Saturday, September 8, 2007

With Nishant, in Journey and at his place

Summary : Many suspicious things happened in Journey to Nishant's place and at Nishant's place.

One interesting thing I would like to mention is at one point, Nishant asked me to watch TV.Then he switched channel it was airing a computer Desktop He also said, it was not his Desktop, whose Desktop was that?


1.1 Journey to Schaumburg – We started out of AirPort late evening [I think after 7:30]. We talked about old days. Nishant was driving. It started raining after some distance. After 9.0 PM on 9th I called my father.Wiper was greasy hence rain was obstructing Vision. He took one of the exit and cleaned it. I bought water and some corn Chips there. After I think more than 200 miles we found a rest area having food facilities. We ate at Taco Bell and bought more food for route.

After midnight, Nishant proposed to take rest in car. He parked on roadside on rt 80.We took rest for couple of hours. [I forgot the exact time]. Then again Nishant drove the car for around 100 miles or so. After that we changed the seats. And I drove the car for more than 200 miles after the point where 80 and 90 merges in Ohio. I drove the till around 9.00 AM on 10th of Jully. Nishant was sleeping while I was driving. Once he wake up we changed sets again as he informed he did sleep well. By that time, We had travelled more than 550 miles. I called my father 9:10 AM in morning of 10th July.Soon after we changed, I notified him that 10.00 ‘O clock I have a doctor’s appointment. I would be using cell phone to do that. A rest area was coming. It was decided we would take small halt there and I would call Dr Makhija,my psychiatrist.

I called Dr Makhija first to confirm appointment as phone appointment around 9:50 AM. Then called him around 10:00 AM EST. Doctor wanted to know where We were.I replied “3 hrs from Chicago.” He advised if I wouldn’t be driving I should take 4 mg Risperidal immediately. [NOTE: It was advised For night in last visit]. He also talked with Nishant. I wanted Nishant to know I was trusting him and doctor. Hence took the medicine.

After I took medicine I was very much sleepy, probably slept for a while as well. Point to note around 10:15 AM[EST] we have traveled around 600 miles. In afternoon when I was less sleepy, I observed Nishant was trying to stop in all possible rest area. Whenever I asked he replied he will take 2-5 mintutes nap. I didn’t know what to believe. I tried to not sleep there after. We were only able to reach a traffic jam close to Chicago after 3:00 PM o’clock.[Local time]. And reached Nishan’t home after 5.00 PM.

1.2 On 11th of July 2006, in morning after 9.00 AM, in Nishant’s neighbourhood many people started cutting grass and machines started making noise. This might be co-incidence may be not. Last year in 2005 when I slept in Mr Upendra home on second day similar apparatus was being used in morning in his neighborhood. If it’s not coincident, possibly it was done to frighten me.

I asked Vildan about park and took the kid with his bicycle to the park. While coming back from park, I saw first guy among them made some kind of gesture to next guy.

IN AFTERNOON Vildan informed that we were going to a restaurant. She took us to “Priya Restaurant” and we ate buffet. Subsequently. She took us to smaller library. Picked some video for kid. I took one book on Networking.

In evening when Nishant came, all of us again went to Library [big one].

After sometime, in library, he pressed that his son would play in kids section and we would sit their and watch.

I also asked Nishant if everything is okay with him. He said yes. What I meant as whole strategy seems to keep me away from computer, if he was under pressure from someone.

At night, after dinner, Vildan opened the drawing room's back gate hurriedly. I saw that and on pretext of smoking went out and while coming back closed the gate. On some pretext or the other she tried to open gate for 2 more times. I slept in drawing room that day.

Also on side note, the laptop which I used a little bit at Nishant’s place had Windows XP. I observed this being manipulated as driver for USB drive was not there.

Hence I decided to leave that laptop and used T41 laptop. Also used advanced option of IBM utility and reinstalled the OS. Created an user account. That took good part of 11th-12th night. I slept in morning on sofa in drawing room.

- By this time, it was clear to me that Nishant and his family were compromised. And they were acting with full enthusiasm.

On 12th of July 2006, Vildan proposed lunch at Lalo’s Restaurant and bought vegetables at one of the shop. I bought 3 packs of cigarette from Exon gas station near vegetables shop.

Same day, later in evening I changed password and associated email of credit card account. [This was an illusion for me].

Changed email and password of Continental Airlines One Pass account. [By this time I knew gmail account was compromised.]

Subsequently, I Purchased tickets of ORD[O'hear] to NJ[Newark, NJ] and NJ to DEL[Delhi] from Continental Airlines for 19th July. That was the first day for which Ticket to Delhi was available at reasonable price [around 1200 $].

