Thursday, September 13, 2007

What it is for?

What mafia wants at the end? This is a question I have asked repetitively myself. While there are so many proofs and incidents of malafide action I have yet to reach conclusion on what they want from me. FBI needs to investigate this aspect of conspiracy as well.

  1. Initial Theory – - As mafia was paranoid with bugging my computers hence emails. I thought they want one or more domains. But it only makes sense if it is high value. 2005 was the first time when I encountered trouble. At that that time was the only domain that has some value. Also, a catch all email of used to catch many mails from domain. mails used to carry many of design specs of Vigour technology. If someone could have misused those mails and patented those designs, Vigour technology could have been sued for damages. Vigour Technology is big OEM manufacture of LCD etc. This way probably a company could have been grabbed at no or little cost.

However, there is drawback in this theory, why mafia would associate anyone once they had bugged my PC. They could have easily transferred the domain after killing me.

2. As I said I don’t know exactly how they want to execute their plan. Absence of knowledge of a definite plan should not make this issue irrelevant. One needs to read through proofs and incidents. There is enough material to indicate something is wrong. One can’t be followed by computer bugging and cell phone bugging for nothing. There are other aspects as well.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mom's Death - was it natural?

-I am publishing this in public just in case I get killed(or I disappear) before an investigation is started. In case I am killed my version of incidents around mom’s death can be procured from father or brother.

- Based on a people who are involved in this case, some of them were involved in incident at the time of mom’s death.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bharat Bhushan(cousin) and family involvment

a. On 10th August 2005,using email id excel_associate[@] and name Bharat Bhushan a message was posted on website. I raised it in 2006 as well and taken this issue resolved because not the answer was right but body language and expressions were right. As Mamu’s involvement is questionable, have to raise it again. Mamu was repetitively asking me to write down all questions which I wanted to ask from Bhaiya.

On 10th August 20005, I was struggling for a safe place and safe computing in New Jersey. I was under tremendous stress. Under those circumstances comment posted seemed to me like bad taste.

How Bhaiya reached to the website? Last time he said via that was not the right answer. And Bhaiya doesn’t know how to type Hindi in search engine.

Not only that last year when I was in Delhi with Papa 2006 someone who had account detail [invariably a hacker] had deleted that comment. Although Bharat Bhushan doesn’t have hacking skill the Mafia coordination was helpful in this case.I have image version of comment saved in harddisk.

b After my hospitalization I stayed in Patna. Chachi had visited some baba(spiritual guru). After that, when I used to take rest laying on bed she used to move her hand around my head in circle. Twice I sat on the bed and asked what was she doing? She didn’t reply.
When she went to Tetrawan Bhaiya was doing same stuff.I belive this was done to please some spiritual power. Bhaiya also tried to curtail hour of my writing. He used to come in room and put water in cooler.

Mamu (maternal uncle)'s involvement

Mamu’s Involvement –

In September 2006 I was using laptop to type the story at Chaibasa. After few days suddenly files started getting deleted. Those were .doc type files. I made some backup and I saved my work as rtf then, .rtf file started getting deleted. I thought probably there may be some virus. I saved work in external hard drive and used IBM provided restore of laptop. It basically formats the computer and installs the operating system again. After a few days passed and again file started getting deleted in directory I was working. I was baffled however blind faith on mamu didn’t allow me to think about the possibilities. Now as I think there was a possibility that laptop was physically accessed to bug it. Often mamu used to invite me in his office around 3:00 pm. It can only be bugged physically with knowledge of family members. This is sufficient incident to demonstrate mamu and family were involved.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Flight to Ranchi:Cellphone was hacked

Journey to Ranchi – 14th April 2007, took Indian Airlines flight. Used auto to reach domestic airport. Sonu ji(younger brother)accompanied me till airport. At airport while waiting for boarding, I started writing in diary about some of the events and about mamu

Same Chinese guy who was sitting in adjacent corner in boarding area was also sitting in same row in plane on the other side [may not be a coincidence]. A girl accompanied him inside the plane. I had checked in cabin bag while kept laptop bag with me in upper cabin bag section.

Boarding was on time, flight moved a little bit then stopped. I started composing SMS to Papa. I made change in SMS from “just started” to “yet to start”. Flight again moved after that. I pressed send button of SMS. Shortly after that 3 alarms of 7:58 pm, 7:59pm, 8:00pm went on much before actual time.I had not set those alarms either. This means my LG mobile device was bugged and was remotely controlled. It was CDMA based service provider.

Shortly after this an Airhostess arrived and asked ,” Please switch off your mobile.”

I replied,”Ok”

She came back after a few minutes and she said along the lines.

“Our equipment shows you have not switched off your mobile yet.”

That was strange and I had not taken out my mobile after alarms mentioned earlier. As my neighbor had 2 mobiles it was hard for me to believe that they had generic device which can locate switched on mobile with passenger. I do believe they might have some device that was used to bug my phone. I just pretended that I didn’t get what she was saying. I had taken out mp3 headphone from one of the ear and just replied


She didn’t ask anything and returned. It was clear that I was under hostile environment. One possibility I saw was someone want to take/exchange laptop from laptop bag. The laptop had the data related to Mafia.

Dinner was being served. Air hostess asked “Veg or non-veg”. I replied “Veg”.

On safe side I just ate 40% of the dinner. When air hostess came back to collect the dinner plate, I changed my spectacles to dark goggles. It allowed my eyes not being visible from outside just in case I take a nap. Within 5 minutes and around 20-25 minutes before landing lights inside the plane was switched off and environment was conducive for a nap.

I switched on light above my head. When an airhostess opened adjacent cabin, I made point that I had not slept by moving my head. After around 10 minutes lights were back and soon after that it was time for landing.

Points : Not sure what was the intention of mafia probably wanted to change laptop that has data to write this blog. Also the reason to show bugged alarm might be to frighten me. One thing is for sure they are tracking my mobile communication and possibly that of my family.

Upendra ji's Involvment

Initially after first hospitalization, Upendra ji and family were helpful after they smelt something was wrong. However, for some reason they became part of it. There are many events just writing about one of these.

