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Financial Angel : Money Trail and Favors
Every person in the world that knows me personally was approached (except father and  sister so far).They are big enough to let them work using threat. But when money( or asset) would be announced to the world (after being married and killed) only threat may not keep all of them from spreading rumors. So everybody (almost all) were given some sort of indirect financial incentive (also because that makes them partner in the prime) like help in buying land, buying home, job,promotion, setting up business etc.I don't know all transaction but many are visible.
  •  Rajani Kurukkal – She was the girl used inside Muhlenberg hospital.She was low paid employee way back in 2005 .If I remember correctly he salary was less than 3 K USD per month in USA. Now as per google search she is owner of a convenience store.
  •  Kumar Siddharth(NJ) and Kumar Sambhav (Delaware) are brothers and my second cousin.When I was in Siddharth's place(2005) both of the brothers did buy Honda Accord and some kind of deal Siddharth was taking about.The deal should be investigated like market price and price they got at.EMI rate and prevailing EMI rate.Also, both brothers did buy new home in 2005 financial aspect of it should be investigated.
  •  They thought Prasanna Jayapalan (Evident Software employee at that time) was my best buddy because he was Indian. He was given big salary hike when he was moved from engineering to professional services. Also he did buy a home in 2005. Both aspects should be investigated.
  •  Most of Evident Software(and ex-evident software) employee did move to bigger and better company like Chirag Patel VMWARE, Soumen Chowdhary VMWARE, Mike Lee Google, Ivan Ho Google etc this aspect should be investigated.
  •  All Evident Software employees who did buy home between 2003 and 2006, financial aspect of that should be investigated.
  •  All Ismart Panache employees who moved to bigger and better company after downsizing of the company should be investigated.
  •  Change in financial asset of ex-wife and her extended family before and after marriage should be investigated. Her brother-in-law(Anand) did pay some old dues of a Banglore's plot while he was working in Gurgaon. Source of finance should be investigated.During 2010 ex-wife Deepshikha had a boy friend. When she started avoiding him he contacted me. During conversation he revealed her family had bought a big piece of land in Ramgarh in her name. This was before alimony. Finance for that should be investigated.
  •    All financial aspect of my cousin Bharat Bhushan and his extended family should be investigated. Recently he did start a fishery business with a partner, aspect of that should be investigated. Most likely he or his family has a stack in Highway Services. A company that has many petrol pumps around Patna.
  •  Between 2005-2006 many people in NJ in my circle bought home like Alok Sharma, Sudhaker Raj. Finance of their home should be investigated.
  •  Dhuresh Prasad Singh is best friend of Papa. All his home and land buy and price should be investigated.Also, Rani Hospital in Ranchi is owned by son of his sadhu (brother-in-law) his adopted son is working in that.Income-tax did raid the hospital and estimated value of hospital as 10 crore, they did show it as 3 crore. And income-tax did agree. Valuation should be re-estimated and source of finance should be investigated.
  •  All domain sale prices by domain circle friend which they sold should be investigated.Particularly for Chandan MA between 2011-2012 and Deepak daftari between 2011-2012.
  •    Raghubir prasad and his extended family finance should be investigated. In last 3 years he did buy a land in Bangalore for 14 lakh rupees. It should be investigated. Also his son Piyush Goutam (which I found technically incompetent) got job with Wipro, it should be investigated. His second son did get a job in Srishti Software much before he could have cleared all his paper that should be investigated.
  •  List is endless you got the gist.
Financial Harm to me
  1. They had a policy of making me work hard and pay me less. My salary should be investigated in comparison with my peers in Evident Software and Ismart Panache.As for my competency I was awarded Product Value Award in 2001 while working for Apogee Networks (later renamed as evident software).
  2. They wanted me to work for a small company when I moved to Banaglore after job break of more than 2 years because of false dowry case by my wife. I had already made my mind that I won't work for small company any more. It could have made their work difficult to manage more people in bigger company. Like,I did approach old colleagues in Netapps (Balaji Pitchaikani) and Soumen Choudhary (Vmware) and requested them to forward my application in their organization. They did never came back after initial discussion. Balaji even asked me to write 5 reasons how I qualify for the jobs I wanted to apply for, I gave him detailed excel sheet with work I had done in past and job requirement  He never came back. There are many examples that would time waster for now.
