Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Back to Apartment and securing domains - email

Summary : move of anjan.org domain was obstructed may be for email control by mafia who is watching all my emails and phone communications.

Once I was back to my Fords apartment I bought a lot of precooked packaged vegetable, chapatti and chapatti like items. I kept it in refrigerator. I had suspected PC being compromised. Worked over domains, I had to make them more secure.

Also, had observed in past anjan.org were compromised /hacked when hosted at tokios.net [Refer Appendix 100] .Had mentioned in NJNYDESIS forum of it being hacked at the time. Also, remember it because on tokios.net I had a blog running at anjan.org. Even though haven’t moved my blog, moved the email to ehostpros. On 23rd June, ehostpros hosting was disabled.

I will deal it separately as it took lot of time. As, domain registrar was onlinenic.com, subsequently moved the email hosting to Onlinenic’s dns-diy.com on 24th of June.

As, was not sure about role of Onlinenic hence wanted to distribute the risk after I came back from hospitalization. In first week of August decided to first make anjan.org based email more reliable. Moved registrar to domaindirect.com. It takes 5-7 days for completion of transfer process.

In mean time on August 6, in PKD-22J Jeep van some people have moved in same apartment building on same floor on the other side of entrance area. They had a lot of computing equipment in above mentioned Jeep.

Once the domain transfer of anjan.org completed to domaindirect,
I wanted to move email hosting to yahoo. Was using one of the PC on windows. As soon used submit button after changing dns, internet speed use to be very slow and when I used refresh button the dns use to show unchanged dns provided by Domaindirect .This happened at least dozen times.From the behavior it was very obvious that some one had control of my broadband and my computer screen. After trying for sometime I booted another PC using Knoppix and tried the same thing [modifying DNS] and it worked!

I suspect the people who had moved on 6th behind this, because of equipment they had and proximity with the apartment. Their proximity probably also explain there was some kind of traffic throttle arrangement in cable broadband internet.

On 8th of August I found many domains had modification date of 26th July [Same day Siddharth was asking not to use PC].

I have saved whois record of many domains which have had modification date 26th July and not only that domains qualityassurance.in and probability.in had street address as “Array” instead of 7 Tulip Dr. I have no made these changes so somone did it.I was not able to modify “array” to something meaningful and had to send support an email to change it. All these domains were registered with Onlinenic. Also, even after transfer anjan.org was still in onlinenic’s account and not in transfer out list. That’s why I suspect some level of foul play by Onlinenic as well.

Vigour.com was also manipulated on 26th July 2005 however this was at Godaddy.

I also moved premium .in to dd24.net and email address of many domains contact modified from anjan[at]anjan.org to bhushan_domain[at]yahoo.com .

One thing was for sure that all of my PC activity was being watched by sophisticated hacking equipment.

Note : This was the incident which made me think if is it related to domain?



Re: somebody did hack my one of the email

hey Anjan,
How do you find out if your inbox has been hacked into?
( no kidding this time , genuine question )

--- In njnydesis@yahoogroups.com, "anjan bhushan"
> No damage was done. That email is only used to manage my domains.
> That particular person could have started transferring my name to
> some fictious/real person in Nigeria or Brazil. However nothing
> was done when I realized.
> --- In njnydesis@yahoogroups.com, "Anu" wrote:
> >
> > What was the damage ?? Did you have any confidential info stored
> > there ???
> >
> > -Anu
> >
> > --- In njnydesis@yahoogroups.com, "anjan bhushan"
> > wrote:
> > >
> > > associated with most of the domain property yesterday.Hence was
> > able
> > > to enter into one of my account at a particular registrar.
> > > However no damage was done and for precaution I moved it to a
> > > different host.
> > > Just wanted to let everyone know these things are real. I am
> again
> > > scared of posting in forums using my real name. But will try to
> > > manage the risk.Be safe while you are online!!!

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