidents my conspiracy theory again got life. I was bewildered and run away to Roorkee. I wanted to change my identity and investigate about conspiracy. But I was followed in Roorkee as well. When I called father at Roorkee, I was hospitalized. Deepshikha and family tortured me and father by filing a fake (section)498a  case against us.
  43. My complete story, Part - 4  Financial Angel : Money Trail and Favors People who are used are given financial incentives. There is also financial incentive for the person who would arrange my marriage. A few visible financial incentives to a few of the beneficiaries has been discussed. Financial Harm to me. co-ordinated effort and Balaji and Soumen didn't forward my resume to their organization in 2010. Enquiry for was made by Krishna Prasad of Dentsu. I approached Rodney D Ryder, Deepak Daftari and Tony trovato but deal didn't materialize. Possible manipulation of affiliate earning.Money was looted by Brajesh Kumar with father's friend Dhuresh Prasad Singh
  44. My complete story, Part - 5 Moms Death : Was it natural? In this post I have narrated incidents around mom's death. Also, one of mom's cousin died in "Accident" who was asking why mom's body color was slightly blue.
  45. My complete story, Part - 6  April  2008 to April 2011 Harassment by ex-wife and family. Co-ordinated way of possibly keeping me away from job search. Offering half salary for Brick work India job. When I quit searching for job Sanjay Srivastava joined Vodaphone Pune and he was desperate to offer me job. When Sanjay ji joined Vodaphone his baby was not even 6 months old and was in Texas. When I didn't send my resume to Sanjay ji, he went back to USA.He was in Pune only around 6 months. 

    46. My complete story, Part - 7  One of communication with Jeff was co-ordinated. Madhuri was trying to disrupt my work when I convinced Mahalaxmi to work for me. And when I bought a netbook shopkeeper wanted to send it to workshop so that MS-Office can be installed on that. I found netbook already had MS-office installed. Also, this device was configured to connect to wi-fi network at night after taking it out from "safe" briefcase. The CIA wants all my communication to be bugged and these incidents confirms it.

    47.  CIA and IB is Bugging, Tracking and Monitoring me, Why?   This post is itself  index post about earlier posts.

    48. I don't have mental illness, here is why!  Some facts to consider why I don't have mental illness but mental illness is part of conspiracy.

    49. Conspiracy angle and coordination at CIA wants minimum visibility for me on internet. In 2012, they laid a trap on when someone hacked after my posts against owner and moderator of the forum, Jeff.This incident is in detail as presentation.

    50. Transcription of visit at psychiatrist in Jan 2012     I had recorded conversation between doctor and me on third visit with the doctor. Doctor's name is Dr. B. P. Sinha. Please go through the transcript and decide if doctor is talking to a patient? or preparing me for compromise.

    51. Another incident to reinforce that conspiracy is about getting me "right" wife  Incident that has taken place in 2007 when I was working with Ismart-Panche (Gurgaon). Colleagues were trying to place a girl in team. Most likely to "arrange" my marriage.

    52. Financial Angle : Possibly is being used  I am affiliate. On one occasion there reported earning seemed being manipulated. They did fix in manually by deleting transactions. Possibly, this is being done to frustrate me. As conspirator (CIA and IB) want to keep me away from internet.

    53. Financial Angle : Brajesh Kumar and Dhuresh Prasad Singh Story is about how Brajesh Kumar was used to financially suffocate me and father. D. P. Singh must be prime beneficiary of this investment. This should be investigated.

    54.  Does my laptop Windows XP have rootkit installed  - Decide yourself.

    55. Financial Angel : Possibly was used - drastically reduced earning per click and they had a hilarious reason to explain the phenomenon.

    56. Misuse of Psychiatry Facilities an Doctors - Psychiatry Facilities and Doctors that was used since 2005 to December 4, 2013.

    57. Financial angel : Has Google being used to frustrate me ? In November 2011, most of my top 20 domains with visitors were banned by Google at Bodis platform and no other domain was banned from my account on Sedo.

    58. Conspiracy to fabricate me in Hacking and Domain Theft - In August 2011, Chandan M. A. (a friend who I have never met but was in touch online) was used to fabricate me in Hacking and Domain Theft.

    59. Where was Anjan Bhushan ?  When I told my father that there are friends who were helping me and CIA doesn't know about them, father wanted to meet those friends. I told him it was not possible. On 16th December I was hospitalized for 3 months. I was also receiving end of ECT treatment for about 10 times.

    60. What CIA is trying to achieve - Based on incidents and some hints from a few friends I have given this conspiracy theory and what CIA is trying to achieve.

    61. Why I don’t have Paranoid Schizophrenia , Here is why - Based on symptoms of Paranoid Schizophrenia, I have evidence that I am being bugged and followed, while  A delusion is a belief that is held strong even when evidence shows otherwise.”.Also, CIA is trying to fix my marriage.