After I came to India Papa was in constant touch with him. When Papa enquired about selling my car[I did leave Car and stuff in USA], Upendra ji told he couldn’t find Title of the car. I did send information about the process which needs to be followed to get duplicate title from MVS website. It is

“To replace a lost or stolen title when there is no lien on the vehicle visit your local MVC agency and complete an application for duplicate title.”

- Bring your current registration or proof of insurance.

- Pay 25$ fee (check or money order)

- Or mail to the address on the application for a duplicate title.”

I also passed registration photocopy and copy of insurance. When I called Mr. Upendra in March 2007. He said he had visited MVS (authority) 5-6 times but couldn’t get Title.

I replied since he was not Anjan, he needed to send it by post. Also, as I have already done my change of address to their home so address won’t be a problem.

He tried to portray himself na├»ve and added “Those guy (MVS) had said if you (anjan) send an authorization letter authorizing me (Upendra ) to sell everything then it will help selling car and other stuff.” He said even authorization on Indian legal paper will do.

That is a BIG FACTUAL LIE. In USA one can’t sell a car without a Title. Car is sold to third party and MVS verifies the document at the time of Registration.

But what he would have achieved after getting authorization , he could have sold something else for which Mafia is following me so closely. Whatever might be the reason but intent was not right.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

George Mardinly - Prepaid Legal Services - Of no help

1.George Mardinly – As I have mentioned before hospitalization I tried to talk to legal firms. Either phone was diverted or firms were manipulated, the firms I called did’t take my case. I had taken membership of Prepaid Legal Services. I called them to find out someone who can advise me in electronic attack related crime. I was also searching for another attorney on immigration. When first time George call I wronly assumed him immigration attorney. It was corrected. I did talk about electronic stuff that happened. George asked me to send email.I did send an email on 26th june [APPENDIX 10].All contents may be not right still was expecting some feedback or call from George.

I received a very late call from Mardinly on 7/17/2006 that also to tell me that he didn’t take immigration case. Now where in email I mentioned immigration.

I was angry and replied “I don’t need your advise, go in hell Gorge.”He replied “Thank you, thank you.”

Appendix 10
From: Anjan Bhushan <anjan.bhushan[at]>

Date: Jun 26, 2006 5:32 PM
Subject: Please read this thread George
To: gmardingly[at]

Please read this thread.

Pleas read, 1st post, 2nd post, 3rd post, 7th post [its about someone
accesing my PC from bluetooth device were deleting contets],8th post
and 9th post.
Above gives some sense of corodination in attack.And someone is very
much interested in deleting the electonic evidence in my PC.
The mastermind of above opration is my employer and my collegeus,
some close relative s and close friends are involved in bigger
conspiracy. The evidnces that is in electronic form is very valuable.
They somehow want to delete those or fabricate me .
Motive? You may ask, its my domain And story was going for
3-3.5 years. They have most likly killed my mom by poisioning. MY
relatives at India are looking into it.They someone wants me to go
back to India and probably do the worst.
WHy is so important? Intially it was puzzle for me. is a very big OEM manufacturer. My mistake many people
sends intenal design specs etc on email id intead of
I have never misused it. But it can be certainly used for making a
lot of money by patenbing those probably.
what I would like to do, Its criminal case conducted using white crime
menthod.So need your advise.


Flight to India

Summary : A guy who was sitting next to me in flight was part of the syndicate. Possibly to exchange laptop etc or put something in handbag. Whatever, may be the case it proves how resourceful and effective they are.

1.1 Airport to Airport – I went to continental desk and stood in front of one

Of self service counter. Talked to the lady who was standing there.

I had 2 tickets ORD-EWR and EWR-DEL. I requested her to show me how to check-in baggage directly from ORD to DEL.She instructed me to check in from ORD to EWR first and she would take care of rest. I did as instructed. After that, she did needful at her end and asked what was my preference windows seat or aisle seat. I replied aisle just to make a note, I had also selected seat for both leg at the time of reservation. Also, she provided tags for baggage and advised to fill the address. I asked if I can lock checked bag, she advised me to put lock after security check [X-ray]. I took bags to X-ray security check. And left the locks intact also observed bags passed the security.

ORD to EWR flight was without any incident. At EWR airport changed terminal

by internal bus. There was waiting period of more than 4 hours. I went to find location of gate number that was in ticket of EWR to DEL. And I was roaming on terminal. As my specs were broken, I bought a sunglass. I also bought a cap.

When I checked the departure announcement found flight was scheduled to

Depart on a different gate. Flight was delayed an hour or so.

IN CO 82 [EWR to DEL], I was allocated seat number 43 C. After some time, a passenger arrived at 43 A. He was trying to be friendly and win trust. His

name was Mehraj.He was from Kashmir. He told me he was illegal immigrant

in New York. And he was artist as well as he knew computer. He asked me if I

was leaving India for good. I said I would be back in couple of months. He had shown some news clipping that had his name.

He did show papers that he was taking a cat with him. He further explained he faced a lot of trouble in procuring various clearances. He also told,Indian embassy worker didn’t know the procedure as it was rare phenomenon to take pet to India. He had also shown his laptop and told price around 3k dollars. He was encouraging me to show what I was taking. I didn’t open my bag. I was listening to mp3 player. Mehraj asked what was that, I let him listen it for a while. He asked price and offered to buy it. I politely refused.

He asked where can he smoke. I replied, to the best of my knowledge flights don’t

allow smoking. He said he did travel by flight 10 years back, at that time people

Could have smoked anywhere in flight.

He had shown a packet of cigarette and said “This is American Springs [??], it had no additives.” He offered me one with words “Let us smoke one”. I said I told you we can’t smoke in flight. He argued “no need to lighten it, we can just inhale it, its Fresh”. I didn’t agree. He left one cigarette on 43B and went to sit at 40 B.

1.2 Mehraj and Girls – Did he already knew them?

Once Mehraj went for restroom after coming back, he said. The girl sitting in 40C look like 15 year old.After sometime he went and sat at 40 B. Apparently he was talking to her. Once he came back,he again was talking about age and further added

“She look like 15 however she says she is 30.”

When he was sitting on 43 A, he also asked girl sitting on 42F if she would like to sit

On 43 B.She smiled and said no.He was on 40 B for long time.

It was clear he was encouraging me to leave my seat go to 40 B.


When He came after sitting second time. I asked Mehraj

“How much they Pay you?”

