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Financial Angel : Possibly was used

  • I was domain parking customer at least since Dec,2003.
  • I bought domain name on auction after the domain name expired.Previously,the domain had an adult website.I paid 22,750 USD for the domain. I paid the amount based on estimate derived from similar traffic name already in my account (although, low traffic). Date of auction was 31st May, 2006. At that time, I was in USA. I parked the domain on, My account was handled by Sedo, USA.
  • On 6th July 2006, I reported huge decrease in CTR (Click Through Rate) of (read from bottom up) from 56-58% to 45% for a week or so to my account manager Eben G. Smith. Eben replied that CTR rates fluctuate because of seasonality, holidays etc. Most of the traffic of was from India and Pakistan, and as far as I know, there was no holiday season in India, at that time.To "compensate" my loss in CTR, Eben agreed to give me 5% bonus.
  • From saved email this was earning for July 2006. It was primarily from
    > > Revenue July 2006: $3062.14
    > > Earnings from previous months: $3364.38
    > >
    > > Total amount: $6426.52
  • As I had moved to India way back in July 2006, on 8th November 2006, Eben informed me that she had requested a new account manager to me as my new account would be handled from Germany.
  •  8th November, 2006 I received new account that was moved to Sedo Germany and hence my userid was changed (new account). As previous (Sedo usa) account was closed so I haven’t have access to old account control panel anymore.
  • In the new account, earning from November 2006 (partial as account was created on 8th Nov) was 2135 Euro, while December 2006 was 3637.24 Euro, January 2007 revenue plumpted to 1208.20 Euro and February 2007 to 514.45 Euro.Please refer the screenshot
  • I reported to Brad on 8th January 2007 CPC (please read as EPC), that it has decreased from 22nd december 2006 onwards drastically. Brad gave an absurd reason that in September 2006, Sedo developed dynamic pricing system for specific countries and market,and in December 2006 dynamic pricing was applied to most other countries.(Read the mail from bottom-up)
  • Now we need to understand, how domain parking works. In past, Google had a product called Adsense for Domains. Where adsense(adwords) ads are being displayed on an undeveloped domain and publisher (domain owner), in this case, gets earning per click for every click and advertiser is charged some value that is known as cost per click. Google used to pass a portion of CPC to advertisers as EPC and keep the difference to itself. My point is, settlement is done on per click basis. Google shutdown AdSense For Domains on April 18, 2012.
  • In second model, Domain parking works where there is an intermediary between Google and publishers. They are known as Domain Parking company. In this case, Google is called upstream provider and a portion of CPC is being distributed among Google and domain parking companies and rest is passed to the publisher as EPC (Earning per click).
    Now,as per my saved email, Sedo was in domain parking business at least since December 2003(I have referred a file) and does it make sense that they were paying to publisher till Septmber 2006 a fixed rate per click.And they were even making losses. In worst case what other companies do that they don't credit the account for 48 hours or so for a click till they get exact CPC for a click. Any domainer will laugh at Sedo's explanation.
  • All the files mentioned here can be downloaded from the link.

Added Later – December 6, 2013

To find the fact I did write Bodis (another domain parking company), how EPC is derived and answer is inline with my statement.


Hi Anjan, 

Yes, our primary upstream advertiser determines the earnings per click based on the traffic, keywords, etc. then it is passed along to us.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Jackie Parkinson
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