Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bharat Bhushan(cousin) and family involvment

a. On 10th August 2005,using email id excel_associate[@]hotmail.com and name Bharat Bhushan a message was posted on tajmahal.biz website. I raised it in 2006 as well and taken this issue resolved because not the answer was right but body language and expressions were right. As Mamu’s involvement is questionable, have to raise it again. Mamu was repetitively asking me to write down all questions which I wanted to ask from Bhaiya.

On 10th August 20005, I was struggling for a safe place and safe computing in New Jersey. I was under tremendous stress. Under those circumstances comment posted seemed to me like bad taste.

How Bhaiya reached to the Tajmahal.biz website? Last time he said via Ranchi.net that was not the right answer. And Bhaiya doesn’t know how to type Hindi in search engine.

Not only that last year when I was in Delhi with Papa 2006 someone who had account detail [invariably a hacker] had deleted that comment. Although Bharat Bhushan doesn’t have hacking skill the Mafia coordination was helpful in this case.I have image version of comment saved in harddisk.

b After my hospitalization I stayed in Patna. Chachi had visited some baba(spiritual guru). After that, when I used to take rest laying on bed she used to move her hand around my head in circle. Twice I sat on the bed and asked what was she doing? She didn’t reply.
When she went to Tetrawan Bhaiya was doing same stuff.I belive this was done to please some spiritual power. Bhaiya also tried to curtail hour of my writing. He used to come in room and put water in cooler.

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