He was not expecting the question. Then he smiled and said something along the lines [ exact sequence of conversation might not be same.]

“People think there is no American mafia .That is not true. They have changed their way but they are alive and kicking”

I asked him again how much they paid him and I offered to pay him double one year later.

He said 10 K. And asked me to pay right then. I said I don’t have that much cash at the same time I wanted to know what was his assignment and what he going to tell them.

He asked me to give whatever I have. I replied how can I trust him. I also said there should be at least one more guy in flight to watch him. He replied he already knew that guy. While talking at some point I said, probably they killed my mom.

After that he abruptly changed the conversation. He replied I had illusion. And he also asked me where was his cigarette. I replied I hadn’t taken any of them. It should be on middle sit.I also told him -”we have not talked about anything hence there was no illusion, Mehraj”.Mehraj replied he had already forgotten my name , why I was taking his name. He quickly moved out of his seat and sat on a different seat [I think it was 40F or 39F] for rest of the journey.

1.4 It may or may not be related. As soon as flight stopped at Delhi, A Sikh male passenger who was sitting on 44, moved out very fast. Before anyone could

have even stood he was closer to gate.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

With Nishant, in Journey and at his place

Summary : Many suspicious things happened in Journey to Nishant's place and at Nishant's place.

One interesting thing I would like to mention is at one point, Nishant asked me to watch TV.Then he switched channel it was airing a computer Desktop He also said, it was not his Desktop, whose Desktop was that?


1.1 Journey to Schaumburg – We started out of AirPort late evening [I think after 7:30]. We talked about old days. Nishant was driving. It started raining after some distance. After 9.0 PM on 9th I called my father.Wiper was greasy hence rain was obstructing Vision. He took one of the exit and cleaned it. I bought water and some corn Chips there. After I think more than 200 miles we found a rest area having food facilities. We ate at Taco Bell and bought more food for route.

After midnight, Nishant proposed to take rest in car. He parked on roadside on rt 80.We took rest for couple of hours. [I forgot the exact time]. Then again Nishant drove the car for around 100 miles or so. After that we changed the seats. And I drove the car for more than 200 miles after the point where 80 and 90 merges in Ohio. I drove the till around 9.00 AM on 10th of Jully. Nishant was sleeping while I was driving. Once he wake up we changed sets again as he informed he did sleep well. By that time, We had travelled more than 550 miles. I called my father 9:10 AM in morning of 10th July.Soon after we changed, I notified him that 10.00 ‘O clock I have a doctor’s appointment. I would be using cell phone to do that. A rest area was coming. It was decided we would take small halt there and I would call Dr Makhija,my psychiatrist.

I called Dr Makhija first to confirm appointment as phone appointment around 9:50 AM. Then called him around 10:00 AM EST. Doctor wanted to know where We were.I replied “3 hrs from Chicago.” He advised if I wouldn’t be driving I should take 4 mg Risperidal immediately. [NOTE: It was advised For night in last visit]. He also talked with Nishant. I wanted Nishant to know I was trusting him and doctor. Hence took the medicine.

After I took medicine I was very much sleepy, probably slept for a while as well. Point to note around 10:15 AM[EST] we have traveled around 600 miles. In afternoon when I was less sleepy, I observed Nishant was trying to stop in all possible rest area. Whenever I asked he replied he will take 2-5 mintutes nap. I didn’t know what to believe. I tried to not sleep there after. We were only able to reach a traffic jam close to Chicago after 3:00 PM o’clock.[Local time]. And reached Nishan’t home after 5.00 PM.

1.2 On 11th of July 2006, in morning after 9.00 AM, in Nishant’s neighbourhood many people started cutting grass and machines started making noise. This might be co-incidence may be not. Last year in 2005 when I slept in Mr Upendra home on second day similar apparatus was being used in morning in his neighborhood. If it’s not coincident, possibly it was done to frighten me.

I asked Vildan about park and took the kid with his bicycle to the park. While coming back from park, I saw first guy among them made some kind of gesture to next guy.

IN AFTERNOON Vildan informed that we were going to a restaurant. She took us to “Priya Restaurant” and we ate buffet. Subsequently. She took us to smaller library. Picked some video for kid. I took one book on Networking.

In evening when Nishant came, all of us again went to Library [big one].

After sometime, in library, he pressed that his son would play in kids section and we would sit their and watch.

I also asked Nishant if everything is okay with him. He said yes. What I meant as whole strategy seems to keep me away from computer, if he was under pressure from someone.

At night, after dinner, Vildan opened the drawing room's back gate hurriedly. I saw that and on pretext of smoking went out and while coming back closed the gate. On some pretext or the other she tried to open gate for 2 more times. I slept in drawing room that day.

Also on side note, the laptop which I used a little bit at Nishant’s place had Windows XP. I observed this being manipulated as driver for USB drive was not there.

Hence I decided to leave that laptop and used T41 laptop. Also used advanced option of IBM utility and reinstalled the OS. Created an user account. That took good part of 11th-12th night. I slept in morning on sofa in drawing room.

- By this time, it was clear to me that Nishant and his family were compromised. And they were acting with full enthusiasm.

On 12th of July 2006, Vildan proposed lunch at Lalo’s Restaurant and bought vegetables at one of the shop. I bought 3 packs of cigarette from Exon gas station near vegetables shop.

Same day, later in evening I changed password and associated email of credit card account. [This was an illusion for me].

Changed email and password of Continental Airlines One Pass account. [By this time I knew gmail account was compromised.]

Subsequently, I Purchased tickets of ORD[O'hear] to NJ[Newark, NJ] and NJ to DEL[Delhi] from Continental Airlines for 19th July. That was the first day for which Ticket to Delhi was available at reasonable price [around 1200 $].

1.3 There were some incidents which I don’t have dateline. But those were important to understand

1.3.1 To keep me away from documenting the stuff Vildan use to provide some

Food stuff only for me. Sometime, making special coffee. At some point I stopped taking food just prepared for me. At least on one occasion after that she prepared coffee and also took a cup. After sometime, on some pretext she left her coffee.

1.3.2 I think on third day, Around 4.00 AM I opened the back door and smoked cigarette just at door. I came back at room. Nishant quickly came out. There was no sign on his face that could had been interpreted that his sleep was broken. He went to kitchen to open the window. I said “Nishant” after getting out from back door.

