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Hospitalization by Compromised Cops in New Jersey


1.1 Till this point, I tried to talk to attorney firms, while talking to a few of them I realized they won't allow me to take legal help .Possibly, my phone calls were diverted while doing so and In some cases, attorneys were influenced.[ See mardinly story].

1.2 Abuse of Power and totally ignoring the procedure. They became desperate, on June 27,2006. All my call logs from my cell phone 848-203-5774 will be of great use. I called 911 almost same time when Cops sent by conspirator's reached at my place. First 1 cop came while I was already on call with 911. His name was either G Paul or A Dudas. He said, someone named Upendra called them and asked me if I know Mr Upendra. I explained it to him, he is my second maternal uncle. I further tried to explain the cop,I am being victimized by series of electronic attack.

I requested them that I need security, till I document the stuff.I said to him I have few name which I would like to get recorded. He asked me to show names and make a print out. I replied I don't have printer. He talked rudely and also talked to 911 who was on call.He went out. I understood cop was compromised.

As soon as he went out, I made a call to my father and narrated him the incident and gave name of people, who should be prosecuted if something happens to me. I called 911 number again, only to find out it, This time two cops came G Paul and A Dudas came with a paramedic. one of them said, "if you make another 911 call I will arrest you". I replied I am mentally sound can go through checkup with my private psychiatrist. I called Dr Vasudev Makhija as well. [it can be verified from my call logs].Then I called my father and gave phone to one of the cop.Cop replied there was no one on call. When I said I would inform FBI moved towards computer they took out the power plug of computer. In summary, they captured me forcefully after handcuffing. I was stripped with all belonging except my driver's license and medical insurance card. At some point another cop joined them. When I said you know my rights, one of the cop replied you have no rights.

1.3 They carried me to

Raritan Bay Medical Center

Crisis managment unit

Perth Amboy Division

530 New Brunswick Avenue

Perth Amboy, New Jersey 08861

(732) 442-3700.

1.4 They put my DOB July 28 1974.[My admission was done before my arrival and no one asked my DOB/name etc] and were asking to co-operate. I refused taking any voluntarily medication and kept 2 conditions

1.4.1 First my date of Birth should be corrected

1.4.2 I was already consulting DR Makhija, I will only take medications suggested by him. Hence, a session should be fixed with Perth Amboy Division's doctor and Dr Makhija in my presence. On 27th of June 2006, they also tied me to stretcher on pretext of my being agitated and put an injection.

1.5 There I was kept on 28th June 2006 as well. And many tactics was used to break me, including keeping me tied with bed.Around 9.00 PM in evening on 28th June, Dr Sugiti called me that I should take medications. I said I won't. She replied in that case she won't be able to help thereafter as they may move me to some facility which she is not familiar with.If she was helpful why not she called earlier.

I replied "send me home dead or alive", its your choice. At around 9.30 pm 2 people came and informed me they had instructions to transfer me to another hospital. I asked to show me orders -They did show me a Xerox copy of referral made by doctor. They also informed they have to tie me to stretcher. I co-operated. No discharge slip/letter was given to me. A POINT TO NOTE: SINCE COPS DIDN'T ALLOW ME TO CARRY THE PHONE NUMEBRS, I COULDN'T TALK TO MY FATHER.

1.6 I was carried in Ambulance to ACU of Carrier Clinic. Again I was hospitalized with DOB as July 28 1974.

1.7 My doctor was doctor Islam. Again I refused medication and did put 3 conditions.

1.7.1 No co-operation from my part unless DOB is right.

1.7.2 No medication until it is opened in front of me

1.7.3 I won't take any medication until Dr Makhija is consulted as well in front of me.

1.7.4 Initially, I was admitted in room number 108. Gary [if I remember right] was my roommate. On second night his behavior became suspicious. He turned his mattress upside down when I awake. Which had a split in between. He tried to put something in between.

I saw him many times on windows [perhaps waiting for instructions from outside ?].I reported the incident to the authority and requested a room change. I am not sure if any of them have taken my complaint in writing .His admission was within 2 days of my admission. He left 2 days before me. Subsequently, I was moved to Room no 107. John Age 65 [as in hand band], was my roommate. He was admitted to hospital on 29th June.

He also has indirectly indicated about his knowledge of my "illness", mostly as threat. Phrases he used "You too have COD [compulsive obsessive disorder], right?" ,"You don't need ECT [shock therapy], do you?". I assumed he was part of whole operation. Generally, he was courteous. After an attempt on me, I made a compromised proposal with him on Monday. I will be dealing with names of patients that used to stay in group. Chris - Initially he tried to use humiliating sentences in Kitchen. When I replied back "How much did they pay you man?". He was not expecting this question. I asked him if his father name is Dan [Dan Zeck - ex-VP of engineering,and as far as my info, currently he is working for Antenna software,what I meant that his physical feature was very same],he replied in negative.However, in another conversation he indicated his father owns "SeaGull's Nest" restaurant at Sandy Hook Beach NJ.The data may or may not be useful. However, I would like to identify all of Dan's son. Because "SeaGull's Nest" was the restaurant where Dan Zeck arranaged a party of engineering in Evident Software after one of the release completed. His admission did happen within 2 days of my admission at Carrier Clinic. Paul - he was trying to be most unfriendly guy initially. Most likely he was given task to do something bad with me. Hence, was asked not to talk much. He generally don't use to reply except hi and hello. Later a "compromised" was reached with John after possibly an unsuccessful attempt of life [possibly medical or some kind of poisoning]. His attitude changed and he started talking like nice guy. Patrick - He was one of them. I don't remember his admission date. He was also one of guy having a big mark below one of his eyes. He lived 2 rooms away from me. I forgot the room number. On last day, just to verify that I trust them[after compromise was reached] , he offered a sweet which I did gladly accepted. Robert [bob] - He was the guy who was monitoring me in common room. He was actively taking notes of my body language as well. He hadartificial upper tooth [not sure about lower one]. He use to smoke 4-5 cigarettes at a time in any given cigarettes break. Leo - Another old man who was guiding the operation their . He was on wheel chair. I think his age was written as 65 on hand band.He had also enquired if I was on ECT or not. This person may not need wheelchair. Not had much interaction with this guy however before I left hospital, met him and thanked. He wished me good luck. Bill - He was also 65 years old. I am not sure if he was part of the group or not. But he was aware of reason of my hospitalization. He narrated it in 1 sentence "You was quarantined as you was spreading Bird Flu.". I laughed. He also complimented me with words you are genius. He also proposed me to work with one of his friend in Mumbai when I informed him, I may soon leave for India. The day I was leaving hospital met his younger Son Bill. I think, Bill had idea of what was going on in hospital. Andrew 1 - He was comparatively a little bit fat. After initial few days, I decided to smoke during smoke breaks. Obviously cops had made sure I had nothing with me. Andrew did came to me and offered me cigarette, he also told that whenever I needed cigarette I could count on him. Andrew - 2 - He was young lad. He was obviously part of the group. I am not sure what role he was playing there. I had some interaction with him not much though. Mike - He was admitted around same time. He had beard. Most time he used to carry books. James - He was very sophisticated person and use to get into nice chat. He informed he was moving to Nebraska soon. Many of them have indicated they have visited the facility before. Hence, it should be also investigated if it was "just another activity" at Carrier Clinic.

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