Monday, August 6, 2007

Locked Directory at Evident Software

I was working at Evident Software New Jersey. On 12th July , at office one of prime directory in laptop named “deleteit” was being locked.What I meant access to its content was denied even for a user who had admin rights. I assume active directory administrator can do that. I used to keep most of working stuff in that directory at the time. Its not only proves IT was involved in this but also someone in company was watching my laptop for long time.Later, using Knoppix ,I had made a backup of whole directory and directories have 13th July date as modified date. I have lost this evidence after reformatting the hardrive. However, I Had sent an email to Ivan Ho [my manager] and reported that laptop was behaving erratically at the time.
[Inline Reference]
From: Anjan Bhushan
Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2005 2:47 PM
To: Ivan Ho
Subject: I am fixing my laptop as it is behaving erratically lately

Just getting rid of application, that I don’t need immediately. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks
I had not reported incident to IT as in previous incident Ivan’s and John Clark’s behaviour was unfriendly [REFER ---] . I believed it was done by company but wanted to understand what’s going on.

- Same day Pooran [of a friend from NJNYDESIS group] called [Cell phone log says 12th July 2005] and wanted to know what I was doing? He was asking again and again if I knew how to recover data. I asked why he wanted to know that. He further said, just in case someone is looking for a candidate. I replied I am not looking for job.
Summary : For some reason company or colleagues wanted to disrupt my work or harass me and most likely Pooran had some idea about it.

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