  3. I thought my job-gap is reason for it.Then I decided I would start my own business, domaining was a thing I was doing on part time basis. Initially  I thought why not try it full time and also wanted to create websites and blogging.For them it  was very hard to manage domain circle because it works mostly using forum and websites and blogs are no go as it makes one a public figure. There was a deal worth mentioning that didn't go through.I did catch a domain Prasad of Dentsu India approached to buy it on behalf of Sharp India for their corporate portal. I told him domain was not for sale as I acquired for a project.He said they want to “reclaim” the domain as they owned it before.I said there would lost opportunity cost for the domain as project would be big and name entirely suits it. He replied he would have to check with client and I should say him what would be lost opportunity cost. I knew it would be tough sale by then.I checked his profile on internet and found he was connected to  Deepak Daftari on linkedin by second degree connection  I called Deepak to know how good he knew the common person between them. And if I can get what budget they had to acquire the name. Deepak offered his services to negotiate the deal with him for 15% of agreed price as he gave reason  he didn't know the common person. I did reply to him 15% is on higher side as he was not asked to search a buyer but only negotiate and also added that from their mail it seems they awere not in mood of negotiation. I also contacted Rodney D Ryder and wanted his opinion about my chance in INDRP (arbitration) if sharp India decided to go for it. Since he was in NCR (Krishna Prasad was in NCR as well). He wasted my time and one day didn't pickup the call from India number but did pickup the call from USA number immediately after that. I thought he was bluffing me. I consider myself bad in negotiations so contacted Tony Trovato in USA if he can do it for me. He did agree.We exchanged mails and phone call. He stopped replying my mails and taking phone call. Also sent some absurd suggestion. He wasted around 15 days. By that time I checked and Deepak Daftari was connected to Krishna Prasad. It was enough (by that time Krishna Prasad was compromised for sure)., I communicated Krishna Prasad to make an offer. He made offer of 1 lakh rupees. It was very low considering Sharp corporation a buyer. Deepak inquired about I replied they have offered 1 lakh. He discouraged me by saying say them 1.5 lakh and accept it. I said it was very low he replied 100 rupees(registration cost) was getting converted to 1.5 lakh rupees what else I wanted.I replied its not about ROI because domain was caught in competition. I sent Krsihna Prasad a sheet about expenses I did incur till that time.And it was slightly above 6k USD. After that he never replied. Basically, conspirators din't want me to have cash reserve also it would had given a boost to my moral and more visibility in domain forums.
  4. – affiliate program income manipulation. This is very clear cut manipulation in affiliate income from was for the month of  Dec 2011,March 2012, April 2012  earning calculated was less than actual earning shown in detail with order id.Difference was huge. I sent PDF files of all screenshot and requested the support to fix it. Support did reply that was problem with “MY” account and they would fix it. Then from details orders was removed to match the calculated earning.When I asked were the order id shown was fake? why was it removed? Support replied there were genuine order id but for renewals and they didn't pay for renewals. Then I inquired if it was problem with my account or whole affiliate system. She replied it was with whole system. I replied that she was contradicting her own statement in few mails before that problem was with “MY” account.She said,initially they found problem with my account when checked they found problem with whole affiliate system. I replied I am not convinced as problem was there for at least four month from Dec 2011 to Aprill 2012 and no other affiliate reported it. She just repeated that problem was found in my account first. is popular matrimonial site in India and for Indian immigrants abroad. They have many affiliates including some big news sites in India. THIS CAN NOT BE DIGESTED THAT PROBLEM EXISTED FOR AT LEAST 4 MONTHS AND NO OTHER PERSON HAD REPORTED IT.
  5. Looting my and fathers money – While false dowry case was going on with ex-wife we thought Dhuresh Prasad Singh was helping us (it was all co-ordinated, will deal it later).Father said one day, Brajesh Kumar was known to him(Dhuresh Prasad Singh) and wanted to start his construction business.Brajesh kumar visited our home a few times and projected himself having big contacts. He was workig for IRCON at that time.To convince us more for investment in his company Atharva India Infratech Pvt. Ltd. He quit his job in IRCON.To cut story short I did invest 25 lakh and his company and so did father. He agreed to keep father as one of director's of the company. For that, he did all paperwork. Later after finding the whole conspiracy we found he had only applied for DIN and he got DIN number 03028504.That is not enough to make one director in any company.Director should report that to MCA in which company he is a director.At that time I didn't notice as was not aware of company formation process in India. He didn't inform father or me and hadn't done the paper work.When I visited, for registered user after you login there is an option for “company in which person is/was a director”. For father's detail, no company shows up.Brajesh did behave like rascal and differences came he  said he was not responsible for reporting his work to anyone. I asked him that is fine I am your shareholder and father is director (didn't know he was not), just return my money with bank interest. He said he would do that. Even after repeated reminder made some excuse for 6 months and didn't return it.Basically, cash was a cushion for me to to not work and fight the false dowry case. They wanted to took that away.