Nishant came out and conversation happened.Something along the lines

I said “Listen, I don’t want put guilty feeling in you,as it breaks the communication.”

I further told him to double cross the mafia(at that time I used to think its some kind of mafia, it should be read as CIA) .Nishant said he couldn’t get it. I told him “I already knew since NJ that you are compromised. While in NJ you tried to capture me from backside in night.”

Nishant didn’t accept this but was visibly shaken and agitated. And he added further - His kid lungs were not as strong as mine. Hence he asked me not to smoke inside home. With agitated voice I replied, “okay! That won’t happen. I just wanted to test if you people have slept or not. Hence smoked.” He couldn’t say a thing and went inside.

1.3.4 One of days, Nishant had informed his drier was not working and someone would come to repair it. Next day a guy came and basically cleaned the exhaust system of drier ending at front side.

This is important as there was constant effort to delete evidences of my stay there.

Vildan was consistently pushing me to provide cloths which need to be washed. Also,

As soon as, I left the home [will deal later] Vildan started removing bedsheet etc from that room.

1.3.5 One of the days, later in evening.Vildan suggested that I can smoke in Garage and she did put a "katora"[Bowl] with water there. Hence in day time I continued smoking at back and throwing buds there. At night in garage. However, everyday the "katori" was taken away in morning. So I used to bring a new one from Kitchen. I am not sure about motive of this offer. Only thing that has significance for me that Katori was thrown every day.

1.3.6 One of the days, after 1.3.2. Nishant brought literature of Schizophrenia. And commanded that I should read it. I threw the paper on table And replied “Doctor was treating me for Bipolar and How come you know more that Doctor” I added further if I have to read I would only read Bipolar.Point to note is Nishant was given guidance to probably make a stage for hospitalization.

Next day, he brought literature of Bipolar and in commanding language asked me to read it. I saw it as no sign of helping me.I threw the paper on table and used acting

“Is your father having depression?” I asked

He said “no”. It was totally unexpected question

“Someone who saw your father from far was saying your father has depression.”

He was visibly shaken and disturbed. He went in his bed room. He came out for dinner and we eat together. He was disturbed even that time.

However, on one of subsequent day, when I was typing on PC. Nishant came close and he changed channel. Nishant asked “See the TV” and he added further. Whose Desktop was that.He added further “Its not mine.”

I saw it and replied “do whatever you like to do”. [Tulog jo nahin karao]

Point to note is he was showing recording of a desktop possibly mine.

1.3.7 One of initial day’s evening, Vildan bought toilet seat assembly. Both of Toilets they had, it were in good shape. With incident where the Toilet seat Of 7 tulip dr apartment[my New Jersey apartment] was reported broken by Nishant, one possible Conclusion is possibly in both instances Nishant was abetting in deletion of evidences.

1.3.8 I had a notion [wrong] that my Continental tickets were a secret. On Monday, July 17th I told Nishant I would go to New Jersey on Wednesday July 19th.

He asked about tickets. I told him I would buy ticket at airport. He informed he has not seen anyone buying a ticket at airport. I replied they do have facility, one could do after enquiry from any Airlines.

Purpose of trip as I narrated was bringing 2 CDs of evidences. I also described to him that I would stay at friend’s place, father has talked to him. I also requested Nishant to arrange tickets to India in mean time. I told him I wanted to leave USA around 30th of July 2006.

1.3.9 On 17th of July, Nishant told he would take leave next day. As per Nishant, he and his wife were planning to meet their psychiatrist at 8.00 AM. When I asked He said, he doesn’t have appointment.

On 18th July, around 8 O’ Clock in morning .A man knocked the door I was in semi –sleeping  stage in drawing room. I opened the door and called Nishant. Vildan came out. He asked if roof in drawing room was leaking. I replied “No Its not.”

Vildan said she still thinks it needs some work. I went outside.The guy went to roof and was doing some work. He came at work in a van. I stood outside at front to see what instruments would be taken next. After some time, the guy came [I was recording in voice what was going on] and came to me. I advised him to talk to Nishant and Vildan.

I had kept an external hard drive under sofa and had told Nishant to keep it in safe place

On 18th July morning. When I came back after smoke it was lying outside sofa and close to table. I also noticed Vildan was sitting near sofa. I moved that hard drive to my luggage. Nishant, Vildan and their Son went out around 10:00 AM. And came back soon With passport size photographs of them from CVS pharmacy, Nishant was saying photograph Was bad. Hence they again done photography session at home. To the best of my knowledge they made an excuse that they needed photographs for immigration. They tried to kill more time. Although, they already were well dressed, Vildan went for preparing herself again. It took considerable time. Nishant made an comment something along the Lines “If Doctor will see this much makeup,he would get mad”. As they never called for an appointment [that’s what Nishant told me] and were very flexible in timing, I am not sure if they went to visit a doctor. What they were doing I didn’t know.

Also, Nishant asked me to come with them. I refused.

Nishant asked If I needed any thing. I replied I needed lock for bags. He made long argument that checking bag should be not locked as airlines can break and destroy the bag itself. I replied I had sufficient experience and I have always used lock.

I also asked him to give his home key and key of one of the car. He gave home keys and one key of his car. I put those on drawing room table and started doing sometime. ??When I came keys were not there. I went out and Nishant had not left , I asked him to give the keys again. He gave the keys.

I was not sure that Nishant would bring any lock, hence decided to buy my self.

When I went out to check Car keys found, he had only provided door key of car, I COULDN’T start the car.Hence went CVS by walking and bought the lock and keys.

They came back around 4.00 pm. Haven’t brought any lock. Nishant wanted me to accompany him to the postoffice. I told him I wouldn’t go anywhere. I had done packing and I decided to take a nap.

I wake up by voice of a lady talking to Nishant, something along the line “Are you

Alright? Why so many people came to your place? What they wanted”

Nishant replied “Yes, everything okay.”

When I went outside there was a cop as well.I waived hand to him.When he came I said “I may know something about what just happened”

Cop asked me “I came on complain from them, do you know something about it “.

He pointed towards another neighbor, I replied “No, I heard someone saying some people were here, I might know something about it. “

Cop asked what I knew.

