Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Transcription of visit at psychiatrist in Jan 2012

One dimension of conspiracy is abuse of psychiatrist facilities and doctors in USA as well as India by conspirators [Read CIA and IB]. I have already posted about my hospitalization in 2006 (Hospitalization by corrupt cops in NJ, Events and interactions at Carrier Clinic) and 2005 (Return to NJ and hospitalization, Inside Muhlenberg Hospital). In last quarter of 2011, Dr. B. P. Sinha became my new psychiatrist at Ranchi, First he used to talk to father one-to-one then to me one-to-one. In earlier two sessions he hadn’t talked anything related to symptoms etc. So, I decided to record conversation on third visit on 2nd of Jan, 2012.Listen it (AMR format or MP3 format), if you understand Hindi or read it here. During the whole conversation do you see anything remotely a conversation between Doctor and Patient, where patient doesn’t believe that he has mental illness. During whole conversation did you find doctor talks about any of the symptom and convince me that I have mental illness. On the contrary he is talking about government help if I start my business etc. Nowadays (as he knows now, that I may record conversation), he doesn’t talk one-to-one! with me.

Read the transcription in English in PDF format or Docx format. You may download the audio in mp3 format or AMR format. Alternatively, download all 4 files in the folder.

You may download the whole folder by clicking here.