  6. Later I found Brajesh Kumar is also a director of 3 other companies besides Atharva India private ltd.
    DIVIJ INFRASTRUCTURE INDIA PRIVATE LTD date of formation 27/07/2010
    DIVIJ HYRDOQUIP PRIVATE LTD date of formation 18/8/2010
    DIVIJ STEEL AND POWER PRIVATE LTD date of formation 27/11/2007
    Date of formation of ATHARVA INDIA INFRATECH PRIVATE LIMITED is 3/3/2010. If he had so much money to start two more company after formation of Atharva and possibly investing in (how he could have become director in an existing company started in 2007) in DIVIJ STEEL AND POWER PRIVATE LIMITED he didn't need our investment for Atharva right? Basically he was rewarded for his association with us. I am sure Dhuresh Prasad Singh might have stack or are related to any of three DIVIJ company. Because we invested in Atharva not because of Brajesh but because of DHURESH PRASAD SINGH.

My Complete Story Part - 3

It’s all about getting me married with girl of their choice - part 2

If you read the story till end, its very likely that Rajani was the girl who agreed to work for their cause. Cause to marry me and help them. There could have no other reason why she was used inside muhlenberg hospital. However, it was difficult to comprehend it at that time.

-          Also, if you read the story just before my being in hospital. Prasanna Jayaplan came with kind of marriage proposal with a divorcee woman named Sucheta. You can co-relate that he was talking about Rajani Kurukkal. As phone number that Prasanna provided did match with the phone number Rajani't friend had.

-          After I asked Rajani to leave my apartment, I was still socializing and active in NJNYDESIS group. CIA wanted me out of the group, as first, It meant a lot of people knowing me. Second, it was making their life difficult to control the supply of girl of their choice as available girl. They did a conspiracy to take me out of the group. They launched a co-ordinated attack to take me out in group. THE POSTS WERE TIMED. This was first time I smelled that someone is against me. But my initial suspect was someone from group. I thought group owner Raj Walia was doing that. As, he made two moderators without asking anyone in group. In response, I created a document exposing Raj's financial irregularity in couple of group events citing public posts and co-relating it. I did expect that after that people in group would belive that Raj is wrong kind of person. But surprisingly first person in response of my post was Alok Sharma advising Raj to not to respond. He was the person who was also advising me on privately. He became my suspect as co-ordinating the attack in the Yahoo group. Reena Varghese  was also a person attacking me. There were evidences to believe that Rachna Sharma (wife of Alok Sharma) was ghost writing her posts and email. I have dealt that in post

 Reena was a weak link and and having soft corner for me. She was instructed to not talk to me and just say “hi” when we meet.

-          A lot of thing happened after my first hospitalization. I have written about some of them in my earlier posts on this blog. After my forced second hospitalization by cops. I did move to India in 2006 July.While leaving USA I had a notion that they want me to marry someone but theory didn't have enough data for conviction. Then I had “social stigma” of being schizophrenic. I will deal with my health related aspect of the conspiracy later.
-          By 2007, I was sure that there was a conspiracy against me in USA I was not sure about India incidents. But thought, conspirators did achieve what they wanted to achieve by then. And they don't need me.
-          In 2007, Mr Raghubir Prasad (father's friend) sent marriage proposal of her daughter Manjusha. It was strange because he did know about my so called “illness”. Which father would want to marry his daughter to a schizophrenic? Right?My father took it as goodwill. Not only that girl was more than 11 years younger to me. Fortunately, I rejected the proposal because of big age difference. In 2010 Manjusha got married to my brother Ranjan Bhushan. (what the hell they wanted to marry either me or second choice my brother. I will skip this to keep the story on track)
-          In 2008, Again marriage proposal came via Raghubir Prasad. This time it was for Deepshikha. She was relative of his friend. Incidentally, a direct marriage proposal did come of elder sister of Deepshikha (Vinita) way back in 2002-2003 when I was in USA. That time we were looking to first, my sister get married. Deepshikha was 9 years younger than me. Initially, I was not in favor of it because of big age difference. My father convinced me that girls of my age already got married so I have to choose among what were available. Point to remember is, at that time father was convinced that I have schizophrenia.What else could he had done besides trusting his other son Ranjan Bhushan (my brother – he was compromised since 2003) and doctors and all other relatives. I knew I don't have it but had no choice to keep mum and co-operate. I also didn't suspect at that time that they (CIA and IB) had also approached my brother Ranjan Bhushan and he was compromised as well. He  always had alternative explanation of incidents creating doubt in my mind. I was not always convinced but didn't suspect his motive. I was taking medication as well. The theory I had there was a conspiracy in USA, I was not sure about Indian part.