1.3 There were some incidents which I don’t have dateline. But those were important to understand

1.3.1 To keep me away from documenting the stuff Vildan use to provide some

Food stuff only for me. Sometime, making special coffee. At some point I stopped taking food just prepared for me. At least on one occasion after that she prepared coffee and also took a cup. After sometime, on some pretext she left her coffee.

1.3.2 I think on third day, Around 4.00 AM I opened the back door and smoked cigarette just at door. I came back at room. Nishant quickly came out. There was no sign on his face that could had been interpreted that his sleep was broken. He went to kitchen to open the window. I said “Nishant” after getting out from back door.

Nishant came out and conversation happened.Something along the lines

I said “Listen, I don’t want put guilty feeling in you,as it breaks the communication.”

I further told him to double cross the mafia(at that time I used to think its some kind of mafia, it should be read as CIA) .Nishant said he couldn’t get it. I told him “I already knew since NJ that you are compromised. While in NJ you tried to capture me from backside in night.”

Nishant didn’t accept this but was visibly shaken and agitated. And he added further - His kid lungs were not as strong as mine. Hence he asked me not to smoke inside home. With agitated voice I replied, “okay! That won’t happen. I just wanted to test if you people have slept or not. Hence smoked.” He couldn’t say a thing and went inside.

1.3.4 One of days, Nishant had informed his drier was not working and someone would come to repair it. Next day a guy came and basically cleaned the exhaust system of drier ending at front side.

This is important as there was constant effort to delete evidences of my stay there.

Vildan was consistently pushing me to provide cloths which need to be washed. Also,

As soon as, I left the home [will deal later] Vildan started removing bedsheet etc from that room.

1.3.5 One of the days, later in evening.Vildan suggested that I can smoke in Garage and she did put a "katora"[Bowl] with water there. Hence in day time I continued smoking at back and throwing buds there. At night in garage. However, everyday the "katori" was taken away in morning. So I used to bring a new one from Kitchen. I am not sure about motive of this offer. Only thing that has significance for me that Katori was thrown every day.

1.3.6 One of the days, after 1.3.2. Nishant brought literature of Schizophrenia. And commanded that I should read it. I threw the paper on table And replied “Doctor was treating me for Bipolar and How come you know more that Doctor” I added further if I have to read I would only read Bipolar.Point to note is Nishant was given guidance to probably make a stage for hospitalization.

Next day, he brought literature of Bipolar and in commanding language asked me to read it. I saw it as no sign of helping me.I threw the paper on table and used acting

“Is your father having depression?” I asked

He said “no”. It was totally unexpected question

“Someone who saw your father from far was saying your father has depression.”

He was visibly shaken and disturbed. He went in his bed room. He came out for dinner and we eat together. He was disturbed even that time.

However, on one of subsequent day, when I was typing on PC. Nishant came close and he changed channel. Nishant asked “See the TV” and he added further. Whose Desktop was that.He added further “Its not mine.”

I saw it and replied “do whatever you like to do”. [Tulog jo nahin karao]

Point to note is he was showing recording of a desktop possibly mine.

1.3.7 One of initial day’s evening, Vildan bought toilet seat assembly. Both of Toilets they had, it were in good shape. With incident where the Toilet seat Of 7 tulip dr apartment[my New Jersey apartment] was reported broken by Nishant, one possible Conclusion is possibly in both instances Nishant was abetting in deletion of evidences.

1.3.8 I had a notion [wrong] that my Continental tickets were a secret. On Monday, July 17th I told Nishant I would go to New Jersey on Wednesday July 19th.

He asked about tickets. I told him I would buy ticket at airport. He informed he has not seen anyone buying a ticket at airport. I replied they do have facility, one could do after enquiry from any Airlines.

Purpose of trip as I narrated was bringing 2 CDs of evidences. I also described to him that I would stay at friend’s place, father has talked to him. I also requested Nishant to arrange tickets to India in mean time. I told him I wanted to leave USA around 30th of July 2006.

1.3.9 On 17th of July, Nishant told he would take leave next day. As per Nishant, he and his wife were planning to meet their psychiatrist at 8.00 AM. When I asked He said, he doesn’t have appointment.

On 18th July, around 8 O’ Clock in morning .A man knocked the door I was in semi –sleeping  stage in drawing room. I opened the door and called Nishant. Vildan came out. He asked if roof in drawing room was leaking. I replied “No Its not.”

Vildan said she still thinks it needs some work. I went outside.The guy went to roof and was doing some work. He came at work in a van. I stood outside at front to see what instruments would be taken next. After some time, the guy came [I was recording in voice what was going on] and came to me. I advised him to talk to Nishant and Vildan.

