Friday, August 3, 2012

My Complete Story Part - 3

It’s all about getting me married with girl of their choice - part 2

If you read the story till end, its very likely that Rajani was the girl who agreed to work for their cause. Cause to marry me and help them. There could have no other reason why she was used inside muhlenberg hospital. However, it was difficult to comprehend it at that time.

-          Also, if you read the story just before my being in hospital. Prasanna Jayaplan came with kind of marriage proposal with a divorcee woman named Sucheta. You can co-relate that he was talking about Rajani Kurukkal. As phone number that Prasanna provided did match with the phone number Rajani't friend had.

-          After I asked Rajani to leave my apartment, I was still socializing and active in NJNYDESIS group. CIA wanted me out of the group, as first, It meant a lot of people knowing me. Second, it was making their life difficult to control the supply of girl of their choice as available girl. They did a conspiracy to take me out of the group. They launched a co-ordinated attack to take me out in group. THE POSTS WERE TIMED. This was first time I smelled that someone is against me. But my initial suspect was someone from group. I thought group owner Raj Walia was doing that. As, he made two moderators without asking anyone in group. In response, I created a document exposing Raj's financial irregularity in couple of group events citing public posts and co-relating it. I did expect that after that people in group would belive that Raj is wrong kind of person. But surprisingly first person in response of my post was Alok Sharma advising Raj to not to respond. He was the person who was also advising me on privately. He became my suspect as co-ordinating the attack in the Yahoo group. Reena Varghese  was also a person attacking me. There were evidences to believe that Rachna Sharma (wife of Alok Sharma) was ghost writing her posts and email. I have dealt that in post

 Reena was a weak link and and having soft corner for me. She was instructed to not talk to me and just say “hi” when we meet.