I replied “I live in NJ and have submitted a tip to FBI about a group of people who were after me. if you have some time, we can talk in detail.”

Cop told that he didn’t have time.

When Nishant came back. He tried to provide some excuse.

I replied angrily “How low you have fallen? Forget about me you don’t ever care about your father. You want me at any cost. You are no more human, you have became animal. You are animal.”

And I went to bedroom where I had a seat. I called father. Sometime later, Nishant and his wife called Nishant’s father, mother and brother. He was pushing mother and Father to come to USA. In evening I ate bread.

I slept very late once Nishant and family went to their room. I wake up late, I think around 8.00 AM. Yet I was first to wake up. Nishant wake up later and offered me a ride. I accepted it.

At around 10:00 AM, I started moving my stuff to drawing room. Vildan started moving out bed, mattress etc from my room. I interrupted her by asking

“I am not yet left and you started getting rid of evidences, right?”

She replied “Oh yes”

I was angry and used non-parliamentary word,”F**k you.”

She grabbed a broom having thick rounded wooden stick and charged on my face.

I got hurt at my forehead. Specs got broken and even nose started bleeding.

She said many things including “Yes,we killed your mom, we will kill your sister and we will kill you in nj.” She asked Nishant not to take me Airport. She also called Police.

Nishant asked me to take cab. I have saved 4 cabs number in my notebook. I called 2 cab numbers. Nishant even suggested to leave before Police could come. I replied that would be wrong.

Two cops came. I was outside of home. A cop came and asked what happened. In mean time Vildan also came started saying I did beat his kid and was saying would give poison to them.

Cop asked her to stay inside. Cop asked me how I want it to solve, if there was a Police case one of the person will go Jail. I told cops I want to go to NJ and have no interest in sending anyone jail. Cops asked if I had enough money for cab. I replied in positive. Cops talked to Vildan and Nishant. They came out and said no one want to make it an issue and Nishant would take me to airport as agreed before.

I requested for aftershave from Nishant to apply it against wounds. Then did put luggae in car that was being rented from National. one of the cop said “All the best”

To me I replied back “Thank you officer.”

Nishant and I didn’t talk on the way. I broke the ice after near Airport as asked him to take to terminal II departure. When he stopped the car at terminal II departure.

He passed a piece of Napkin which apparently he had brought from home itself.

“Bharat Jaldi Jao, Jaroori Hone pe Turant phone karma”


“Go India soon, If it’s urgent call immediately.”

I asked if there would be any problem in Airport. Nishant shaken his head means don’t talk (as I was bugged) I understood it as NO at that time. He also stressed for check in bags no lock should be put else it can be broken and bag may be destroyed. I thanked him.And he left. Only to find out in next section. My trip to India was known to conspirators.

Nishant in New Jersey

Summary:Nishant came to New Jersey to help me. However his actions made him suspect.Still I went with him to Illinois.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nishant was college time friend. Had not met him in USA before.Nishant came by United Airlines and I picked him up from terminal 2 [?] arrival. We went to Dinner Menlo park for dinner. At home, soon after arriving Nishant started discussion on Depression and Schizophrenia. He gave example of his mom. He also persuaded for sleeping on same large bed.

[For a year or so I was sleeping on Floor in outside room. I was using a bedsheet.]

  • First night itself, Sleep was broken after I felt someone tried to hold my both hands at back. I woke up. Nishant hastly tried to pretend that he is sleeping.

- I forgot date but it was either first night or second day when Nishant informed
That toilet sit got broken. I ignored at that time. However, when His wife bought
A toilet sit later,I correlated probably he did break toilet sit at my apartment as well.

For some reason Nishant was helping someone/party in deleting evidences related to me. will narrate more as we proceed.

- On second night. Late in night when I slept,again Nishant tried to hold my both hands. I woke up. Nishant hastily tried to pretend that he is sleeping. Unlike first night, I did get out of bed and went to drawing room. I heard some sound of fast moving foot steps in balcony. THAT WAS ENOUGH indication for me to understand, Nishant Was compromised as well.

- Till this point there was reason not to trust Nishant. At the same time, in last forced hospitalization I have seen I can’t trust woodbridge cops. Hence chosen to continue with plan of moving to Nishant’s place at Schaumberg.

- 8th july – Nishant proposed sorting document and purging anything that I don’t want to keep and have my name. Helped in coin counting. On 8th July 2006 evening we went to near by park and sat there for quite sometime.

- 9th – On 9th I informed him we would start on 9th not 10th.In my mind What Nishant did in night was the reason. However, at this point I told him about some cars in parking lot that seems suspicious because of absence of number plates etc. Nishant tried to argue about cars and added further that this might be usual. I Asked Nishant to look for flights and trains option for the day. Earlier Nishant had indicated that return ticket he had reserved using United Airlines. He also told something along the line, he made reservation from EWR to ORD for both. However, in his email only his itinerary came not mine, although he made reservations. And probably I would have to pay for tickets. At the time of checking.

He was trying to slow me down, by killing time. Like he suggested creating a list of all items with location which I may like to move at later date.

[I have informed at that point I had video camera].He insisted this more than once. He Tried to bring more document to sort. Etc. Around noon

I made low resolution video directly on SD media[?] and copied it to laptop.

Earlier I have informed him that at some point I will send a copy of evidence to Delhi by post. He was trying to persuade me to go to post office and send me a copy. [on 9th]. Also, I was packing fast, When Nishant offered help and asked for work. I requested him to press one of my shirt

I made multiple copy of evidences also tried to copy one in Nishant’s laptop.

That laptop USB communication was slow. Copied most part of it. When It gave error for not copying long file names. I aborted it.

Around 4:30 or 5:30 in evening, I had copied evidences, and packed cloths and papers. No train was in evening either direct or indirect. Hence, we started by car to airport. I was not sure if we would be able to get tickets. Nishant also said same thing. He further suggested to rent a car. I replied that won’t be safe. He replied - since he was in car its safe. I was not sure what Nishant meant about it. However, I thought since that was last minute plan and as Nishant was possibly compromised, by road it may be safe from accident.He further suggested to stay overnight at one of his relative’s place at New York or may be hotel. He wanted to meet Dr Makhija in morning.He also informed he know directions to his home from rt 80.

