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Taking out from NJNYDESIS group

Summary In this post I have tried to establish that there was coordination to isolate me from social yahoo group. Post has evidence where one member has helped writing mails for the other. Once investigation agency establishes it will be easier for me to show coordination was at larger level based on posts in the forum and incidents not posted here. This is not a small matter as there are evidences or incidents to indicate that during same time my phone lines and computers were bugged, apartment people were involved, friends and colleagues were involved.
What was achived by isolating me from group? there are many possibilities like
1. Controlling the supply of people who can be my friend.
2. Taking out the possibility of meeting somone for marriage
1. NJNYDESIS yahoo group was created from NJDESIS group on Jan 1 2005. NJDESIS group was started by Nitin. In Dec 2004 Raj and Jignasa were mods of NJDESIS. There were new year party on 31stdec 2004. Because of Nitin’s behavior many members supported formation of new group. Raj formally and technically formed the group named NJNYDESIS and 30 or so NJDESIS member become part of it.I was very active in group as far as posts are concerned and we use have private and public parties.
2. May 2005, Raj first appointed Reena as moderator and later Anu as moderator. I raised issue of transparency and responsibility towards forum. Including getting advice from forum for mods if needed. Raj ridiculed me. It led to creation of a document covering 2 parties where Raj financial handling was questionable.The document is available as Factul-Data-june15-njnydesis-transparency.doc”.
Document was published in NJNYDESIS forum folder section. Later, some point in
time Raj had deleted it.
3. After above message was posted. Alok reminded Raj’s right To remain silent. While some members [mainly Reena and Rizwana] who attacked me after posting the doc in mentioned in 2. Either coordinated or their own had clear tone, Alok was posting messages as if he is neutral
3.1 Raj kept his silence when 3-4 people were attacking me verbally. On 15th June, 2005 Rizwana posted messages accusing me on different issues and tried character assassination.On 16th June I was pushing her for apology. Rizwana called me around 1.00 pm after exchanges in forum. Alok sent a private message “Don't pick up unnecessary fight “ [Refer Appendix 100]. Possibly it was done to stop putting pressure on Rizwana. As no such suggestion had came on 15th when she was making character assassination post and I was replying to her posts.
3.2 After exchanges in forum, I contacted Reena via email,as I was not convinced that, a few members attacking me on different front was natural when I published what non transparency can lead to. Particularly when Raj was silent.
[Refer Appendix 200] – Mail was written on 18th June 2005.
3.3 Reena’s reply [Refer Appendix 300] – On 22nd June 2005.
3.4 Subsequntly I sent a few mails. And reply came on 24th of June 2005. [Refer Appendix 400] 3.4.1 In almost all the posts Reena had made in group or mails, she used to put .. [two dots or more] at many places. In mails referred in Appendix 300 and 400. I would like note following points.

3.2.1 Reena uses .. [multiple dots] in her posts. Both email had this missing.
3.2.2 Reena doesn’t use a few all CAPITAL word in posts to emphasize. Both the reply has this.
3.2.3 I posted a message in forum regarding Ghost writer on 24th June. “Being Creative writer doesn’t mean you can be a good Ghost Writer”. Refer Appendix 600
3.2.4 Within half an hour Rachna called and left VM. [Refer sound file ].
******5934 – Vinay’s phone from camp>
3.4.6 Rachna also had style as noted in 3.4.2 and 3.4.3. She didn’t have many long posts. She had also posted as Amritaprtm on discussion of God earlier. Many of her posts are Deleted by either her or moderator at later date. From remaining posts chosen 2 of them in Appendix 500.
3.3 Later, around 5th July. Raj on pretext of threat, did put me in moderated list for a week. [It was never changed to unmoderated list]. In parallel development I had sent a private email to Alok and Rachna, which Alok posted in NJNYDESIS forum. When one of member made a comment “ too personal for making public” . Alok apologized with wrong excuse that I was insisting with Rachna to check this email and reply immediately. On contrary, original email was sent to Alok and Rachna and Alok had asked to sent a copy of mail at Lehman address in a telephonic conversation.
3.6 Points to ponder – Rachna /Alok was helping Reena and possibly Rizwana and Raj. What they(Mafia) achieved by 5th July was taking Anjan’s Voice out of forum [hence couldn't post what happened susequently] and possibly making friendless in NJNYDESIS circle by contacting friends there.

