Monday, October 1, 2012

My complete story part - 7

How I got the idea that everything happening around me was coordinated

-          On 26th Feb 2011, I moved out of Bangalore for Hatia from train. Father was living with Raghubir Prasad and building house in Ashok Nagar Ranchi. I stayed with him.
-          In April 2011, I had some success with catching domains and was trying to build buyers channel for catched domain names.I created a “secret” facebook group DIC (domain investor club) . I contacted a few people via email to join this group. I also contacted Jeffrey Behrendt, inforum owner. He replied “Hi Anjan,

I'm not a member of Facebook, but I'm very interested in dropping .in
domains. How do you work this service?

Jeff Behrendt”
-          Before his reply someone named Jeff sent me a message on Facebook.” Hi Anjan - it's Jeff from INforum - please add me to your group.”
-          It meant my computer was compromised. I asked Jeff “Jeff,
>  Can you confirm your mail id is not compromised, in that case I need to
> worry.The user has deleted his profile but message is in my still my
> facebook inbox
> "Hi Anjan - it's Jeff from INforum - please add me to your group.
> Thanks!
> Jeff"”
-          Then Jeff said he had sent the message and his profile is public .
“Hi Anjan,

I did send that message.

Very strange - my profile is publicly viewable:

-           That was the not the id message had came from. It was for sure my account/computer was bugged but at that time. I didn’t made it an issue after Jeff said about the message.
-          I was also trying to make Madhuri (Raghubir Prasad’s younger daughter, who was staying in Ranchi at that time) write for me on one of the blog. Initially she said yes then refused to write. Then I contacted Mahalaxmi, an MBA renter of Raghubir Prasad and shown her the work. She agreed to write for me. I configured her laptop so that it could have connected with wireless broadband network. I also installed team viewer in listening mode on her laptop. Madhuri came one day to me and said I should disconnect Mahalaxmi as she is not working but viewing youtube etc. In front of Madhuri I connected Mahalaxmi’s laptop by team viwer and found she was working on assignment. Madhuri couldn’t explain it as she was lying. That was not the first time I found Madhuri trying to meddle in my work and disrupt it. Previously, she tried to brainwash father that what I was doing was against my mental health. When I connected this issue with what had happened with Jeff, it was clear my computers was still buged and these guys didn’t want me to work on blogs and website. IT MEANT CONSPIRATORS WERE STILL FOLLOWING ME. And if Raghubir Prasad daughter was involved why everyone whom I mentioned in previous section  were not involved?
-          I decided its enough I need a new laptop for security and privacy. I went to HP store and bought a netbook (no dvd or cd drive). As soon as I reached shop Kum Kum didi called , I gave phone  to Papa. When shopkeeper was negotiating the price the laptop a call came. Then he started saying he would want to send laptop in workshop so that MS Office can be installed on that. I refused (later found MS office was already installed by HP on that laptop).They coordinate and move so fast. A mafia can’t do that. He then set No administrator password for the laptop. I brought it home (raghubir prasad’s home), and decided when I would visit Ashok Nagar under construction site I would configure it. I asked Papa to give me a briefcase in which I can keep the laptop in night. One briefcase didn’t had keys. He went with Raghubir Prasad and made 2 keys for the briefcase.I left laptop in briefcase at night.
-          DSL modem had configuration that only allowed devices to connect whose MAC id was registered  In morning when I checked that registration page on DSL found one more device was added in night. Surprisingly it was New HP laptop’s mac address. Now how would you explain? Unless Madhuri has done how that could happen. It also meant she has touched the laptop at night even though it was in briefcase. Also, power chord of laptop was missing.
-          It was enough, I told my father I won’t stay with Raghubir Prasad’s family and I would go to hotel. Father said power chord might have been misplaced in Ashok Nagar. We cheched it is Ashok Nagar it was not there. So father agreed to live in Hotel and we moved to Sabera hotel in Kadru(Ranchi itself) .Work also started that so that we could move into Ashok Nagar House while construction was still going on.
-          Now do you have any question about events I have mentioned from April 2008 to April 2011 was not coordinated? These events changed my perception that events in India were vague. Now I had full confidence that event in USA and India was co-ordinated. And involvement of state agencies as court police everything was bugged and used.