-          Father asked me that we should not tell the girl's family about my “mental illness” before marriage. I was not favor of it, he did explain I was like any “normal” person and I could have told her after marriage.
-          I “phone dated” Deepshikha before marriage. Even she and her family did hide a fact that she was already engaged to a guy previously. And after 8 months after engagement marriage was broken.
-          I am non-beliver in God. When she suggested Vaishno Devi as honeymoon destination I was like why would I want my honeymoon to be a religious place. She explained she did visit Vaishno Devi before with her parents. And promised the goddess Vaishno Devi to visit again after marriage. I didn't have answer for that and I agreed with her,Vaishno Devi as honeymoon destination.
-          During honeymoon by chance I started checking SMSes on her mobile phone. There was a message from one guy(forgot the name, say A) in Hindi in Roman Script.Message was like “couldn't locate scientist, MISS YOU”.Date of message was not much before our marriage was fixed. I inquired who is this guy A and who is scientist. She disclosed that her marriage was earlier fixed with the guy mentioned scientist in sms (he was a professor) and guy A was mediator. She also replied marriage proposal was called off by the guy after more than 6 months of engagement.
-          Story she told was guy was out of country and engagement happened with photograph of the guy. Deepshikha and the guy talked, exchanged mails, sms and video chatted for 6-8 months. When guy returned to India and met her personally he said Deepshikha was not as beautiful as her picture suggested. And he broke off the marriage.
-          Later when things became worse in our marriage I had chance to look into some of her old communication with the guy. It was clear marriage was not called off because of her look. Guy has video chatted her many times so he was aware of whom he  was getting as wife.I also interacted the guy (but remember they all were reached by CIA and IB agents before me) he gave her height as reason of marriage being called off.This story is important why to understand why the girl was chosen by them to marry me. She and her family was desperate for marriage. Also, a big financial incentive in lieu of marriage was like add on gift for them. So they became party in crime.
-          Marriage did happen in Patna on 20th April 2008. She told me her desire to not have baby for 1 year. At that time I didn't suspect it and even I wanted some fun before we could have decided for baby.
-          She was also doing her diploma in dietician course from Jamia Hamdard University. After Honeymoon, around 30th of April 2008 I was asked to leave Ismart Panache (had joined them in december 2006) because of financial position of the project. Ismart offered to help me while I find next job.I joined Landis+gyr in June. May was like extended honeymoon for us at home. She did hire a maid to help her in household chores. Her sister and brother-in-law was around 1 km from our residence.(we were living in Gurgaon). We used to visit them often and they used to visit us as well. Landis+gyr office was in Noida. That time It  used to be long commute from Gurgaon to Noida of more than 50 km. I used to drop Deepshikha to her college on the way. One day she told she would return home by 2.00 pm.
-          I don't remember why, but issue was urgent, and I did call her around 2.30-2:45 pm that day on mobile, call didn't go through. Then I called her multiple times on landline number. No body picked up the phone. When in evening I asked what time she returned home she replied around 2.00 pm. I didn't say anything to her but decided I need to watch her more closely.
-          A few days later, she asked me to give 1000 rupeess (20 USD) so that she can put that in her bank account. Her bank was close to her college. 1000 rupees was not big money, I was surprised why she would want that to put in her bank account when it is already in my bank account. I didn't question and gave her the money she asked. In evening she told money was stolen by someone in class from  her purse. I did ask her how that could have happen. Basically, she was testing if I trust her.
-          These things made me uneasy as she already had a broken marriage proposal. I checked her diary. 6 email accounts and password was written on a page. I did check all of them and found two suspicious activities.