I had kept an external hard drive under sofa and had told Nishant to keep it in safe place

On 18th July morning. When I came back after smoke it was lying outside sofa and close to table. I also noticed Vildan was sitting near sofa. I moved that hard drive to my luggage. Nishant, Vildan and their Son went out around 10:00 AM. And came back soon With passport size photographs of them from CVS pharmacy, Nishant was saying photograph Was bad. Hence they again done photography session at home. To the best of my knowledge they made an excuse that they needed photographs for immigration. They tried to kill more time. Although, they already were well dressed, Vildan went for preparing herself again. It took considerable time. Nishant made an comment something along the Lines “If Doctor will see this much makeup,he would get mad”. As they never called for an appointment [that’s what Nishant told me] and were very flexible in timing, I am not sure if they went to visit a doctor. What they were doing I didn’t know.

Also, Nishant asked me to come with them. I refused.

Nishant asked If I needed any thing. I replied I needed lock for bags. He made long argument that checking bag should be not locked as airlines can break and destroy the bag itself. I replied I had sufficient experience and I have always used lock.

I also asked him to give his home key and key of one of the car. He gave home keys and one key of his car. I put those on drawing room table and started doing sometime. ??When I came keys were not there. I went out and Nishant had not left , I asked him to give the keys again. He gave the keys.

I was not sure that Nishant would bring any lock, hence decided to buy my self.

When I went out to check Car keys found, he had only provided door key of car, I COULDN’T start the car.Hence went CVS by walking and bought the lock and keys.

They came back around 4.00 pm. Haven’t brought any lock. Nishant wanted me to accompany him to the postoffice. I told him I wouldn’t go anywhere. I had done packing and I decided to take a nap.

I wake up by voice of a lady talking to Nishant, something along the line “Are you

Alright? Why so many people came to your place? What they wanted”

Nishant replied “Yes, everything okay.”

When I went outside there was a cop as well.I waived hand to him.When he came I said “I may know something about what just happened”

Cop asked me “I came on complain from them, do you know something about it “.

He pointed towards another neighbor, I replied “No, I heard someone saying some people were here, I might know something about it. “

Cop asked what I knew.

I replied “I live in NJ and have submitted a tip to FBI about a group of people who were after me. if you have some time, we can talk in detail.”

Cop told that he didn’t have time.

When Nishant came back. He tried to provide some excuse.

I replied angrily “How low you have fallen? Forget about me you don’t ever care about your father. You want me at any cost. You are no more human, you have became animal. You are animal.”

And I went to bedroom where I had a seat. I called father. Sometime later, Nishant and his wife called Nishant’s father, mother and brother. He was pushing mother and Father to come to USA. In evening I ate bread.

I slept very late once Nishant and family went to their room. I wake up late, I think around 8.00 AM. Yet I was first to wake up. Nishant wake up later and offered me a ride. I accepted it.

At around 10:00 AM, I started moving my stuff to drawing room. Vildan started moving out bed, mattress etc from my room. I interrupted her by asking

“I am not yet left and you started getting rid of evidences, right?”

She replied “Oh yes”

I was angry and used non-parliamentary word,”F**k you.”

She grabbed a broom having thick rounded wooden stick and charged on my face.

I got hurt at my forehead. Specs got broken and even nose started bleeding.

She said many things including “Yes,we killed your mom, we will kill your sister and we will kill you in nj.” She asked Nishant not to take me Airport. She also called Police.

Nishant asked me to take cab. I have saved 4 cabs number in my notebook. I called 2 cab numbers. Nishant even suggested to leave before Police could come. I replied that would be wrong.

Two cops came. I was outside of home. A cop came and asked what happened. In mean time Vildan also came started saying I did beat his kid and was saying would give poison to them.

Cop asked her to stay inside. Cop asked me how I want it to solve, if there was a Police case one of the person will go Jail. I told cops I want to go to NJ and have no interest in sending anyone jail. Cops asked if I had enough money for cab. I replied in positive. Cops talked to Vildan and Nishant. They came out and said no one want to make it an issue and Nishant would take me to airport as agreed before.

I requested for aftershave from Nishant to apply it against wounds. Then did put luggae in car that was being rented from National. one of the cop said “All the best”

To me I replied back “Thank you officer.”

Nishant and I didn’t talk on the way. I broke the ice after near Airport as asked him to take to terminal II departure. When he stopped the car at terminal II departure.

He passed a piece of Napkin which apparently he had brought from home itself.

“Bharat Jaldi Jao, Jaroori Hone pe Turant phone karma”


“Go India soon, If it’s urgent call immediately.”

I asked if there would be any problem in Airport. Nishant shaken his head means don’t talk (as I was bugged) I understood it as NO at that time. He also stressed for check in bags no lock should be put else it can be broken and bag may be destroyed. I thanked him.And he left. Only to find out in next section. My trip to India was known to conspirators.

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