So, we went to Airport and we enquired about cars from Dollar, Enterprise and National. Finally, taken rental car from National. I went to leave my car in economy parking lot and came back to terminal 1 by bus and called Nishant who was at National car rental. Once he arrived, I persuaded him to directly start for IL. He called his New York relative that we wouldn’t be coming to her place. We took 78, then parkway to rt 80 west. He also called his wife Vildan to inform her he was driving and we were going for food. She did ask, how he [Nishant]can he drive my [anjan’s] car. She also informed she was putting paint/wallpaper in bathroom.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Doctor's appointment on July 7th 20006

On 7th July 2006, I met doctor Makhija. Date was advised by Carrier Clinic. I told doctor
About procedure violation in my last hospitalization by cops. he replied when I called him on 27th of June he talked to cops and requested if hospitalization was necessary, Muhlenburg was a better option as I was already admitted to the facility last year [2005]. They informed him it’s not possible. Also I told him that Nishant would be coming the very same day. Doctor asked for his name, number and employer. I provided first 2. Doctor also asked for my father’s number. And advised to pass his number to father and Nishant. When I narrated how in last hospitalization by cops, I was not allowed to take any phone number etc hence I was keeping some of the numbers in a small paper. He asked about numbers, I was keeping. I replied father’s , Nishant’s. Doctor suggested to keep his number as well and better memorize it.

Doctor was very much interested in knowing how I informed the incident to FBI and what I informed them. He also gave appointment for 10th of July and Suggested to bring Nishant as well.

Doctor was part of syndicate as well. I never trusted him however consulted him regularly but had not taken medicine. He asked for Nishant’s employer info because that was a possible way to associate Nishant in case he was not already associated.

Events and Interactions at Carrier Clinic

Note: For introduction of people in Carrier Clinic please read last post.
1.1 Events and Interactions at Carrier Clinic

Group therapy was a means to assess my mood and get info about how I think or approach a problem.

1.1.1 When doctor Islam and his team questioned me initially - I insisted on story and advised them to follow book. As my family in India was doing parallel investigation. I further narrated them in this case something happens to me, they should be rest assured an investigation agency will found it. Doctor Islam was also doctor of John.

1.2 When I started talking to all of them and have stopped showing unfriendly attitude towards any of them. A orchestrated game was played.

Rule was simple - everyone were given a piece of paper having name of another person, one had to suggest 3 gift one would like to give that person

and dedicate a song in his/her name.Chirs was given my name. He suggested some humiliating gifts to me. I laughed. And song "my way".Leo have also chosen

"My Way". I am not sure what was symbolic value as couldn't make out much out of it. [refer APPENDIX 10]

I couldn't get what they expected me to do.

1.3 - Paul attempted to enter room 107 [Room allocated to John and I] in between Saturday and Sunday night. As soon as I wake up he changed his path and quickly changed his slipper with that of John’s. I sensed it wrong as people are not supposed to enter into others room.

1.4 - Next day i.e Sunday was tense. In a group meeting Patric raised some concern that people are trying to steal Cigarettes of each other.[Oh! God, what conspiracy was that?]And he even had names but he preferred it not to be disclosed. No one offered me Cigarettes that day.

Around 3.00 PM group meeting, people were given task to write their positive. And what they wish to change or things that were different. It was Paul

and one more guy said they couldn't find enough positive things. Then many people helped Paul finding his positive.[They already knew him] Leo, was very apologetic that situation in his life put him to a situation where he wanted to commit suicide.[a possible hint which helped me in evening]

When my turn came, It went like this,

- Disclaimer : As per Indian philosophers Swami Vivekanand. There are three aspects of any human being. What a person think about himself. What other

people think about that person. what actually that person is. Hence, actual data may vary :-)

- Now three positives

- I always think there is a solution for every problem. I don't have solution always ready for all problems. But I try to find one.

- I treat all human beings with same respect. Hence, I am courteous to all of them in first communication. However, as in any relation, as relationship develops, impression of person makes a difference.

- ????

No one was expecting such a dominant answer. Total silence dropped in room for a few moments.Soon after that, group meeting was absolved [not everyone got opportunity to speak].


In evening dinner,there was feel of visible unease in dining room. By that time, whoever has asked me why I was there, I had replied I am still working with doctor to understand why I was there. Mr Upendra and family were suppose to visit on Sunday, they didn't come.

Also to narrate, one of the day, I was wearing hospital dress.[I had only a short and a t-shirt in which cops has handcuffed me.]. Indoor game of volleyball was planned. The instructor insisted that upper dress is too loose to play vollyball.She offered me a t-short. I replied it seems a girl's t-shirt. She replied its open in front but equally good for both sexes. During volleyball, she said she would like

to talk to me. Which she later did. Besides other question, she wanted to know if I had any symptom of suicide. I replied in negative with same

quote "I am very positive person, I always believe there is a solution of every problem which I need to find it out.".

I sensed a possible conspiracy there. There were at least two girls with the group as well. With suicide question being asked so many time

and Leo’s indication of suicide in Sunday afternoon.And everyone was trying to help Paul to find his positives. It was alarming sign for me as circumstances of hospitalization was questionable.

In afternoon 3 pm group meeting on Sunday, so many people were trying to find positive in Paul [they knew Paul!!]. It was clear, Paul's possible attempt a

night earlier was being covered. In evening before sleep, I reported at nurse desk about Paul's Saturday night's activity. I forgot name of the lady. She laughed and asked if I was anxious. I replied, whatever you would like to note feel free to do so, I am not anxious but cautious instead. Possibly there was plan of murder on pretext of suicide for reported bad act with one of the girls or guilt because of theft of cigarette. [I realized, I did already wear girls T-shirt for Vollyball game, it was possible they might have other plan. Something was wrong].

As night started, I pretended to be sleep. Every hour or so the guy or lady in duty were entering the Room. Around midnight someone entered very deep. I just for second sat on bed. And asked "who is that?". The guy replied I am just checking if everything is right. John who was pretending [Kharata] to be in deep sleep also wake up.After the guy left, I asked John if he would like to talk. He replied in negative.

Night continued with many more so called regular visit by hospital guys.

