Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Panic and Left home

1.0 Panic and Left home – 15th of July – I did post on a newly created geocities website after leaving home. And also posted in a forum. Because of poor language written in hurry, some of the stuff was not clear. Some of the points from that piece.

1.1 I was trying to make payment to PSE&G, Comcast and At&t. When I used land line phone and then cell phone and both of the them got disconnected. I didn’t have landline call log but cell phone log of 15th July shows 2 call at 800 number after 4.00 AM in morning. From Google search one of them came to be PS&G collection [800-357-2262].It means my phones were bugged.

1.2 Even with online payment I faced some disruption of internet connection. I did save payment info to USB drive. Best of my memory I had used home PC and not the office laptop for that. On the way to Baltimore when I tried to see it, I found it manipulated. MOST LIKELY SOMEONE MANIPULATED IT WHILE I WAS SAVING IT ON PC. It means my PC was in control of someone . I did post one screenshot of the directory with post at that time. Later when I connected USB drive to Baltimore Hotel’s computer, even those manipulated content were erased. [Refer to nest post for the images].

1.3 I did observe 2 cars were in parking lot that previously had followed me. I have no proof for that but I do believe that I was followed.

I left home thinking Shaleen and Upendra were not able to understand what’s going on. It would have been almost impossible to convince a possible danger based on electronic manipulation. Also, till that point I was thinking someone has given false impression to company. It didn’t came in my mind company itself might be involved itself.
Note : In next post you will see images. In last 2 images there are files and directory with strange characters and date strange modified dates.

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