Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Boiler Repair

Also, a lot of people had vacated apartments at 7 tulip Dr between August 4 and August 6. It included people living at my floor and my side of apartment. And at least 2 apartment were occupied in same period but none on my side on my floor.

On August 5, 2005

Van number XD-8555

A&S Boiler and Burner


Newark, NJ

Employee : Eric and Anotonio

around 11:10 AM I saw them.

There was a notice about some work in Boiler .My apartment was adjacent to the boiler room.They had a pipe from Van to boiler room and another pipe to outside wall of my Kitchen. When I saw they had fitted a pipe to outside wall.This was weired when purpose was boiler repair. I brought a camera and took a picture of wall and when I tried to take a picture of Van, Eric/Antonio protested and one of them almost ran away and returned after some time.

I don’t know what was that pipe meant for, I do know at that time that was the only apartment that pipe thing was done.

I was a little worried after learning suspicious activities like that boiler van and pipe fitting, also one evening roamed on my floor and on my side of apartment only 2 more occupants were there.

One was neighbor in front of me and another was in last apartment having tiny bulbs in drawing room. My neighbor used to leave apartment in evening as well.

At that time I was trying to document the stuff after taking care of domains. On 7th August decided to go to nearby area on pretext of changing the mood. Booked a room at

Crossland Economy Studios

2868 Rte 73 N.

Maple Shade, NJ 08052

Before going there I talked with Upendra ji and narrated my plan. I heard Sugiti ji saying “Shivendra has asked to stay at home”. I was amazed by his name. This was the first time I suspected someone from Upendraji’s family. As I understood Shivendra ji while being in India did know something about what was going with me in USA.

I took my laptop as well. Tried to write what I had understood. I didn’t sleep that night.It was raining while I drove back home next day.

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