-          A lot of thing happened after my first hospitalization. I have written about some of them in my earlier posts on this blog. After my forced second hospitalization by cops. I did move to India in 2006 July.While leaving USA I had a notion that they want me to marry someone but theory didn't have enough data for conviction. Then I had “social stigma” of being schizophrenic. I will deal with my health related aspect of the conspiracy later.
-          By 2007, I was sure that there was a conspiracy against me in USA I was not sure about India incidents. But thought, conspirators did achieve what they wanted to achieve by then. And they don't need me.
-          In 2007, Mr Raghubir Prasad (father's friend) sent marriage proposal of her daughter Manjusha. It was strange because he did know about my so called “illness”. Which father would want to marry his daughter to a schizophrenic? Right?My father took it as goodwill. Not only that girl was more than 11 years younger to me. Fortunately, I rejected the proposal because of big age difference. In 2010 Manjusha got married to my brother Ranjan Bhushan. (what the hell they wanted to marry either me or second choice my brother. I will skip this to keep the story on track)
-          In 2008, Again marriage proposal came via Raghubir Prasad. This time it was for Deepshikha. She was relative of his friend. Incidentally, a direct marriage proposal did come of elder sister of Deepshikha (Vinita) way back in 2002-2003 when I was in USA. That time we were looking to first, my sister get married. Deepshikha was 9 years younger than me. Initially, I was not in favor of it because of big age difference. My father convinced me that girls of my age already got married so I have to choose among what were available. Point to remember is, at that time father was convinced that I have schizophrenia.What else could he had done besides trusting his other son Ranjan Bhushan (my brother – he was compromised since 2003) and doctors and all other relatives. I knew I don't have it but had no choice to keep mum and co-operate. I also didn't suspect at that time that they (CIA and IB) had also approached my brother Ranjan Bhushan and he was compromised as well. He  always had alternative explanation of incidents creating doubt in my mind. I was not always convinced but didn't suspect his motive. I was taking medication as well. The theory I had there was a conspiracy in USA, I was not sure about Indian part.
-          Father asked me that we should not tell the girl's family about my “mental illness” before marriage. I was not favor of it, he did explain I was like any “normal” person and I could have told her after marriage.
-          I “phone dated” Deepshikha before marriage. Even she and her family did hide a fact that she was already engaged to a guy previously. And after 8 months after engagement marriage was broken.
-          I am non-beliver in God. When she suggested Vaishno Devi as honeymoon destination I was like why would I want my honeymoon to be a religious place. She explained she did visit Vaishno Devi before with her parents. And promised the goddess Vaishno Devi to visit again after marriage. I didn't have answer for that and I agreed with her,Vaishno Devi as honeymoon destination.
-          During honeymoon by chance I started checking SMSes on her mobile phone. There was a message from one guy(forgot the name, say A) in Hindi in Roman Script.Message was like “couldn't locate scientist, MISS YOU”.Date of message was not much before our marriage was fixed. I inquired who is this guy A and who is scientist. She disclosed that her marriage was earlier fixed with the guy mentioned scientist in sms (he was a professor) and guy A was mediator. She also replied marriage proposal was called off by the guy after more than 6 months of engagement.
-          Story she told was guy was out of country and engagement happened with photograph of the guy. Deepshikha and the guy talked, exchanged mails, sms and video chatted for 6-8 months. When guy returned to India and met her personally he said Deepshikha was not as beautiful as her picture suggested. And he broke off the marriage.
-          Later when things became worse in our marriage I had chance to look into some of her old communication with the guy. It was clear marriage was not called off because of her look. Guy has video chatted her many times so he was aware of whom he  was getting as wife.I also interacted the guy (but remember they all were reached by CIA and IB agents before me) he gave her height as reason of marriage being called off.This story is important why to understand why the girl was chosen by them to marry me. She and her family was desperate for marriage. Also, a big financial incentive in lieu of marriage was like add on gift for them. So they became party in crime.
-          Marriage did happen in Patna on 20th April 2008. She told me her desire to not have baby for 1 year. At that time I didn't suspect it and even I wanted some fun before we could have decided for baby.
-          She was also doing her diploma in dietician course from Jamia Hamdard University. After Honeymoon, around 30th of April 2008 I was asked to leave Ismart Panache (had joined them in december 2006) because of financial position of the project. Ismart offered to help me while I find next job.I joined Landis+gyr in June. May was like extended honeymoon for us at home. She did hire a maid to help her in household chores. Her sister and brother-in-law was around 1 km from our residence.(we were living in Gurgaon). We used to visit them often and they used to visit us as well. Landis+gyr office was in Noida. That time It  used to be long commute from Gurgaon to Noida of more than 50 km. I used to drop Deepshikha to her college on the way. One day she told she would return home by 2.00 pm.
-          I don't remember why, but issue was urgent, and I did call her around 2.30-2:45 pm that day on mobile, call didn't go through. Then I called her multiple times on landline number. No body picked up the phone. When in evening I asked what time she returned home she replied around 2.00 pm. I didn't say anything to her but decided I need to watch her more closely.
-          A few days later, she asked me to give 1000 rupeess (20 USD) so that she can put that in her bank account. Her bank was close to her college. 1000 rupees was not big money, I was surprised why she would want that to put in her bank account when it is already in my bank account. I didn't question and gave her the money she asked. In evening she told money was stolen by someone in class from  her purse. I did ask her how that could have happen. Basically, she was testing if I trust her.
