Monday, October 1, 2012

My complete story part - 5

Moms Death : Was it natural

-          Apogee network adieu letter jan 17 2003
-          Dan zeck welcoming back anjan  - june 10,2003
I was layed off,  of Apogee Networks on Jan 17,2003 with a few other employees. Balaji Pitchaikani (VP of Engineering at Apogee Networks) offered me a position at Apogee India after layoff was announced. I politely refused it. I replied first I would like to search for other opportunity in USA.
-          After layoff I tried finding job in USA. Market was bad but not sure if they (CIA and IB)were catalyst or market was really that bad I didn’t get a job. At one place in NJ I was selected as Solaris Administrator over phone but later they didn’t pursue it. After a few weeks. Shaleen offered to write software for his problem in Medical Transcription business and proposed to pay me. I agreed as I was looking for some engagement besides job hunt. I offered him my services when I would finish the software I would ask for money. I started going to Shaleen’s office daily and work on software besides applying for jobs. A few months passed and I was still unemployed. Before accepting Apogee Networks assignment at Bangalore, India, I decided to first try for big services company in India like Wipro and TCS. In beginning on June I received offer from Apogee Networks to work for them again in USA office. I accepted the offer and Dan Zeck did send a welcome mail in engineering on 10th June 2003.
-          While I was unemployed, in a family party at Dr Sugiti Sinha and Sri Upendra Prasad sinha place (in NJ). My bua (father’s cousin sister) Mrs Saroj met and asked me if I can write software for them. She also added that she had recently returned from India and met my mom. She informed my mother was in bad health and wouldn’t last for long.
-          I don’t remember the exact date but was around 15th August 2003. I called back home in India. (sister was staying with mom while father used to visit them often).Sister picked up the phone and immediately phone was taken by cousin Bharat Bhushan. He informed mom was very sick and he is waiting father to come so that they could go to hospital. That was weird thing. Father has gone to Aurangabad to take charge on new assignment. I asked if she was ill why not you take her to hospital. He replied something which I don’t remember anymore.
-          I called my younger brother Ranjan Bhushan, and asked if he got the news that mom was seriously ill. He confirmed in affirmative. I did ring few more time to Patna and inquired if father has reached. He didn’t. I also tried calling father on mobile phone, call  didn’t go through. While it was morning in India I called brother Ranjan Bhushan and asked to go Patna via flight, he replied he was going via flight.
-          Finally, father did arrive at Patna and he called me to tell mom was dead. He informed no male member was there at the time of her death. At the time of her death my two aunts and my sister was there. Bharat Bhushan was first male member to reach home. My mom died immediately after eating. First she vomited and then died. Dr Shivendra came and declared her dead because of heart attack.
-          Now, my immediate problem was to get an air ticket. Point to note here is if Bharat Bhushan would have informed me earlier, I could have started arranging air-ticket early. I went to oak-tree road in NJ and asked few agents for tickets. It didn’t work out. I had talk with, Reji Baby (one of my manager) ,he asked the same question if I had got air-ticket. I replied in negative. He asked if I would be coming to office. I replied in positive, as I had to collect some paper for VISA purpose from office.
-          When I reached office, Reji informed that he knew a travel agent which had helped him in past. I gave my consent and he did talk to the travel agent. Subsequently, I did visit the travel agent. My requirement was trip to India as soon as possible and return trip on first possible date after 10 days or so. Travel agent gave me ticket where return journey was more than 15 days after reaching India.
-          In evening when I went to board the flight I learnt that Prasanna whose marriage was fixed earlier was going by same flight. It was a surprise for me but couldn’t see anything further.
-          When I reached Patna, mom was cremated already. One of my maternal uncle Sunil Kumar came to visit one day and he told why/how come mom body was slightly blue? I thought Sunil kumar was trying to show more closeness with mom since at some stage mom started hating him.
-          While I was in India itself, Sunil Kumar was killed in a road accident.
-          After 10 days or so, I tried calling Apogee India number from father’s phone it didn’t go through. So, decided to go to nearby STD phone booth (pay phone booth). As soon as I reached there my cousin came there almost running. I did notice it as it was awkward thing to do. He stayed there till I talked to office administrator at Apogee India. After that he left.
-          In phone call, I had shown desire to work From Apogee India till I go back to NJ (Ticket had given hell lot of gap).She arranged my ticket from Patna to Bangalore and Bangalore to Mumbai, where I was supposed to catch return flight.
-          When I reached Mumbai for return flight, learned that Prasanna was returning by same flight after his marriage with her wife.
-          What co-incidence was that? Prasanna’s plan was made at least a few week before coincided my travel plan which was planned in no time.
-          Also, kumar siddharth did visit India before mom’s death on pretext of marriage invitation for his marriage. And his marriage was scheduled on 14th/15th August 2003.
-          Do you see here a lot of co-incidence and possible co-ordination? What’s the possibility that Sunil kumar didn’t die but was killed as well?
-          While I was in Apogee India I learned company name was changed to Evident Software and proposed name was suggested by John Clark
-          Also, because Sunil Kumar was possibly murdered,in Initial plan they have not included so many people. But Kumar Siddharth, Bharat Bhushan and Family and Prasanna were involved since beginning.When I started spreading it in 2005, all my relatives and past contacts were reached. Why this change in plan happened I have no idea yet.
-          Also, since brother Ranjan Bhushan even after knowing mom was dead didn’t tell me when I called him to know what was going on, possibly he was compromised at that time as well. Also, he started getting a lot of job call around mom’s death although he was preparing for more than 2 years may be a co-incidence may be part of the conspiracy

Added Later  (December 7, 2013)
- Tickets Scan, Note My start date from Newark (EWR) is on 15th August 2003 and Return Date from BOM (Mumbai) is 12th September, 2003. Prasanna came India for his marriage and his plan was planned at least few week before. And his date of travel from EWR-BOM and returning flight from BOM-EWR, coincided. Doesn't it seems whole thing was co-ordinated before hand. They wanted to know if, I had any suspicion in my mind so they co-ordinated Prasanna journey with my journey.
- Ticket scan - I went from Patna to Bangalore on 1st September after last-rite of mom. And joined India office of Apogee Networks( Evident Software) in Bangalore till 12th of September. When I gave requirement for my tickets as soon as to India from USA and after 10 days or so from India to USA. Do you think its just a coincidence ticket was booked for 12 Sep. There is no reason to believe that all flights from September 1 to September 12 were already booked.