Sunday, September 9, 2007

George Mardinly - Prepaid Legal Services - Of no help

1.George Mardinly – As I have mentioned before hospitalization I tried to talk to legal firms. Either phone was diverted or firms were manipulated, the firms I called did’t take my case. I had taken membership of Prepaid Legal Services. I called them to find out someone who can advise me in electronic attack related crime. I was also searching for another attorney on immigration. When first time George call I wronly assumed him immigration attorney. It was corrected. I did talk about electronic stuff that happened. George asked me to send email.I did send an email on 26th june [APPENDIX 10].All contents may be not right still was expecting some feedback or call from George.

I received a very late call from Mardinly on 7/17/2006 that also to tell me that he didn’t take immigration case. Now where in email I mentioned immigration.

I was angry and replied “I don’t need your advise, go in hell Gorge.”He replied “Thank you, thank you.”

Appendix 10
From: Anjan Bhushan <anjan.bhushan[at]>

Date: Jun 26, 2006 5:32 PM
Subject: Please read this thread George
To: gmardingly[at]

Please read this thread.

Pleas read, 1st post, 2nd post, 3rd post, 7th post [its about someone
accesing my PC from bluetooth device were deleting contets],8th post
and 9th post.
Above gives some sense of corodination in attack.And someone is very
much interested in deleting the electonic evidence in my PC.
The mastermind of above opration is my employer and my collegeus,
some close relative s and close friends are involved in bigger
conspiracy. The evidnces that is in electronic form is very valuable.
They somehow want to delete those or fabricate me .
Motive? You may ask, its my domain And story was going for
3-3.5 years. They have most likly killed my mom by poisioning. MY
relatives at India are looking into it.They someone wants me to go
back to India and probably do the worst.
WHy is so important? Intially it was puzzle for me. is a very big OEM manufacturer. My mistake many people
sends intenal design specs etc on email id intead of
I have never misused it. But it can be certainly used for making a
lot of money by patenbing those probably.
what I would like to do, Its criminal case conducted using white crime
menthod.So need your advise.


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