-              She had created a matrimonial profile after marriage and a password protected credit card statement from CITIBANK. Since statement was password protected I couldn't verify name on statement.
-          After few days she said she wanted to go to her mother's home, I didn't agree as it was hardly a month after marriage. Her mother also called my father about that. Father also told  her mom that because of customary reason she couldn't visit her home. (I think it was because her grandfather did expire in same year as marriage but I may be wrong).
-          Later, she said, she wanted to remove service of maid, I asked why she said she would do household chores as well. It was shocker for me as she did hire maid herself. It would have been more demanding for her to do college and household chores, for this reason it was baffling for me. Also, I knew she didn't like to do household chores (washing utensils, cleaning floors).  
-          Since so many things I observed about her I started suspecting her fidelity initially. At the same time CITIBANK credit card statement raised the doubt what if my initial theory was correct that they (CIA and IB) wanted me to get married with girl of their choice (At that time I thought it is work of some mafia).
-          I also found a Mills and Boons series book. When I asked about it, she became uneasy. I knew teens and young girls read Mills and Boons series book. But it was a surprise for me because her English was very weak, at least not at the level to read English fiction. She replied, when she purchased a magazine (it was magazine related to home making) the book seller gave the Mills and Boons series free with that. THAT WAS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE ANSWER. Because price of the magazine was less than price of Mills and Boons series book. When I pointed this fact to her she carelessly replied, what she could have done when the shop-keeper gifted it to her. I asked, where she bought the magazine. She told name of nearby magazine store. I got paranoid and went to the shop and inquired if I could buy a Mills and Boons series book. The shopkeeper replied they didn't sell Mills and Boons series books.
-          The only local male member besides her brother was her brother-in-law that I did know. Since she had lied about where about one of days I mentioned when I called on home number (I have already mentioned it earlier).Also, at that time her sister went to her mother's home with kids and his brother-in-law was alone in his apartment. I suspected that she was involved with her brother-in-law. One day while returning from office I went to the apartment her sister and brother-in-law lived in. I introduced myself to the gatekeeper of the apartment and shown pictures of my wife. He recognized her; I asked him if she was visiting Anand (his brother-in-law) in afternoon. He replied that she had not visited Anand that week but week before she used to visit Anand on daily basis. I further asked if she used to come alone or with Anand. He replied sometime alone sometime with Anand. When asked about timing, he replied they used to come around 2.00 pm and she used to leave around 4.0 to 5.00 pm.
-          It was enough; I returned home and confronted my wife. I asked why she had to hide her visit to Anand's place. She became nervous and said she did just visit one day to gave him cooked food. When I asked that even it was for one day why did she hide from me.She contradicted and immediately said no she didn't visit him at all. It made me mad. I raised all issues one by one which I have mentioned here, she had contradictory reply for all of them. We verbally fought for two days. When she said “what is the proof?”, I was mad. I wanted explanation of contradictory statements and she was asking for proof. Also the possible angle (at that time I was not 100% sure) of she being girl of choice of Mafia (remember at that time I didn't know it is crime by intelligence agencies) made me very nervous. I perceived it as a possible threat to my life (which actually it was). I asked her to call his brother who was living in Faridabad and leave the flat immediately. She did refuse for a while after I issued some threat she left.
-          After she left, I realized that mafia (CIA) didn't achieve they wanted, As all my contacts were bugged in USA it should have been bugged in India (otherwise they can't achieve ir).Mom's death conspiracy (murder – will deal later) was enough to believe closed relatives were compromised. I wanted to find complete conspiracy angle and thought only way was to run away (I knew by time they are powerful) and change identity till I understand it completely.
-          I did try to bluff them and run away to Roorkee. Stayed in a hotel in Roorkee.Activities in hotel was enough indicator that I didn't succeed. How could one run away from IB in India when you are prime target. So with no choice I called my father he asked me not to leave hotel. He came with Cousin Bharat Bhushan. I hadn't slept for 2 days because of issue with wife and running away to Roorkee. I was again forcefully admitted to Vimhans hospital.
-          From July, 2008 to April 2009 they(CIA and IB) did torture me and father via wife, police and court. When they got convinced that I have accepted the conspiracy as mental illness (I developed the belief that in USA for sure there was a conspiracy, in India things became vague) . They let the divorce happen. They wanted to get me married again as quickly as possible. Fortunately an incident happen and when I co-related everything from July 2008 and April 2011 it became clear that, it is CIA and IB with other state actors. Actually, incidents in that duration gave so many data points that now it is a solid conspiracy theory. I will deal everything from July 2008 and April 2011 separately. It is this story which will make you believe that conspirators are state actors not mafia. But first let's look into Financial aspect of it. Because money trail is most important.

