Thursday, September 13, 2007

What it is for?

What mafia wants at the end? This is a question I have asked repetitively myself. While there are so many proofs and incidents of malafide action I have yet to reach conclusion on what they want from me. FBI needs to investigate this aspect of conspiracy as well.

  1. Initial Theory – - As mafia was paranoid with bugging my computers hence emails. I thought they want one or more domains. But it only makes sense if it is high value. 2005 was the first time when I encountered trouble. At that that time was the only domain that has some value. Also, a catch all email of used to catch many mails from domain. mails used to carry many of design specs of Vigour technology. If someone could have misused those mails and patented those designs, Vigour technology could have been sued for damages. Vigour Technology is big OEM manufacture of LCD etc. This way probably a company could have been grabbed at no or little cost.

However, there is drawback in this theory, why mafia would associate anyone once they had bugged my PC. They could have easily transferred the domain after killing me.

2. As I said I don’t know exactly how they want to execute their plan. Absence of knowledge of a definite plan should not make this issue irrelevant. One needs to read through proofs and incidents. There is enough material to indicate something is wrong. One can’t be followed by computer bugging and cell phone bugging for nothing. There are other aspects as well.