Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My secret question was known to my colleague

Mike was responsible for passing documents to and from company. After disability form by post returned, Mike helped in sending the documents to Eileen and passing it back to me. Mike also brought bundle of papers that was hold by company. This included everything except employee copy of last H1B(visa) approval. I raised my voice via email and Mike about it. Eileen told they didn’t have employee copy,I reminded last time when I received copy of H1B approval it was employer copy not employee copy. I am not sure if they intentionally lost the copy because lawyer should have received it.Anyway, that was the immediate reason for not coming to India in hurry.

Coming back to Mike he also gave me company a few days for food court. He was part of syndicate. When I created an email id and kept the secret question “where you first met your spouse?”, Next time,within couple of days, when Mike came he asked me if I was engaged earlier.[I am unmarried and never engaged].It's hard to believe question was a coincidence.If not so, Mike got info from bugged PC.

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