Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fishy Apartment Inspection Notice

1. After being victimized in 2005 and I did place 2 Creative video cam connected with PC. These cams had special feature that it can record a video for 30 seconds each time cam detects some motion. After buying it told that to Upendra ji which was somehow captured by mafia as well.[see From Upendra ji to Sudhaker's place.]

Although, hadn’t used these device beyond 2 weeks, this could be possible reason for the notice delivered in June 2006. Refer Next post of images of notice.

§ As per notices inspection take place after every 5 years.

§ 2004 notice had an inspection date and time Friday July 2 starting 8 AM.

§ If above inspection took place there was no meaning of 2006 inspection
If 2004 inspection didn’t happen on July 2, 5 year period means Inspection should had been rescheduled in 2004 itself.

§ There is a possibility that 2006 notice was made to enter apartment and bug apartment/computers or similar reason. This should be thoroughly investigated.

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