Thursday, August 2, 2012

My complete story - part 1


-          They act via connection, anyone connected in anyway is utilized
        When you think of intelligence agency of your country you think about an organization that help to protect you country. You might have certainly heard that in interest of a country they sometime organize some criminal activity on foreign soil. Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has been blamed by India many times that they have helped and co-ordinated many terrorist attack inside India. Although, these activities would not be liked by India, one can say ISI is helping their own cause.
        But Can you imagine intelligence agencies mainly CIA of USA and Intelligence Beaureu of India act together to kill people to acquire ill gotten wealth. I am victim of such crime by aforesaid organizations. For some unavoidable reason they made me owner of a few billion dollars which I don't know how. They are trying to get me married to girl of their choice and kill me  and my close family which they thought can't be intimidated or bought,(even my brother is being used by them)so that my wife can help them in getting the wealth they want. They have already killed my mom and one of my maternal uncle. You won't believe the story because its shows these intelligence agencies have a MAFIA character. They are very powerful. All government resources are at their hand. They can influence an individual and company/organization in their respective country. They can threaten people to work for them and reward them if they do what they ask them to do. Refusing their pressure is not a choice for an individual.
I am Anjan Bhushan, currently I live at 292/c, Road number 1, Ashok Nagar, Ranchi,Jharkhand,India,834002.I am victim of a very big conspiracy by intelligence agencies of mainly USA and India. However its possible that some friendly country of USA may be helping as well. Conspiracy is running at least since 2003 but most likely September 2002. They had two ways to achieve which they want, get me married to girl of their choice and kill me or second one is alternatively kill me in USA. From sequence of event and such a large modus-operandi, CIA is prime suspect. Because they want to get me married and kill me or kill me in USA, there is only one possibility that I have some very big asset which I don’t know. They need “my” wife to sign the documents. How they can manage to have my wife of their choice. It seems crazy idea. First time I got smell of the conspiracy in 2005. I have solid evidences and sequence of events where my friends and relative are being used, most likely by carrot and stick methodology by these conspirators. You will have a lot of questions, I request you to read complete document with patience before drawing any prejudice and conclusion. All my communication is bugged. My home, computer, mobile,car, phone line everything is bugged. Any person that knows me in my circle they reached to the person via common friends, anyone who is in my phone contacts, email contacts, facebook contacts etc they reached to the person. Why would they do that? Most likely so that I don’t get support system and also possibly when it would come in light(after my death) that anjan bhushan had huge asset/property/money nobody would question it. They did using carrot and stick approach. It was also needed to fix my marriage. You would ask if I have huge asset how do I not know it? Right? Its valid question I have not earned it for sure. But there was some necessity in their conspiracy that needed my name. Now they would like to transfer it in name of their choice by my wife’s signature after my death or murder. Besides carrot to my acquaintances they did financial harm to me so that I am dependent and deprived of financial support as well. Where ever I go they follow me, from experience I am sure I am under constant vigilance of camera and voice recording devices. Whatever I speak in my home, car or a known friend’s house they hear it. You would ask me who did tell me. A few people did hint a few stuff, but learned mostly by correlating sequence of events. Persons they identified as not possible to bug were my mom, father and sister. So for them the only option they had to kill them. They did already kill my mom in 2003 in a big conspiracy. They did provide hurdle in sister marriage from 2003-2005. When I first time started suspicion about sister marriage hurdle being unnatural. They let marry my sister via an uncle (bugged) so that we don’t get any support system. First time I had taken cognizance of the matter in 2005 based on evidences and sequence of events. I did post the material of 2005 and 2006,2007 events on First you should read those, it would help you to smell a big conspiracy. This document would help me to jot down more events that are relevant and some more dimension of the conspiracy. Today only people who talks to me or my father are bugged. If I ever reach a new guy by email they try to bug that as well. It has happened many times when a guy had offered to buy my domain name and even when I responded in my eagerness to do so the guy didn’t reply. One thing I want to make sure, many people has been used by conspirators some of whom worked whole heartily for them, some taking as no choice. I don’t want any legal actions against them; I call them “avatars”. Legal actions should be taken against chief of American Intelligence agency and Indian Intelligence agency; they are prime agency monitoring and co-ordinating the whole thing behind the scene. Because of them police, court or any other organization all worked for them. Now some dimensions of the conspiracy.