Friday, December 6, 2013

Financial angel : Has Google being used to frustrate me ?

In one of the previous story, Sedo was used in 2006-2007 for, because I was telling to people that I am earning 100 USD/day but earning will come down. So what they did that they manipulated Sedo and drastically, reduced the EPC (earning per click). Now another story about use of parking revenue by Google.

I did move to Bangalore from Patna in April,After July 2010, or so, I did decide not to look for job anymore. At that time my domain parking revenue was 400 USD-450 USD a month. Domains were mainly parked at and Around that time, I wanted to pursue domaining, blogging etc as full time business. Conspirators didn’t want that as my online presence make their life difficult. So, they did manipulate domain parking revenue further.

On 8th of August, 2011, I won the auction of expired domain at I told my cousin that this domain may bring 3 USD a day to me.I parked the domain at Bodis. Now, let me first  write about a few Jargons in domain parking.

  • CTR – Click through rate, rate at which visitors click the ads in percentage.
  • Upstream Provider – The organization/corp that have inventory of Pay Per Click Ads, Bodis primary upstream provider is Google/Bing etc. Bodis primary upstream provider is Google. If a domain is banned by Google (upstream provider), Bodis algorithm display ads from secondary provider or ZeroParking.
  • RPM = Revenue per thousand. It is the revenue per 1000 visitors.
  • ZeroParking (taken from Bodis FAQ)- Certain domain names on the Bodis network may be monetized through a means known as "ZeroClick". ZeroClick is a method of advertising where domain visitor traffic is forwarded to an advertiser. Advertisers pay us for the visits that are forwarded to them. This revenue is passed onto the Bodis customer.
  • This typically occurs when a domain is not accepted by our primary upstream advertisements provider or when the primary upstream advertisements provider doesn't have ad coverage for a particular geo or visitor.IN ZeroParking for a domain CTR is not recorded, but domain may have some revenue. That is a proof in domain data that domain is being served by ZeroParking.

  • Bodis Tool to check if ads are being served from primary upstream provider or secondary provider (or ZeroParking) - ( is the domain,replace by domain you want to check). In this case response

  • In this case, element <bodisadvertisements> says “secondary” – so for this domain Bodis will serve ads from secondary provider or ZeroParking. In case, this element says “primary” advertisement will be served using Google Ads.

  • Above tool by Bodis only returns reliable data if domain name was/is parked at Bodis. Some people have observed that if domain is not parked at Bodis, this tool is unreliable (have read this in few domain names forum). However, one can find out from parking reports if a ban has been imposed by Google by change in CPC (EPC) or CTR (I will elaborate it later).

  • In almost, all circumstances EPC (earning per click) by Google Ads (primary upstream provider) are better than Secondary upstream provider or ZeroParking.

  • Why Google bans a domain – Google never provides exact reason for which they ban a particular domain, however they say, they do it after quality check of traffic.

  • In November 2011, most of my top 20 domains with visitors were banned by Google (primary upstream provider) at Bodis platform and no other domain was banned from my account on Sedo. Unfortunately, I hadn’t saved data at Sedo and at Sedo Parking reports are only saved for a year. I did report this on Namepros . In case, this thread is deleted cached data is available here.

  • After posting this on Namepros observed a few domains at Sedo was also banned by Google (after my post on Namepros), the one I remember was at Sedo, that was banned by Google, after posting this “All my sedo domains are intact and getting Google feed”.

Now Lets see data for individual domains that were parked at Bodis platform in November, 2011.

Now lets ponder it

  • When Google do anything at large scale (like algorithm update on SERP), its being felt in relevant forum. When I posted on NamePros that most of my domains on Bodis were banned by Google, no one around that time saw this issue. So, most likely the ban is not because of massive cleanup for low quality traffic from by Google.

  • Its hard to believe Google’s random quality check may make, 9 out of top 10 domains from single account to suffer on one Parking company hosted domains.

  • All files used in this post can be downloaded at one place by visiting here.

Added Later

  • I think they assumed that I don’t have concept of what happens when a parked domain gets banned by Google. That’s why initially, domains at Bodis were banned and not at Sedo. Possibly they thought I will assume that domains had started performing badly and I may move affected domains at other Parking provider (like Sedo). In that case, As it would have performed badly on any Parking company and I would have no clue what happened with those domains. This is one explanation why domains were not manipulated at Parking company level and instead at upstream provider itself (Google in this case).