1.6 In morning around 6.0 AM ,I was looking for someone to talk who have authority in this group.John was still sleeping. I found Bill in TV room. As he had mentioned before spreading bird flu as cause of hospitalization, I talked with him. Would recollect the conversation later [TO DO]

1.7 A COMPROMISE WITH CONSPIRATORS - John wake up around 8.00 AM.He used to wake up early.I again proposed, John - I think we should talk. This time he agreeded.

I shut the door of room 107 from inside. A brief and quick agreement was reached. Conversation proceeded like this.I said something along the line

"John, when I was brought to this facility I had a notion that you would like to talk. But instead unfortunately, I don't know why it gone this way, where last night no one had slept here.

If I wanted to report it to FBI, I could have done it on day one. I know you people are powerful. While I was spreading the word,I knew I would attract you people's attention. I knew you would take me to some place. Now I am here, I want a guarantee

- Me or my family will be not touched anymore and in return I will keep my mouth shut. Now give me a deal and get me out of here"

John replied - "You are a nice guy and I believe your father and brother both are nice person as well. Nothing will happen to your family. But I can't do anything regarding hospitalization."

But he concluded with threatening remarks - I think you need ELT [shock therapy].

I replied "Please spare me."

1.8 Cool, Calm and Better Day - Monday July 3th 2006?? - Soon after discussion with John,John went to talk with one of the girl and I think Andrew. Possibly more discussions were done. A relaxation session was conducted by Ben after the compromise. I requested doctor's appointment same day.

Later same day, I met Doctor Islam. He asked questions like how are you feeling and how was last night sleep? He was for sure aware of positive developments.

I replied something along the lines in Hindi - "I am relaxed now. As such no one slept last night. Today there was a compromise with John. I will be leaving for India shortly"

Earlier he did enquire about notifying the hospitalization to company. I replied in negative. That day he also asked me about my marriage plans. He further suggested finding a girl in USA. He was persuading me continue work with Evident Software and get married there itself.

I also asked Dr Islam, "As compromised is being reached now, what I would say if someone ask about cause of hospitalization?"

He replied "Anxiety attack"

1.9 Discharge – Later on 3rd July itself, one of nurse[probably Elizabeth] informed me about my date of discharge. she asked me if I want a friend or

family member to pick me up on 5th July. She looked into one of the admission papers where Company name was Evident Software and relative name was Siddharth Varma. [and not Upendra this is important as Cops told me it was Upendra who informed them also the name should have been Siddharth Kumar and not Varma]

I replied Please call Sugiti/Upendra. If they want to pick me up its okay else get me a cab. After talking with Mr Upendra she informed he would visit around 6:30 pm on 5th of July.Total 6 discharge happened that day.Including John, Andrew-2, Mike, James. I forgot 2 other names.On 5th a few hour before discharge I was asked to sign a few documents by hospital staff. All had DOB 7/28/1974.I made correction of DOB in most of the document and signed it. Later on same day
Bob made a comment to tease me, he told something along the lines that his hospitalization was paid hence free. I just smiled. I did sign a paper with words “I refuse to pay any amount not paid by insurance”.

1.10 July 4th - It was Independence Day of America, I mostly spent time in TV room. Bob was there most of the time.

1.11 Earlier after verbal agreement with John, I requested him to provide some sort of communication info, where in case of any confusion I can contact. I further argued that such mode will eliminate any need to make Carrier Clinic like facility as meeting point. I again suggested this on 4th. John replied he would provide a phone number.

On 5th, Bob provided a name and phone number on pretext Cigarettes due. When I asked his name and address where money could be sent for cigarettes he had provided. I told him I would send him a check.

Bob asked me to call the number and take his address. Details provided by Bob

John F Samnell

MR. Ken Kolanu

Soon he informed I don’t need to send the check. Just to show, I like to

Keep my words, I gave him 10$ after borrowing it from Mr Upendra,

Who came in evening to pick me up. Before I left, I also met Leo and Bill. Leo said

Some nice words. Bill was accompanied by his son Bill and his wife. Bill’s son gave

Me phone number of Bill’s secretary. [PROVIDE DATA]

On 5th July 2006 evening I came to apartment. Mr. Upendra brought me home. My father called me around 9.00 PM. We talked briefly and

and informed him that I would call later. Mr Upendra started the both the AC and cleaned some garbage. I threw garbage and milk. Before he left,Mr. Upendra instructed to keep both AC running. Since last year, I had bought a blower which I had used instead of AC. I did chose to stop the AC and just used the blower.


And now, the end is near;
And so I face the final curtain.
My friend, Ill say it clear,
Ill state my case, of which Im certain.

Ive lived a life thats full.
Ive traveled each and every highway;
And more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

Regrets, Ive had a few;
But then again, too few to mention.
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption.

I planned each charted course;
Each careful step along the byway,
But more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

Yes, there were times, Im sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew.
But through it all, when there was doubt,
I ate it up and spit it out.
I faced it all and I stood tall;
And did it my way.

Ive loved, Ive laughed and cried.
Ive had my fill; my share of losing.
And now, as tears subside,
I find it all so amusing.

To think I did all that;
And may I say - not in a shy way,
No, oh no not me,
I did it my way.

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught.
To say the things he truly feels;
And not the words of one who kneels.
The record shows I took the blows -
And did it my way!

Hospitalization by Compromised Cops in New Jersey


1.1 Till this point, I tried to talk to attorney firms, while talking to a few of them I realized they won't allow me to take legal help .Possibly, my phone calls were diverted while doing so and In some cases, attorneys were influenced.[ See mardinly story].

1.2 Abuse of Power and totally ignoring the procedure. They became desperate, on June 27,2006. All my call logs from my cell phone 848-203-5774 will be of great use. I called 911 almost same time when Cops sent by conspirator's reached at my place. First 1 cop came while I was already on call with 911. His name was either G Paul or A Dudas. He said, someone named Upendra called them and asked me if I know Mr Upendra. I explained it to him, he is my second maternal uncle. I further tried to explain the cop,I am being victimized by series of electronic attack.

I requested them that I need security, till I document the stuff.I said to him I have few name which I would like to get recorded. He asked me to show names and make a print out. I replied I don't have printer. He talked rudely and also talked to 911 who was on call.He went out. I understood cop was compromised.

