Monday, September 10, 2007

Upendra ji's Involvment

Initially after first hospitalization, Upendra ji and family were helpful after they smelt something was wrong. However, for some reason they became part of it. There are many events just writing about one of these.

After I came to India Papa was in constant touch with him. When Papa enquired about selling my car[I did leave Car and stuff in USA], Upendra ji told he couldn’t find Title of the car. I did send information about the process which needs to be followed to get duplicate title from MVS website. It is

“To replace a lost or stolen title when there is no lien on the vehicle visit your local MVC agency and complete an application for duplicate title.”

- Bring your current registration or proof of insurance.

- Pay 25$ fee (check or money order)

- Or mail to the address on the application for a duplicate title.”

I also passed registration photocopy and copy of insurance. When I called Mr. Upendra in March 2007. He said he had visited MVS (authority) 5-6 times but couldn’t get Title.

I replied since he was not Anjan, he needed to send it by post. Also, as I have already done my change of address to their home so address won’t be a problem.

He tried to portray himself na├»ve and added “Those guy (MVS) had said if you (anjan) send an authorization letter authorizing me (Upendra ) to sell everything then it will help selling car and other stuff.” He said even authorization on Indian legal paper will do.

That is a BIG FACTUAL LIE. In USA one can’t sell a car without a Title. Car is sold to third party and MVS verifies the document at the time of Registration.

But what he would have achieved after getting authorization , he could have sold something else for which Mafia is following me so closely. Whatever might be the reason but intent was not right.

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