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My complete story Part - 2

It’s all about getting me married with girl of their choice

<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->14th nov 2001 – I did catch dropping domain I was living and working in New Jersey USA. I was working for Apogee Networks (renamed as Evident Software)
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->25th July 2002 – Date of registration of Vigour Solutions Inc
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->2002 – Roger Boyce joined Apogee Networks. I couldn’t find exact date of his joining. However, previous CEO Pablo Tapia sent an email to all employees welcoming Roger Boyce on 3rd September 2002.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->During that time I was not a social guy and my circle was very limited. If you keep aside colleagues I might had number of friends in single digit. Shaleen Vajpayee was my prime contact as friend. we used to watch movies on DVD once in a while. He was trying to build his medical transcription business in USA and India. You may say he was only person in circle I was sharing some good time.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->During those days Shaleen discussed many times about my marriage plan. My mom was not in good health. He suggested  me to marry so that mom will get support. My sister was taking care of mom in India. I replied to Shaleen that I would wait for my sister to get married first. He raised this question a few times and I had same reply.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->In those days, Mom and sister were staying in Patna in a flat. The Flat was about half kilometer  from uncle’s (prof R.P. SInha) house in Patna. Father was government servant  posted at a place named Jehanabad in Bihar. He used to visit Patna often.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->In India, apparently family was also looking for marriage prospect of my sister Vibha Sinha. Conspirators didn’t want to get her married. This was for two reasons; it meant a support in form of her in-laws and husband. Secondly, all the people who are related were approached with carrot and stick policy by CIA and Indian Intelligence agencies. The people who they felt didn’t have a chance to co-operate with them even after approaching were people that needed to be eliminated. So, sister was and is a target which they would like to finish.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->Mom and sister were staying together; it was not ideal situation for conspirators. A few families were approaching to inquire about my marriage as well. To change this they killed my mom (I will deal it separately in detail). She had to go also because she could not be bought using either stick or carrot.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->Around mom's death father was posted in Aurangabad. After moms death  sister was moved to live with uncle and family whose home was located around 500 meters from place sister and mom were staying. Move happened in 2003. Sister was preparing for BPSC-Bihar state public commission's competition. One need to clear the exams and interview to get government job in state of Bihar as administrative officer. Sister was staying in back portion of the home which was like pseudo separate unit. I used to call about once in a week to India at land-line number of uncle at their Patna home. Someone or the other person used to pick up the phone (like uncle – R. P Sinha, Aunt, Cousin (Bharat Bhushan), bhabhi (cousin's wife) etc) whenever I used to ask that I also wanted to talk to sister. They had same reply that she was sleeping. I always used to be little uncomfortable with the answer. She was laborious student, but didn't suspect any foil play. Even after sister got married, she had insisted that her study material and notes should be preserved as she was planning to continue the preparation even after marriage. Because of multiple reasons she was not able to continue her preparation after marriage (after 2005). But I got chance to see (I think in 2008) her study material and notes she did prepare when I returned to India, it was huge inventory of books, magazine that was underlined to reflect that enormous amount of study was done by her. Also, She had prepared huge amount of hand written notes in numerous notebooks. Why this is significant? It meant she didn't always slept when I called those days to Patna home from USA. Also point to note is father was not posted in Patna when this happened. So WHY THESE RELATIVES LIED? 
