Monday, August 6, 2007

Indian Manager or Chinese Manager

In evening of 6th July 2005 Mritunjay [a NJNYDESIS guy] called and talked for a while. I don’t remember whole conversation. What I remember he said that he would talk to Raj as well. So as per talk he was playing mediator’s role. On 7th July 2006 I was working from home. I did call Mritunjay as well Mritunjay called me. In one of the conversation he talked about my manager. And wanted to know if I would talk to Chinese manager or Indian manager [Ivan Ho or Reji Baby]. This was awkward question, I still replied - Chinese manager. I remember the day because same day I did chat to Ivan about issues going around me after talking with Mritunjay. And specifically talked if someone has contacted the company he replied in negative. As a suggestion Ivan had also said

hoivan (3:32:04 PM): well, I would sent a note to the moderator of the forum, stating that you want to apologize and retract what ever statemets...and that it's a complete misunderstanding on your part...

Above statements does show Ivan was comfortable in sending a note to NJNYDESIS moderator.Also, he was suggesting to take blame while I was right.
Summary : Mritunjay knew I had an Indian manager and a Chinese manager. Probably Ivan was more comfortable with NJNYDESIS group than needed.

Whole Conversation with Ivan

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