Appendix 100

Don't pick up unnecessary fight inbox

Sharma, Alok
to me
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From: Sharma, Alok
To: Anjan Bhushan
Date: Jun 16, 2005 12:36 PM
Subject: Don't pick up unnecessary fight
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Don't pick up unnecessary fight with Riz to give anyone any point to
ban you from the board for misbehavior.
Don't cite this mail to anyone.

This message is intended only for the personal and confidential use of the designated recipient(s) named above. If you are not the intended recipient of this message you are hereby notified that any review, dissemination, distribution or copying of this message is strictly prohibited. This communication is for information purposes only and should not be regarded as an offer to sell or as a solicitation of an offer to buy any financial product,an official confirmation of any transaction, or as an official statement of Lehman Brothers. Email transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free. Therefore, we do not represent that this information is complete or accurate and it should not be relied upon as such. All information is subject to change without notice.

Appendix 200

I have a few question to ask to you

Anjan Bhushan
to reena
More options

1. In whole episode, so far you not apologized for insulting me in public to the extent of almost murdering me.
2. In whole episode your stlye of English was much different that your earlier style, did someone wrote those posts for you?if yes then who?
3. who were people who were giving you brain to fight against me, even if I gave all chance to other perty before and after doc to save face.

If I won't get an satisfactory answer of my questions or sincere apology with who were behind it, I will not forgive you for my whole life in my thoughts
take care

Appendix 300


reena varghese
to me
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Hi Anjan,

I have been thinking of talking to you but I guess an e-mail is best to
communicate clearly.

I am not sure in what way I may have offended you. Knowing me, you
should realize that I do not intentionally hurt anyone, but if I have hurt
you in anyway, I am sorry. You have been a good friend of mine - I
have seen your respect towards me on many occasions. Thanks for that !

In my first response to you immediately after your word document, I
responded not as a moderator but just as a person belonging to this group.
I was shocked to see you have spent so much of your time compiling all
this information. So, if I burst out it was only because I could not
believe that this issue had occupied so much of your time and that your
mail was so harsh. I personally felt that we need not have gone through
all this digging and could have talked and sorted out things. I still
think we could have saved you a lot of time - may be there wont be a
next time like this.

I do believe that accounts should be provided to people if anyone in
the group asks for it. It is just that I was surprised at how suddenly
the group is getting into an accusation mode - it is not right for any
group. Going forward, if anyone wants accounts, we can provide and in
fact we should plan for it. But to have expected all details when we did
not plan to keep exact track of money was not appropriate in my
opinion. Of course I expect Raj & Co to help us understand all the accounts,
no doubt. But, let us say that Raj is able to prove beyond any doubt
about the account settling, then can we all easily take back all the
bad-mouthing we have done on each other ? - No, how much ever we become
friends again and apologize to each other, it is NOT possible to forget all
the bad things that have been said against each other. NYNJDESIS is a
GREAT group ! - I do not think any other group around this area has as
much fun as we do; so, let us respect each other. I am not saying!
your requests are silly, all I am saying is that we should not throw
aspersions at each other without talking to each other and we should
have a better communication - ONLY then can we have fun. We dont need a
mailing list to fight with each other - there is enough of that going
all around us in the world, that we dont have to contribute to "fights".

Anyways, it looks like we see issues differently. I definitely do not
want to be taking your time and causing you to wonder why I am reacting
this way or that way anytime in the future. No body is perfect and
everyone has his/ her own ways of looking at things. Let us just respect
each other's view points and not fight about anything whatsoever, any
. I have known you and this group for a short period of time and as a
group we have had great fun (and will continue to). I will be in US for
a few more months and would like to have only good memories of all
people I have known. I do not think there is much to discuss. Let us not
fight about anything - nor seek any clarification from each other. Since
we seem to have different personal values, lets not spend much time
interacting with each other. If we come across each other, we will respect
each other and say a "Hi" but lets just stop with that - I think it
will be better for both of us.

By the way, I have written this mail to you till now as Reena and not
as the moderator of this group.

As a moderator, I would say that the intent of the group should be to
respect each other and have fun at all times. Lets take on this topic
after our camp - hope that is a good place for all you folks to really
understand that this group is a family ! - More importantly anyone's
contribution, however small, should be recognized. It is out of love that
we all do help out each other in this group. This love/ effort cannot be
quantified into $$ - for everything else there is Matercard ;) - I mean

Take care,

Appendix 400

My Final Reply Inbox

reena varghese
to me
More options


I have been seeing your mails and noticing your calls
for the last couple of days and wanted to respond with
one final e-mail Vs multiple mails on the same topic.