As soon as he went out, I made a call to my father and narrated him the incident and gave name of people, who should be prosecuted if something happens to me. I called 911 number again, only to find out it, This time two cops came G Paul and A Dudas came with a paramedic. one of them said, "if you make another 911 call I will arrest you". I replied I am mentally sound can go through checkup with my private psychiatrist. I called Dr Vasudev Makhija as well. [it can be verified from my call logs].Then I called my father and gave phone to one of the cop.Cop replied there was no one on call. When I said I would inform FBI moved towards computer they took out the power plug of computer. In summary, they captured me forcefully after handcuffing. I was stripped with all belonging except my driver's license and medical insurance card. At some point another cop joined them. When I said you know my rights, one of the cop replied you have no rights.

1.3 They carried me to

Raritan Bay Medical Center

Crisis managment unit

Perth Amboy Division

530 New Brunswick Avenue

Perth Amboy, New Jersey 08861

(732) 442-3700.

1.4 They put my DOB July 28 1974.[My admission was done before my arrival and no one asked my DOB/name etc] and were asking to co-operate. I refused taking any voluntarily medication and kept 2 conditions

1.4.1 First my date of Birth should be corrected

1.4.2 I was already consulting DR Makhija, I will only take medications suggested by him. Hence, a session should be fixed with Perth Amboy Division's doctor and Dr Makhija in my presence. On 27th of June 2006, they also tied me to stretcher on pretext of my being agitated and put an injection.

1.5 There I was kept on 28th June 2006 as well. And many tactics was used to break me, including keeping me tied with bed.Around 9.00 PM in evening on 28th June, Dr Sugiti called me that I should take medications. I said I won't. She replied in that case she won't be able to help thereafter as they may move me to some facility which she is not familiar with.If she was helpful why not she called earlier.

I replied "send me home dead or alive", its your choice. At around 9.30 pm 2 people came and informed me they had instructions to transfer me to another hospital. I asked to show me orders -They did show me a Xerox copy of referral made by doctor. They also informed they have to tie me to stretcher. I co-operated. No discharge slip/letter was given to me. A POINT TO NOTE: SINCE COPS DIDN'T ALLOW ME TO CARRY THE PHONE NUMEBRS, I COULDN'T TALK TO MY FATHER.

1.6 I was carried in Ambulance to ACU of Carrier Clinic. Again I was hospitalized with DOB as July 28 1974.

1.7 My doctor was doctor Islam. Again I refused medication and did put 3 conditions.

1.7.1 No co-operation from my part unless DOB is right.

1.7.2 No medication until it is opened in front of me

1.7.3 I won't take any medication until Dr Makhija is consulted as well in front of me.

1.7.4 Initially, I was admitted in room number 108. Gary [if I remember right] was my roommate. On second night his behavior became suspicious. He turned his mattress upside down when I awake. Which had a split in between. He tried to put something in between.

I saw him many times on windows [perhaps waiting for instructions from outside ?].I reported the incident to the authority and requested a room change. I am not sure if any of them have taken my complaint in writing .His admission was within 2 days of my admission. He left 2 days before me. Subsequently, I was moved to Room no 107. John Age 65 [as in hand band], was my roommate. He was admitted to hospital on 29th June.

He also has indirectly indicated about his knowledge of my "illness", mostly as threat. Phrases he used "You too have COD [compulsive obsessive disorder], right?" ,"You don't need ECT [shock therapy], do you?". I assumed he was part of whole operation. Generally, he was courteous. After an attempt on me, I made a compromised proposal with him on Monday. I will be dealing with names of patients that used to stay in group. Chris - Initially he tried to use humiliating sentences in Kitchen. When I replied back "How much did they pay you man?". He was not expecting this question. I asked him if his father name is Dan [Dan Zeck - ex-VP of engineering,and as far as my info, currently he is working for Antenna software,what I meant that his physical feature was very same],he replied in negative.However, in another conversation he indicated his father owns "SeaGull's Nest" restaurant at Sandy Hook Beach NJ.The data may or may not be useful. However, I would like to identify all of Dan's son. Because "SeaGull's Nest" was the restaurant where Dan Zeck arranaged a party of engineering in Evident Software after one of the release completed. His admission did happen within 2 days of my admission at Carrier Clinic. Paul - he was trying to be most unfriendly guy initially. Most likely he was given task to do something bad with me. Hence, was asked not to talk much. He generally don't use to reply except hi and hello. Later a "compromised" was reached with John after possibly an unsuccessful attempt of life [possibly medical or some kind of poisoning]. His attitude changed and he started talking like nice guy. Patrick - He was one of them. I don't remember his admission date. He was also one of guy having a big mark below one of his eyes. He lived 2 rooms away from me. I forgot the room number. On last day, just to verify that I trust them[after compromise was reached] , he offered a sweet which I did gladly accepted. Robert [bob] - He was the guy who was monitoring me in common room. He was actively taking notes of my body language as well. He hadartificial upper tooth [not sure about lower one]. He use to smoke 4-5 cigarettes at a time in any given cigarettes break. Leo - Another old man who was guiding the operation their . He was on wheel chair. I think his age was written as 65 on hand band.He had also enquired if I was on ECT or not. This person may not need wheelchair. Not had much interaction with this guy however before I left hospital, met him and thanked. He wished me good luck. Bill - He was also 65 years old. I am not sure if he was part of the group or not. But he was aware of reason of my hospitalization. He narrated it in 1 sentence "You was quarantined as you was spreading Bird Flu.". I laughed. He also complimented me with words you are genius. He also proposed me to work with one of his friend in Mumbai when I informed him, I may soon leave for India. The day I was leaving hospital met his younger Son Bill. I think, Bill had idea of what was going on in hospital. Andrew 1 - He was comparatively a little bit fat. After initial few days, I decided to smoke during smoke breaks. Obviously cops had made sure I had nothing with me. Andrew did came to me and offered me cigarette, he also told that whenever I needed cigarette I could count on him. Andrew - 2 - He was young lad. He was obviously part of the group. I am not sure what role he was playing there. I had some interaction with him not much though. Mike - He was admitted around same time. He had beard. Most time he used to carry books. James - He was very sophisticated person and use to get into nice chat. He informed he was moving to Nebraska soon. Many of them have indicated they have visited the facility before. Hence, it should be also investigated if it was "just another activity" at Carrier Clinic.