-          These things made me uneasy as she already had a broken marriage proposal. I checked her diary. 6 email accounts and password was written on a page. I did check all of them and found two suspicious activities.
-              She had created a matrimonial profile after marriage and a password protected credit card statement from CITIBANK. Since statement was password protected I couldn't verify name on statement.
-          After few days she said she wanted to go to her mother's home, I didn't agree as it was hardly a month after marriage. Her mother also called my father about that. Father also told  her mom that because of customary reason she couldn't visit her home. (I think it was because her grandfather did expire in same year as marriage but I may be wrong).
-          Later, she said, she wanted to remove service of maid, I asked why she said she would do household chores as well. It was shocker for me as she did hire maid herself. It would have been more demanding for her to do college and household chores, for this reason it was baffling for me. Also, I knew she didn't like to do household chores (washing utensils, cleaning floors).  
-          Since so many things I observed about her I started suspecting her fidelity initially. At the same time CITIBANK credit card statement raised the doubt what if my initial theory was correct that they (CIA and IB) wanted me to get married with girl of their choice (At that time I thought it is work of some mafia).
-          I also found a Mills and Boons series book. When I asked about it, she became uneasy. I knew teens and young girls read Mills and Boons series book. But it was a surprise for me because her English was very weak, at least not at the level to read English fiction. She replied, when she purchased a magazine (it was magazine related to home making) the book seller gave the Mills and Boons series free with that. THAT WAS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE ANSWER. Because price of the magazine was less than price of Mills and Boons series book. When I pointed this fact to her she carelessly replied, what she could have done when the shop-keeper gifted it to her. I asked, where she bought the magazine. She told name of nearby magazine store. I got paranoid and went to the shop and inquired if I could buy a Mills and Boons series book. The shopkeeper replied they didn't sell Mills and Boons series books.
-          The only local male member besides her brother was her brother-in-law that I did know. Since she had lied about where about one of days I mentioned when I called on home number (I have already mentioned it earlier).Also, at that time her sister went to her mother's home with kids and his brother-in-law was alone in his apartment. I suspected that she was involved with her brother-in-law. One day while returning from office I went to the apartment her sister and brother-in-law lived in. I introduced myself to the gatekeeper of the apartment and shown pictures of my wife. He recognized her; I asked him if she was visiting Anand (his brother-in-law) in afternoon. He replied that she had not visited Anand that week but week before she used to visit Anand on daily basis. I further asked if she used to come alone or with Anand. He replied sometime alone sometime with Anand. When asked about timing, he replied they used to come around 2.00 pm and she used to leave around 4.0 to 5.00 pm.
-          It was enough; I returned home and confronted my wife. I asked why she had to hide her visit to Anand's place. She became nervous and said she did just visit one day to gave him cooked food. When I asked that even it was for one day why did she hide from me.She contradicted and immediately said no she didn't visit him at all. It made me mad. I raised all issues one by one which I have mentioned here, she had contradictory reply for all of them. We verbally fought for two days. When she said “what is the proof?”, I was mad. I wanted explanation of contradictory statements and she was asking for proof. Also the possible angle (at that time I was not 100% sure) of she being girl of choice of Mafia (remember at that time I didn't know it is crime by intelligence agencies) made me very nervous. I perceived it as a possible threat to my life (which actually it was). I asked her to call his brother who was living in Faridabad and leave the flat immediately. She did refuse for a while after I issued some threat she left.
-          After she left, I realized that mafia (CIA) didn't achieve they wanted, As all my contacts were bugged in USA it should have been bugged in India (otherwise they can't achieve ir).Mom's death conspiracy (murder – will deal later) was enough to believe closed relatives were compromised. I wanted to find complete conspiracy angle and thought only way was to run away (I knew by time they are powerful) and change identity till I understand it completely.
-          I did try to bluff them and run away to Roorkee. Stayed in a hotel in Roorkee.Activities in hotel was enough indicator that I didn't succeed. How could one run away from IB in India when you are prime target. So with no choice I called my father he asked me not to leave hotel. He came with Cousin Bharat Bhushan. I hadn't slept for 2 days because of issue with wife and running away to Roorkee. I was again forcefully admitted to Vimhans hospital.
-          From July, 2008 to April 2009 they(CIA and IB) did torture me and father via wife, police and court. When they got convinced that I have accepted the conspiracy as mental illness (I developed the belief that in USA for sure there was a conspiracy, in India things became vague) . They let the divorce happen. They wanted to get me married again as quickly as possible. Fortunately an incident happen and when I co-related everything from July 2008 and April 2011 it became clear that, it is CIA and IB with other state actors. Actually, incidents in that duration gave so many data points that now it is a solid conspiracy theory. I will deal everything from July 2008 and April 2011 separately. It is this story which will make you believe that conspirators are state actors not mafia. But first let's look into Financial aspect of it. Because money trail is most important.