Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Inside Muhlenberg Hospital

1.0 Inside Muhlenberg Hospital

1.1 Initially I kept sort of hospital diary on pages and on book from 07/17/2005 to 07/20/2005 . I was intimidated by one of the nurse against it. I don’t remember the words but I stopped writing diary after that.

1.2 Later in hospital a girl whom I recognized as Rajani Kurukal / Rajani Prabhu was admitted to hospital last name probably was Bhattacharya. I knew her since she was my roommate for short duration. Whom I asked to vacate the apartment on very short notice. I had some guilty feeling for inconvenience she might have faced.

Whenever I used to go to common room. She used to arrive in the Room. When I used to stay in my room, she used to talk over phone outside my room for long duration.

I didn’t talk to her as at the time of her admission I asked her name she replied why I wanted that. I talked about her to Hospital Superintendent , I believe Elizabeth and my social worker Pandaya. There were some more patients and staff that were there.

1.3 One of the staff, I believed she was a nurse one day called a Group[not sure probably Cathy]. I was the only participant. She asked question like which song I would like to listen. Besides other things, she wanted me to know even some prominent people had died in hospital. I remember she gave me some newspaper clipping to emphasize it. Session was intimidating.

I don’t remember the details in between. But it was intimidating. I requested Hospital Superintendent Elizabeth [if my memory is correct] to talk. I talked something like I am humble guy with humble need, I don’t think anything big.

I don’t remember rest of the talk but in essence I accepted the situation as medical condition. Sometime after the talk surrounding was normal.

1.4 One of the days Pandya my social worker asked me to sign paper that I had Bipolar Disorder. He also said it will help me getting out of hospital. I signed the paper.

A few days after that he again came with a bunch of paper and this time asked me to sign on Schizophrenia. I replied I would sign on each individual page. Then Pandya said he would be in trouble in that case.

1.5 In hospital most of the days I spitted medication in toilet.

1.6 Many things had happened in hospital that were fishy. I don’t have exact memory to narrate, many other patients and staffs were used.

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