Wednesday, August 8, 2007

In Days Inn

After returning from NY decided to move into some nearby hotel as fishy stuff were going in apartment. Made an open reservation at Days Inn, Iselin. Moved in Days Inn on 9th August. I had also taken my laptop. Days Inn had wi-fi based internet connection.

My immediate aim was documenting the basic stuff based on my understanding of what was going on. I also wanted it to be on hard copy. I didn’t notice anything suspicious on first day. I also met Mike first day. He was visibly happy with my move. He was passing comment like I can move to his home. Apparently he didn’t know hotel had wi-fi connection.

10th August or second day received a call from Millu ji, call lasted for 12 minutes. He almost conducted an interview. He wanted to know what medicine I was taking and how many times. How many times I was smoking. Night of 10th-11th was suspicious. On same floor people were talking or making noise at night. At least one couple was talking in Hindi.

On 11th morning I finished what I wanted to write and made a CD. I went down and walked to printer shop. A person followed me and with his eyes and facial expression frozen on me, clearly showed he was pissed with my effort. It also meant I was followed closely. When the girl gave me printed matter I was astonished, it was not the material I had typed. It was edited material. I went back checked CD version and version on PC all were modified. It means PC I was working was under control of Mafia.Why else someone will follow so closely?

There were a lot of suspicious activity, hotel occupancy had increased and was quite visible on 11th August. There were more people in breakfast area, there were vehicles in parking area that had driver inside. My car had a bad leak and there were lot of liquid leaked. I called for car replacement. Car was given by different vendor than original vendor. The guy who replaced the car had said leak was related to air bag. After replacing car left the hotel.

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