Friday, November 29, 2013

Financial Angle : Possibly is being used

In a earlier post I posted the story with affiliate program. To read it please visit the url. Since I had to cover a lot of thing in limited time. I didn’t post various supporting files. In this post, you will find all relevant communications and evidences.

Summary : Content from Earlier Post

  1. “ – affiliate program income manipulation. This is very clear cut manipulation in affiliate income from was for the month of  Dec 2011,March 2012, April 2012  earning calculated was less than actual earning shown in detail with order id.Difference was huge. I sent PDF files of all screenshot and requested the support to fix it. Support did reply that was problem with “MY” account and they would fix it. Then from details orders was removed to match the calculated earning.When I asked were the order id shown was fake? why was it removed? Support replied there were genuine order id but for renewals and they didn't pay for renewals. Then I inquired if it was problem with my account or whole affiliate system. She replied it was with whole system. I replied that she was contradicting her own statement in few mails before that problem was with “MY” account.She said,initially they found problem with my account when checked they found problem with whole affiliate system. I replied I am not convinced as problem was there for at least four month from Dec 2011 to Aprill 2012 and no other affiliate reported it. She just repeated that problem was found in my account first. is popular matrimonial site in India and for Indian immigrants abroad. They have many affiliates including some big news sites in India. THIS CAN NOT BE DIGESTED THAT PROBLEM EXISTED FOR AT LEAST 4 MONTHS AND NO OTHER PERSON HAD REPORTED IT.”


  • Joined affiliate program in August 2010 at 25% revenueshare for paid profiles and some token amount for free profiles. like
    Indian Male profile- INR 10
    Indian Female profile-INR 15
    NRI Male profile-INR 20
    NRI Female Profile-INR 25
  • In May 2011, upgraded the account for 75% revenueshare for paid profiles and no amount for free profiles.
  • As per my theory, one dimension of the conspiracy is, not to let me succeed in online world.So, These government agencies (CIA of USA and IB/RAW of India) are working to discourage/frustrate me. As online presence makes their life difficult to manage and manipulate people, around me.
  • On 27th April 2012, I discovered discrepancy in summary report and detail order report for months December 2011, March 2012 and April 2012.I reported it to Please read all messages in this thread from top to bottom. Email-Communication
  • Links of Overall Report-Paid Profiles , December 2011 Detail Report, March 2012 Detail Report, April 2012 Detail Report.
  • Month Paid Profiles – Overall Reports Paid Profiles – Detail Reports
    December 2011 1 2
    March 2012 1 3
    April 2012 2 3
  • In email communication when I pointed the discrepancy, with data attached to it. First Tripta said it was problem in my account. Then deleted all detail data for related months and number of orders in detail and overall reports matched. Unfortunately, I haven’t saved the corrected detail data for relevant months after modification by at that time. Also, when persuaded the matter Tripta replied problem did exists in all customer accounts. This is contradicting her own version as well as its hard to digest that if problem was with all affiliates accounts, at least since December 2011 to April 2012 and no other affiliates complained. Also, she argued that deleted orders were for renewal, for which doesn’t pay.
  • This week when again, I visited the detail reports for those months, found that those deleted orders were again being put back in detail reports but amount was made 0. So first the deleted those orders and then later at some date put it back but amount associated with those orders were marked as 0. If this is what wanted to do, why in first place they deleted those orders? I have saved those files with zero as amount.
  • Version saved this week December-2011, March-2012, April-2012
  • Also, question should be asked if has started showing renewals with zeo amount to it. Why this correction was done for concerned months only. Because, 0 value transactions (renweals as said by only shows in those concerned months and not in any other months.
  • My take is some changes in system has been done to manually add/delete data from my affiliate profile but they forgot to change the portion in detail report  earlier.
  • Whatever it is, it is matter of investigation for sure.
  • You can download, all supporting documents referred in this post at one place by visiting