Friday, September 7, 2007

Doctor's appointment on July 7th 20006

On 7th July 2006, I met doctor Makhija. Date was advised by Carrier Clinic. I told doctor
About procedure violation in my last hospitalization by cops. he replied when I called him on 27th of June he talked to cops and requested if hospitalization was necessary, Muhlenburg was a better option as I was already admitted to the facility last year [2005]. They informed him it’s not possible. Also I told him that Nishant would be coming the very same day. Doctor asked for his name, number and employer. I provided first 2. Doctor also asked for my father’s number. And advised to pass his number to father and Nishant. When I narrated how in last hospitalization by cops, I was not allowed to take any phone number etc hence I was keeping some of the numbers in a small paper. He asked about numbers, I was keeping. I replied father’s , Nishant’s. Doctor suggested to keep his number as well and better memorize it.

Doctor was very much interested in knowing how I informed the incident to FBI and what I informed them. He also gave appointment for 10th of July and Suggested to bring Nishant as well.

Doctor was part of syndicate as well. I never trusted him however consulted him regularly but had not taken medicine. He asked for Nishant’s employer info because that was a possible way to associate Nishant in case he was not already associated.

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