Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Discharge and Siddharth’s Place

1.0 On 25th July I was discharged from Muhlenberg. Mr Upendra brought me home. Before hospitalization I handed over sim card with wallet to Shaleen. After hospitalization mr Upendra handed over cell phone and wallet, he pointed out sim card was missing. Home phone was disconnected as well [seems online bill didn’t go through in timely manner].So, phone facility was out of reach from me. Late in evening my cousin Siddharth, his wife Yamini and Shaleen came. They convinced that I should go to India. Shaleen said he would come to pick me up next day i.e 26th of July. On 26th of July Shaleen drived me to Siddharth’s place. Siddharth adviced me to sell stocks. I did. He was advising to stay away from computer.[Incidentally, later I found there were many domains that had modified date of 26th. Someone had done modification on domains.]. Prasanna called at Sid’s phone and urged to remove the pages I had posted while going to Baltimore.[mentioned in previous post] I had working password for geocities account saveanjanslife. I renamed the file index.html to index1.html. A mirror website password was hacked or didn’t work. I did send a confirmatory email to Prasanna using my gmail. [APPENDIX 100]

In evening, Siddharth took me to Dr Upendra’s place and asked to took the stuff I left at his place. It included some data with electronic evidences and corresponding devices. We also went to market where I bought a prepaid T-mobile sim card in name of activation of new number. I didn’t have set with me. I believe that was the reason for it not being activated.

When we returned home, I DO REMEMBER CLEARLY HIS DOOR LOCK WAS BROKEN OR MADE SO FROM INSIDE. I remember it because I had went out for smoking before. I pointed it out to Siddharth. He gave some answer which I don’t remember.

There was a some suspicious activity outside which I don’t recall correctly. At night I tried putting sim card and service provider allowed activating it for old number. My cell phone was back. I went for smoke and found the door mentioned before was NOT LOCKED. I didn’t sleep and decided I would return to my apartment. By that time, I was suspicious of Siddharth ,Yamini and Shaleen .But,I thought though they probably are under some kind of threat.

In morning after Siddharth left. I tried calling Shaleen multiple times fromSiddharth phone. He didn’t answer. There was a guy sitting opposite to the room I was staying in adjacent home. His was constantly watching towards my room. I put curtains. Some time later Yamni came and removed the curtains.

I took bath and then 2 of my bags and told Yamini I was leaving for my apartment. She didn’t offer any help in getting a cab anything like that. She panicked and said I can’t leave. I said I have to go to my apartment. She replied she would call police. After verbal disagreement I left home on foot and decided to leave. I thought I would go to nearest store and would ask for cab numbers. After going for 300-400 meters on road Police came and picked me up. They asked where I was going and also told they have received a phone call. Cops brought me back to Siddharth’s home. I was sitting at the back of the cop’s car. I told cops I would like to go home and shown discharge slip allowing me to going alone for walk, drive etc. Siddharth came by that time. Cops talked to Yamini and Siddharth. And took me to UMDNJ acute psychiatric service.

At UMDNJ Phone was visibly made available for patients as a phone set was connected in patient area with long wire. I talked to Siddharth. After 6-8 hour of observation I was discharged. Hospital people asked me to wait for Siddharth as they needed to talk to him. Siddharth and Yamini came and picked me up from hospital.

They finally dropped me to my apartment.


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