Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mamu (maternal uncle)'s involvement

Mamu’s Involvement –

In September 2006 I was using laptop to type the story at Chaibasa. After few days suddenly files started getting deleted. Those were .doc type files. I made some backup and I saved my work as rtf then, .rtf file started getting deleted. I thought probably there may be some virus. I saved work in external hard drive and used IBM provided restore of laptop. It basically formats the computer and installs the operating system again. After a few days passed and again file started getting deleted in directory I was working. I was baffled however blind faith on mamu didn’t allow me to think about the possibilities. Now as I think there was a possibility that laptop was physically accessed to bug it. Often mamu used to invite me in his office around 3:00 pm. It can only be bugged physically with knowledge of family members. This is sufficient incident to demonstrate mamu and family were involved.

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