Wednesday, August 8, 2007

From Upendra's ji to Sudhaker's place

Next 2 nights I slept at Upendra ji home. However, it was not a pleasant experience. Sugiti ji(his wife) used to get off the home. Upendra ji explained they had fight over me. It was clear that they are under certain pressure and reluctant to help.

On 13th received call from Sudhaker. He reported his wife and newly born kid were in India. Hence he was bachelor as well and proposed that I should live with him. I pointed out had not seen his car in last few days.He said, he had started keeping car on the other side. [That side was least convenient thing to do for him unless he wanted to hide his presence for me.]

Although, Sudhaker’s role was beyond doubt that of partner in crime. I still opted for it. As couldn’t printout the document I wrote I was frustrated and thought if I would stop collecting and documenting conspiracy docs, things may slow down. The day I moved to Sudhaker’s home Upendra ji and Siddharth came to meet me at my place. Sudhaker came with me as well. Upendra ji asked him why he sent newly born baby and mother home while it would be hot summer in India. I don’t remember Sudhaker’s reply.

Sudhaker after finding the computer cam said there were some computer cam which could take 30 seconds video if obstruction was encountered. He further said that the video can be emailed as well. He was narrating the functionality of cam that was part of the computer. I don’t believe it was just a co-incidence.

The day I moved to Sudhaker’s place Anil Jaglan(ex roommate) came. He brought beer/alcohol with him and he came to celebrate as per him. It is important to note that I had tried calling Anil after hospitalization he neither picked up the cell nor returned the call.

While staying with Sudhaker used to cooked food, taken medicine [initially], watched movies, created websites. Sanjay ji used to call regularly, I used to call him as well. Just on safe side I used to wear 1 Gb pen drive and kept one more in wallet.

As time passed, situation seemed normal. Sanjay ji pressed for case of Green Card. In 2005 Sanjay ji was not manipulated(unlike most of the friends). I was planning to return to India. After consultation with Sanjay ji I decided to stay in USA and pursue Green Card.

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