Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wen Shang and Passport

One day sometime between 7th July 2005 and 15th July 2005 I informed my passport being missing to Shaleen in a cell phone talk.
Wen was my colleague and neighbor at Evident Software. Next day, when I reached office she was holding her passport in left hand above her head while Sitting at office chair. Also while doing so she was watching her monitor. That was kind of strange. It was clear that she want to visibly demonstrate her passport.
I said something like “Oh, my passport is missing.”
She asked if I had an electronic copy of the same. She even called me near monitor to see what she meant. She had scanned copies of passport pages.
I replied I would have to find out.
- Point to ponder is timing and posture for passport demonstration. It was a deliberate act.
- Possibly Wen Shang/Evident Software was getting data from Shaleen or my home/phone was bugged.

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