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->I did mention two things that you should keep in mind. They were trying to prevent my sister getting married and they had to get me married. My uncle did suggest in one phone conversation (remember this is after mom's death) that I should relocate to India to help finding marriage prospect of sister. This was big disappointment for me from uncle's family and a shocker. Father did help building uncle's home and was instrumental in their first daughter's (my cousin's) marriage. Also helped uncle (Prof R P Sinha) financially in, getting at least his two daughters marriage. I was not very well connected even socially at home. My uncle, his son and father were well connected socially. I was finding strange that if these three guys were really working how fixing marriage could have taken so long as well. I did remember this phone call for sure but couldnt co-relate anything at that time.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->Now even in NJ Shaleen started saying to move me to India and help in my sister marriage search. Jest of the matter was everyone at that time wanted me to move to India.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->In later years I learned sister was living in socially boycotted condition in home during those days. Father was not living in Patna. EACH TIME I TRIED TO TALK TO HER AS I MENTIONED EXCUSE WAS GIVEN. Also, she was not frank or open to father. She was not given chance to talk to me about what was going with her. My cousin's wife was chosen as person to mentally torture her verbally. When I asked sister what exactly happened between her and cousin’s wife. She only replied,”she is such an evil woman having beautiful face and rotten mind”.After repeating request to elaborate sister became tense. She was reluctant to talk because of family.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->If you sum these events sister was  being frustrated by conspiring to not get her married, even after hard work not let her clear the BPSC exam. Its entirely possible IB did conspire against her not being successful in BPSC. Even you discount this fact, it was kind of conspiracy to pushing sister towards suicide.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->When events happened in 2005, I did mention to Dr Sugiti (in New Jersey, USA) that delay in sister's marriage might be a conspiracy. In same week sister marriage was fixed with help of Sri Dhuresh Prasad. May be coincidence may be not. Right? If you continue reading this document there will be lot of such events which will feel like this. How is it possible that all these co-incidences happened with just one person in such a small amount of time.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->Well, I was talking about my marriage conspiracy. Sister story was important because I wanted first sister to get married. Now I would return on my marriage conspiracy.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->I was workalcholic guy when was working for Apogee Networks (later renamed as Evident Software) as I mentioned I had few friends if you discounted colleagues. After mom's death I decided to change it. I joined NJDESIS yahoo group (later NJNYDESIS). This group was platform for immigrant Indians to share, laugh and meet. Became active member and if you go back and see the archive of NJNYDESIS group, I was one of major contributor to the group and because of original posts was popular as well. My initial posts in njnydesis group bear name apka sevak (apka_sevak) and later one anjan bhushan (anjan_bhushan).
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->In 2004, I made a female friend outside NJNYDESIS group. We used to hang out and share good time. One day, I did give her time to meet over phone. Immediately after that one of my manager Reji Baby, came on yahoo chat (we had yahoo chat as official means of communication as we were startup) and gave me more assignment to complete in that evening only. He provided reason why it was urgent. I was not convinced with the reason. I replied would do next day. He gave some stupid reason then I rudely replied I have to go for date. Then he started showing light mood and started asking about the girl.Next day when I was working in test lab, he came on some pretext and asked how was the date. I smiled then he asked “are you serious or it is just for fun?”. I replied “I am serious I don't yet know about her”
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->A few days later the girl narrated me how was she had became victim of a Nigerian scam. She did post an item for sale on website. A guy bought it and told he was from Nigeria. She didn't know about Nigerian scam at that time. Didn't suspect anything. The guy offered to send her a bankers check of value 5k usd + price of the item. He said he needed to send 5k to someone else in USA. He gave reason and she fell for it, thinking she is helping him. She received the bankers check and sent camera to the guy and rest of the amount (5k) to the person the guy asked her to do. The bankers check bounced after 15 days and bank authority was grilling her as she was partner in crime. I felt sorry for her and was trying to help. I advised her to report it to FBI. In evening, I did send FBI local office address to central printer in office. Before I could have gone to collect it from printer, Dan Zeck engineering manager came to me with printout and asked why I need FBI. I explained it to him and he said he had friends in FBI. I passed the girl, Dan's mobile number and asked her to talk to Dan.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->My friendship with girl lasted for few more days and she stopped talking to me or taking my calls and started avoiding me. Only thing that explains her behavior now is, they approached her but she didn't agree to marry me to kill me. She could have not told me as I was bugged by all means. You will believe this assumption after you read by first marriage story. That girl did me a favor actually by breaking the contact.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->I was feeling low after “breakup” and  looking for solace. I also wanted to take kind of revenge of my “breakup” I approached Rajani Kurukkal. She was a friend whom I met via NJNYDESIS group. We started hanging out. I used to visit her place and watch movies go to cinema, eat and drink together. When she said she was looking to move out and live somewhere close to New York (in NJ itself) I offered her to move with me. She was having difficulty finding a place near ney york in her budget. I said, I wouldn't sound like doing favor to you, “I am alone and don't cook. So just  pay me 200$ per month and any way you will cook for yourself why not also cook for me. I will help you in cooking as well.” Bottom line is she moved with me. Within first month because of reasons I won't like to talk to save her dignity, I asked her to vacate the apartment on very short notice. I had guilty feeling for this (short notice). Later she was used inside  Muhlenberg hospital. Read story.