As I said earlier, I have nothing against you. For
details, please read my previous mail.

2 items I want to clarify on, simply because you were
too interested in the same:

1) Alok did not mention about you in Oak Tree, I
promise. I have no reason to lie on this. He was
mentioning about someone else just to pull my leg -
and that has nothing to do with my life or our
relationship. So, don't bother about this one.

2) I am glad that you are not complaining (in your
previous e-mail) as to why I am not trying to
understand you. Let us drop the idea of discussing
details - I really don't have much of a reason. I just
react this way sometimes and never change. So, please
dont blame me for what I am and make me feel guilty. I
am the way I am. Don't break your head trying to
understand me. I do wish you all the very best in your
life. I will be leaving for India shortly. So, it
doesn't help spending any time trying to sort out
things. Please spend your time and energy on better
people, get more and more friends and continue to have
fun !! - I wish you that very much.

I had already arranged my car pool. So, I will not be
able to join you.

You have told me many times that I should not be
afraid of you. I am not and I appreciate you taking
efforts to make me feel comfortable. No body is
telling me to fight with you or anything like that -
and anyways, we are NOT fighting. If we go into
repeated discussions on this topic, I am afraid we may
lose our temper and end up fighting or something - DO
NOT try to convince me otherwise.

Please do not expect any more mails/ calls from me. We
WILL say "Hi" to each other (see my previous email)
whenever we meet up.

See you at the camp,

Appendix 500

Ø --- In, "amritaprtm"
> wrote:
> >
> > Lamest arguement!
> >
> > Can you PROVE non-existence of a pink elephant on Jupiter? Your
> > failing to do so must mean that they do exist, no?
> >
> > >
> > > No..
> > >
> > > because that does not prove non-existence of a super power..
> > >
> > >
> > >

--- In, "amritaprtm"
> I don't care if you belv in god or if you are flexible and I am not
> here to make you belv otherwise. I objected to certain statements
> that you made, such as "if one can't prove non existence of god
> must mean so and so". My point is if you think God exists, onus is
> ON YOU to prove it. Check my first posts and you will see these
> exact words there. You on the other hand are bringing DNA testing,
> caste divisons and every other possible blah blah to just keep
> diverting from doing the same.
> Maybe you have a lot of free time, as they say mental bankrupcy
> coupled with verbal diarrhea but I am not in mood to play this
> game of yours. Atleast, not today, bye!

Appendix 600

Being Creative writer doesn’t mean you can be a good Ghost Write Message List
<> | Next > What is Ghost writer?
Ghost writers are those who writes on someone else behalf. In Hindi
movie Industry it is believed Kadar Khan employees a lot of Ghost
writers because he doesn't have time.

Why you need a ghost writer in your personal communication?

All people can't express themselves in words. So sometime they take
help of others.

In college days, I use to do ghost writing for my friends, to draft
love letters for initial communications. Or when they use to fight. 

What you should consider while hiring good ghost writers for personal

1. You should be very careful while choosing ghost writers for your
personal communication.
2. You should understand if the ghost writer has some conflict of
interest with respect to target recipient.
i.e If I am drafting a love letter for my friend which will be sent to
a girl even my brother like, even if I will try to do justice, somehow
my brother's interest will get reflected in letter. And my emotion
will speak in letter instead of my friend's emotion. In that case the
friend who will hire me to write letters is in danger. Not only that I
know his deep secrets as well. 

In above case, Host writer [whose name will go] is making a big
mistake choosing the ghost writer.

What are a few points one should consider as being ghost writer for a
trusted friends

1. You should understand that person [Host writer]
2. Be honest to Host writer [whose name will go]
3. Never try to put your distinct personality in ghost writing. Your
job is to convey the ghost writer's emotions [not exaggerate or
manufacture] and keep his/her personality in writing. [You should
ignore it,
4. if your friend is actually your enemy – like when even your
brother/sister is eyeing same girl/guy ]

VERY IMPORTANT : And for Host writers [whose name will go], if you
find there is something which ghost writer is trying to put his/her
personality or interest or words you don't understand , there is A
GHOST WRITER. You should be more careful if it is already known that
his/her brother/sister is eyeing same girl/guy. 

Hope it will be useful to all my friends and perceived enemies
alike, who have considered taking services of a ghost writer or will
consider in near future. It will be also useful for budding ghost
writers. 

Copyright Anjan Bhushan 2005

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