Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Return to NJ and Hospitalization

4.0 I came by train at Metro Park station. There were 2 people worth mentioning at visitor parking lot. First was a black lady whom I had seen in apartment and second was Brian Feinberg an ex employee of Apogee Networks [now Evident Software]. Brian was considered close to Saul Einbinder. Who had left Apogee Networks[now Evident Software] on 15th July.

Mr Upendra came and he picked me up from Metropark and took me to his home. Soon after that they called Shaleen. I learned from them Shaleen and Sudhaker had filed a missing person report. Its point to noted that SUDHAKER WHO IS A SOFTWARE PROFESSIONAL AND SHALEEN WHO WAS A SOFTWARE PROFESSIONAL AND DEALS IN COMPUTER ON DAILY BASIS DIDN’T SAW ANYTHING WRONG with payment directory stuff posted when I went Baltimore.

A cop came and did some formality. Mr Upendra, Dr Sugiti and Shaleen convinced I need medical checkup. I was tired and agreed. We went to JFK’s hospital Muhlenberg center. I was not familiar with procedure. I trusted my relatives and Shaleen. I signed a few paper. And I was hospitalized. Till that point I thought relatives and Shaleen hasn’t understood what’s going on.

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