My complete story - part 1


-          They act via connection, anyone connected in anyway is utilized
        When you think of intelligence agency of your country you think about an organization that help to protect you country. You might have certainly heard that in interest of a country they sometime organize some criminal activity on foreign soil. Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has been blamed by India many times that they have helped and co-ordinated many terrorist attack inside India. Although, these activities would not be liked by India, one can say ISI is helping their own cause.
        But Can you imagine intelligence agencies mainly CIA of USA and Intelligence Beaureu of India act together to kill people to acquire ill gotten wealth. I am victim of such crime by aforesaid organizations. For some unavoidable reason they made me owner of a few billion dollars which I don't know how. They are trying to get me married to girl of their choice and kill me  and my close family which they thought can't be intimidated or bought,(even my brother is being used by them)so that my wife can help them in getting the wealth they want. They have already killed my mom and one of my maternal uncle. You won't believe the story because its shows these intelligence agencies have a MAFIA character. They are very powerful. All government resources are at their hand. They can influence an individual and company/organization in their respective country. They can threaten people to work for them and reward them if they do what they ask them to do. Refusing their pressure is not a choice for an individual.
I am Anjan Bhushan, currently I live at 292/c, Road number 1, Ashok Nagar, Ranchi,Jharkhand,India,834002.I am victim of a very big conspiracy by intelligence agencies of mainly USA and India. However its possible that some friendly country of USA may be helping as well. Conspiracy is running at least since 2003 but most likely September 2002. They had two ways to achieve which they want, get me married to girl of their choice and kill me or second one is alternatively kill me in USA. From sequence of event and such a large modus-operandi, CIA is prime suspect. Because they want to get me married and kill me or kill me in USA, there is only one possibility that I have some very big asset which I don’t know. They need “my” wife to sign the documents. How they can manage to have my wife of their choice. It seems crazy idea. First time I got smell of the conspiracy in 2005. I have solid evidences and sequence of events where my friends and relative are being used, most likely by carrot and stick methodology by these conspirators. You will have a lot of questions, I request you to read complete document with patience before drawing any prejudice and conclusion. All my communication is bugged. My home, computer, mobile,car, phone line everything is bugged. Any person that knows me in my circle they reached to the person via common friends, anyone who is in my phone contacts, email contacts, facebook contacts etc they reached to the person. Why would they do that? Most likely so that I don’t get support system and also possibly when it would come in light(after my death) that anjan bhushan had huge asset/property/money nobody would question it. They did using carrot and stick approach. It was also needed to fix my marriage. You would ask if I have huge asset how do I not know it? Right? Its valid question I have not earned it for sure. But there was some necessity in their conspiracy that needed my name. Now they would like to transfer it in name of their choice by my wife’s signature after my death or murder. Besides carrot to my acquaintances they did financial harm to me so that I am dependent and deprived of financial support as well. Where ever I go they follow me, from experience I am sure I am under constant vigilance of camera and voice recording devices. Whatever I speak in my home, car or a known friend’s house they hear it. You would ask me who did tell me. A few people did hint a few stuff, but learned mostly by correlating sequence of events. Persons they identified as not possible to bug were my mom, father and sister. So for them the only option they had to kill them. They did already kill my mom in 2003 in a big conspiracy. They did provide hurdle in sister marriage from 2003-2005. When I first time started suspicion about sister marriage hurdle being unnatural. They let marry my sister via an uncle (bugged) so that we don’t get any support system. First time I had taken cognizance of the matter in 2005 based on evidences and sequence of events. I did post the material of 2005 and 2006,2007 events on First you should read those, it would help you to smell a big conspiracy. This document would help me to jot down more events that are relevant and some more dimension of the conspiracy. Today only people who talks to me or my father are bugged. If I ever reach a new guy by email they try to bug that as well. It has happened many times when a guy had offered to buy my domain name and even when I responded in my eagerness to do so the guy didn’t reply. One thing I want to make sure, many people has been used by conspirators some of whom worked whole heartily for them, some taking as no choice. I don’t want any legal actions against them; I call them “avatars”. Legal actions should be taken against chief of American Intelligence agency and Indian Intelligence agency; they are prime agency monitoring and co-ordinating the whole thing behind the scene. Because of them police, court or any other organization all worked for them. Now some dimensions of the conspiracy.