Wednesday, August 8, 2007

In Newyork City

On 8th August 2005, I was afraid of staying home at night. I tried calling few guys didn’t get response. In fact, have called many other guys between 27th July and 8th August but didn’t get response. Although have not slept earlier night, decided to go to NY city and watch a Hindi movie and kill time.

After hospitalization I was using rental cars as I have not taken Prasanna's car back. At 8:30 pm I parked the car in MetroPark Station. When I was about to lock the car a laughing sound came from car. I assumed car was bugged.

I bought a ticket for NY Penn station. Train was delayed. On the way train stopped for long time and I received 2 calls. One from Upendra Ji and other from Amith.I had called Amith a few days back neither he had picked up the phone nor made a return call.

From call logs I found,Upendra ji called at 10:02 pm he wanted to know where I was going and what for. Amith called at 10.14 and also wanted to know the same. When I replied I was going for a Hindi movie ,Amith asked,”alone”.I replied what to do when no one responds.

Time, circumstances and motive of received phone calls points to possibility that both phone calls were co-coordinated.

Train was much delayed when it reached Penn Station. I went Times square and enquired about movie. I was late for the show. I started roaming at Times square and bought some memento T-shirt and cap. Because it was second night without sleep I was tired and feeling sleepy as well. Late night, I returned to Penn station. From there Newark Penn station. There I looked for waiting area. For smoke I went outside couple of time in smoking area. At once instance, an Indian guy came close and asked for a cigarette. I gave him a cigarette. Next thing he wanted was to give me a packet of cigarette. I refused and guarded my gesture.

In early morning 9th August, I came back to Metropark station. I drove to Dunkin Donut for a coffee. There was at least one vehicle with suspicious activity. It was a truck it arrived after me and driver stayed in truck and was reading a Newspaper. After some time, it communicated with someone far on the otherside of my eyesight in sign language with face and eyes gesture. Then truck left. I do believe those days I was in danger of meeting an orchestrated accident. Sometime later I went to Shoprite. From there called India [Father and Brother].Bought some stuff from Shoprite and then left for home that was a mile from there.

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