Monday, January 28, 2013

I don’t have mental illness, here is why!

“One of the days Pandya my social worker asked me to sign paper that I had Bipolar Disorder. He also said it will help me getting out of hospital. I signed the paper.A few days after that he again came with a bunch of paper and this time asked me to sign on Schizophrenia. I replied I would sign on each individual page. Then Pandya said he would be in trouble in that case.”

Questions to be asked

1. If I had Schizophrenia why I was let go of the hospital, while accepting only first offer that was  Bipolar Disorder.? Answer is my hospitalization was not genuine, when I said I would keep mum, I was let go of the hospital.

2. Why was my offer that I would sign on all pages of Schizophrenia offer letter would have put Pandya in problem?

  • I had no prior psychiatry related issues before first hospitalization in July 2005. I did sign accepting offer of Bipolar Disorder in lieu of discharge. My age was more than 30 years. As per “It (Bipolar Disorder) usually starts between ages 15 – 25”
  • Even in my second hospitalization (forced hospitalization in USA by cops in 2006) I was “treated” for Bipolar Disorder and I was let go from the hospital when I said I would keep mum. Also cause of my second hospitalization as told by fellow patient Bill was “You was quarantined as you was spreading Bird Flu." (
  • Even in my third hospitalization (first in India, by father, brother and maternal uncle in 2006 after I at Vimhans New Delhi) I was “treated” for Bipolar Disorder.
  • After incidents of 2007, I was admitted to Vimhans and they changed the diagnosis to Schizoaffective Disorder.
  • After incidents of 2008 and my hospitalization in Vimhans and subsequently in Hope Foundation, my diagnosis was changed to Paranoid Schizophrenia.
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