Saturday, September 8, 2007

Nishant in New Jersey

Summary:Nishant came to New Jersey to help me. However his actions made him suspect.Still I went with him to Illinois.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nishant was college time friend. Had not met him in USA before.Nishant came by United Airlines and I picked him up from terminal 2 [?] arrival. We went to Dinner Menlo park for dinner. At home, soon after arriving Nishant started discussion on Depression and Schizophrenia. He gave example of his mom. He also persuaded for sleeping on same large bed.

[For a year or so I was sleeping on Floor in outside room. I was using a bedsheet.]

  • First night itself, Sleep was broken after I felt someone tried to hold my both hands at back. I woke up. Nishant hastly tried to pretend that he is sleeping.

- I forgot date but it was either first night or second day when Nishant informed
That toilet sit got broken. I ignored at that time. However, when His wife bought
A toilet sit later,I correlated probably he did break toilet sit at my apartment as well.

For some reason Nishant was helping someone/party in deleting evidences related to me. will narrate more as we proceed.

- On second night. Late in night when I slept,again Nishant tried to hold my both hands. I woke up. Nishant hastily tried to pretend that he is sleeping. Unlike first night, I did get out of bed and went to drawing room. I heard some sound of fast moving foot steps in balcony. THAT WAS ENOUGH indication for me to understand, Nishant Was compromised as well.

- Till this point there was reason not to trust Nishant. At the same time, in last forced hospitalization I have seen I can’t trust woodbridge cops. Hence chosen to continue with plan of moving to Nishant’s place at Schaumberg.

- 8th july – Nishant proposed sorting document and purging anything that I don’t want to keep and have my name. Helped in coin counting. On 8th July 2006 evening we went to near by park and sat there for quite sometime.

- 9th – On 9th I informed him we would start on 9th not 10th.In my mind What Nishant did in night was the reason. However, at this point I told him about some cars in parking lot that seems suspicious because of absence of number plates etc. Nishant tried to argue about cars and added further that this might be usual. I Asked Nishant to look for flights and trains option for the day. Earlier Nishant had indicated that return ticket he had reserved using United Airlines. He also told something along the line, he made reservation from EWR to ORD for both. However, in his email only his itinerary came not mine, although he made reservations. And probably I would have to pay for tickets. At the time of checking.

He was trying to slow me down, by killing time. Like he suggested creating a list of all items with location which I may like to move at later date.

[I have informed at that point I had video camera].He insisted this more than once. He Tried to bring more document to sort. Etc. Around noon

I made low resolution video directly on SD media[?] and copied it to laptop.

Earlier I have informed him that at some point I will send a copy of evidence to Delhi by post. He was trying to persuade me to go to post office and send me a copy. [on 9th]. Also, I was packing fast, When Nishant offered help and asked for work. I requested him to press one of my shirt

I made multiple copy of evidences also tried to copy one in Nishant’s laptop.

That laptop USB communication was slow. Copied most part of it. When It gave error for not copying long file names. I aborted it.

Around 4:30 or 5:30 in evening, I had copied evidences, and packed cloths and papers. No train was in evening either direct or indirect. Hence, we started by car to airport. I was not sure if we would be able to get tickets. Nishant also said same thing. He further suggested to rent a car. I replied that won’t be safe. He replied - since he was in car its safe. I was not sure what Nishant meant about it. However, I thought since that was last minute plan and as Nishant was possibly compromised, by road it may be safe from accident.He further suggested to stay overnight at one of his relative’s place at New York or may be hotel. He wanted to meet Dr Makhija in morning.He also informed he know directions to his home from rt 80.

So, we went to Airport and we enquired about cars from Dollar, Enterprise and National. Finally, taken rental car from National. I went to leave my car in economy parking lot and came back to terminal 1 by bus and called Nishant who was at National car rental. Once he arrived, I persuaded him to directly start for IL. He called his New York relative that we wouldn’t be coming to her place. We took 78, then parkway to rt 80 west. He also called his wife Vildan to inform her he was driving and we were going for food. She did ask, how he [Nishant]can he drive my [anjan’s] car. She also informed she was putting paint/wallpaper in bathroom.

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