Sunday, December 1, 2013

Financial Angle : Brajesh Kumar and Dhuresh Prasad Singh

I did mention this earlier but didn’t provide any evidence. Aim of this post is to make this post comprehensive. Taken from an earlier post

  • Looting my and fathers money – While false dowry case was going on with ex-wife we thought Dhuresh Prasad Singh was helping us (it was all co-ordinated, will deal it later).Father said one day, Brajesh Kumar was known to him(Dhuresh Prasad Singh) and wanted to start his construction business.Brajesh kumar visited our home a few times and projected himself having big contacts. He was working for IRCON at that time.To convince us more for investment in his company Atharva India Infratech Pvt. Ltd. He quit his job in IRCON.To cut story short I did invest 25 lakh and his company and so did father. He agreed to keep father as one of director's of the company. For that, he did all paperwork. Later after finding the whole conspiracy we found he had only applied for DIN and he got DIN number 03028504.That is not enough to make one director in any company.Director should report that to MCA in which company he is a director.At that time I didn't notice as was not aware of company formation process in India. He didn't inform father or me and hadn't done the paper work.When I visited, for registered user after you login there is an option for “company in which person is/was a director”. For father's detail, no company shows up.Brajesh did behave like rascal and differences came he  said he was not responsible for reporting his work to anyone. I asked him that is fine I am your shareholder and father is director (didn't know he was not), just return my money with bank interest. He said he would do that. Even after repeated reminder made some excuse for 6 months and didn't return it.Basically, cash was a cushion for me to to not work and fight the false dowry case. They wanted to took that away.
  • Later I found Brajesh Kumar is also a director of 3 other companies besides Atharva India private ltd.
    DIVIJ INFRASTRUCTURE INDIA PRIVATE LTD date of formation 27/07/2010
    DIVIJ HYRDOQUIP PRIVATE LTD date of formation 18/8/2010
    DIVIJ STEEL AND POWER PRIVATE LTD date of formation 27/11/2007
    Date of formation of ATHARVA INDIA INFRATECH PRIVATE LIMITED is 3/3/2010. If he had so much money to start two more company after formation of Atharva and possibly investing in (how he could have become director in an existing company started in 2007) in DIVIJ STEEL AND POWER PRIVATE LIMITED he didn't need our investment for Atharva right? Basically he was rewarded for his association with us. I am sure Dhuresh Prasad Singh might have stack or are related to any of three DIVIJ company. Because we invested in Atharva not because of Brajesh but because of DHURESH PRASAD SINGH”
  • 22nd Jan 2010 – Name Allotment of Atharva India Infratech Private Limited
  • 3rd March 2010 – Registration of Atharva India Infratech Private Limited
  • 20th of April 2010 – I (Anjan) paid 25,00,000 INR to Atharva by check. Relevant Bank Statement
  • 24th August 2010 – 25,000 shares were issued to Anjan at 90 rupees premium.
  • 19th March 2012 – Print taken for companies in which Brajesh is a director (DIN – 03054285)
  • 4 July 2013 – Print taken for companies in which Brajesh is a director.  DIVIJ STEEL AND POWER PRIVATE LIMITED is the company, which is in process of striking off. Note that this company was formed on 27/11/2007, So, possibly they are manipulating the evidences.
  • Companies in which my father (Mr. Arjun Prasad) is director, returns no data.His DIN number is 03028504.
  • Companies in which Anamika (Brajesh’s wife) is director.
  • On 29th January, 2012 I called for a meeting. Four people attended the meeting – Brajesh Kumar, Dhuresh Prasad Singh, Father (Arjun Prasad) and me (Anjan Bhushan). I had recorded this meeting. Conversation is mostly in Hindi. MP3 format of the recording, AMR format of the recording.
  • When I will have time I will translate audio to text in English, however some of the important points of the conversation are as following.

Some Points from Audio Recording

  1. Brajesh says there are 4 directors in Atharva India Infratech Private Limited- Brajesh Kumar, Anamika Nanda (Brajesh’s wife), Sanjeev Moharna,and Arjun Prasad (father). (He lied about Arjun Prasad, as I pointed out father has a DIN number but he is not director in any company).
  2. Brajesh says shareholders are Brajesh, Anamika, Sanjeev, Father and me (anjan).
  3. Total working capital of Atharva is 1 crore and 30 lakh rupees. And some shares were distributed at par value of rupees 10 only with no premium. When we (Father and I) invested in company he said everyone will pay 90 rupees premium (I don’t have recording of this) but point is he lied about this.
  4. DIVIJ INFRASTRUCTURE INDIA PRIVATE LTD as Brajesh says has two directors and two share holders.
  5. He said there were 4 projects were going on for Atharava.They were

a. Jakkanpur –  Land is registered in name of Brajesh and Sanjeev Mohrana

b. Dhanbad – Mada Colony – 11 katta – Front is Divij infrastrure , in all agreement Divij infrastructure is involved. But the work will be done by Atharva

c. Dhanbad – Jai Prakash Nagar – 3.5 acres

d. Hans Vihar colony – 26 katta

e. Hans Vihar colony – 5 katta

I am sure,Further investigations in all the four companies mentioned in this post may lead to many irregularity, unless evidences is manipulated. You got the gist that CIA of USA and IB/RAW of India want me and father to suffocate us financially. Also, Brajesh has updated his Facebook profile recently that he has joined NHAI (National Highway Authority of India).All files mentioned in this post can be downloaded by clicking here.